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  1. newbe

    did something stupid this weekend

    Holy crap dude! Get better!
  2. newbe

    My Delema...

    Oh, be sure you'll have fun and learn a lot! At this point just make sure you've got your drop charts and Ammo. Even holding 1 MOA will be good for most of the targets you'll be engaging.
  3. newbe

    My Delema...

    Just now getting to this. Reminds me of last year sometimes making two trips in one day to the range to try out and proof my 6.5 creed loads. At this point I'd not fret it too much. Yes you'll be shooting out to a mile (maybe further if Taos lets you). Most of the targets will be in closer though. I believe we went out to 500 then jumped to 1100+ and then 1300+ before jumping to 1,700 then 2,000 yards. At 2,000 yds we were pretty much just flinging lead and watching for an impact, but for the most part was pretty futile. For the next go around I'd highly suggest H4350 and Hornady eld-M pills. My Ruger really liked those and it did a fairly decent job at the last Appleseed shoot. Just go and have fun and learn! Taos is a great instructor! Hopefully you've got your drop charts printed for the bullets and speed you'll be shooting them at. IIRC the elevation is 7,000 feet or close to it. Good luck and keep us updated!
  4. newbe

    did something stupid this weekend

    Sorry to hear this bud! Get better soon!
  5. newbe

    KSU Appleseed Raton, NM NRAWC

    What range was this on? Doesn't look like the cooper range.
  6. As mentioned, I hold the person taking the medications responsible. No different than alcohol, fast cars or guns.
  7. newbe


    I hate to see any American firearms manufacturer go under. Especially an icon like Colt. Sure they may be very much responsible for what's going on, but I'm not rejoicing in their fall.
  8. newbe

    Hey newbe

  9. newbe

    Hey newbe

    Pretty sure he was trying to kill me....
  10. newbe

    Powder measure stand

    Wow! Looks great!
  11. newbe

    Hey newbe

    So not cool...
  12. newbe

    Hey newbe

    Thanks guys! I had a great day! Even got to do a little shooting! Thanks for the birthday wishes!
  13. newbe

    I found the new scale that I want.

    Yeah. Just a little more.
  14. newbe

    I found the new scale that I want.

    Insider information says it's going to be VERY expensive!