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  1. I have used the Bushnell red dot on my 3-gun AR for up close fast work. I've never heard of the Bushmaster red dot. No doubt made by someone else. It it were me, I'd pass due to lack of track record, at least in MY eyes. Vortex SPARC is a very nice compact red dot that has a better record and IMO backing from the manufacturer. The price tags on some of these cheaper red dots are attractive, but I'd be suspect of performance and durability. The Bushnell I used was not the primary optic, it was mounted on a 45 degree mount again, for up close work. Though it never failed me, I didn't put too much demand on it either.
  2. Those things have sooo many accessories!!
  3. I've been using their brass for a few years now. I'm extremely happy with the quality I have seen. Better than many of the bigger names. I'd not hesitate to order from them if it were me.
  4. That whole set up is badass looking! I definitely like the looks of your brake better too!
  5. Good job TT. That's a hell of a lot of work!
  6. Yeah, I heard about that. Hopefully better ammo and cheaper prices because of it.
  7. Sounds like a blast. Used to play paintball in my 20's and early 30's. Started out playing walk on games then progressed to tournaments. Many many times I've left with tons of bruises and welts. Inner thigh, neck or in the jimmy will leave you with an impression for awhile.
  8. You know, I was actually wondering if you'd be able to get away with tumbling small primers in with brass that uses large primer pockets, or vice versa? The other irritating thing is that the primers got pretty wedged in between the two lids on both sides of the Frankfort tumbler.
  9. The hell of it all is most of these cases still had the military crimp. You couldn't seat that primer if you TRIED using a proper priming tool! Yet SOMEHOW they found their way back in and many were seated FLUSH!
  10. Soooo.... Thought I would try something I read about on another reloading forum. One of the guys there said he used his old primers as wet tumbling media. I'm here to tell you.... just don't do it. Never would have guessed the primers would re-seat themselves back into the pockets on their own, yet, damned near 50% of them did just that. Sometimes they don't even want to seat properly using the correct tool, but throw everything into a tumbler for a couple of hours.... After they're done baking I'll deprime a bunch of them again....
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