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  1. newbe

    I. Love. This. Carbine!

    Sweet looking set up!
  2. newbe

    Worth every dime. LMT Defender 2000.

    Top quality costs, and its evident in the workmanship. Congrats on the purchase!
  3. newbe

    Colt Cobra and King Cobra ejector rod fix

    Sucks you had to modify it being new. I'm waiting for all of the bugs to get worked out of the Python. Then save up some $$ so I can own one.
  4. newbe

    NRA Whittington Center CLOSED Indefinitely

    Sucks to hear they shut down Taos!
  5. newbe

    Are reloading supplies getting tight again?

    Yeah, it's definitely gotten quite thin. Ammo and guns have had quite the run this past 1-2 weeks. Next up up is always reloading supplies. I noticed that last weekend when I was looking for .38 and .44 cal boolits. Luckily I'm pretty much good to go for anything I want to reload. But for those just getting into it, it's not going to be pretty at least for a few months. Not as bad as the last go around, but people have definitely been swooping up on supplies. I would think your caliber would be less affected than some of the more common ones though.
  6. newbe

    CZ 457 American

    I get it. I came across similar thoughts on another website as well, though they were specifically talking about keeping subsonic ammo subsonic.
  7. newbe

    CZ 457 American

    Thanks for the link. Unfortunately ads popped up all over my screen blocking the written part of the article, which kept me from being able to read it. I did some reading myself on the subject after you posted that. While I don't think supersonic ammo will be slowed down enough before exiting a 24.8" barrel to make it subsonic (an easy thing to check for if one has a chronograph), it may very well keep subsonic ammo subsonic even on hotter days. To get to the bottom of the question, I simply emailed them directly asking why the long barrel. Hopefully they'll get back to me and I can share the information. This has been a good discussion, and although I already knew Bullets going through the transonic (sound barrier) can be disruptive to their stability and accuracy, I've never really delved into it this deeply regarding the 22LR. I did find that the CZ barrels and chambers are made tighter so that a .20 or .17 cal rod is required for cleaning as the .22 cal would be too large in diameter.
  8. newbe

    CZ 457 American

    But we're talking about retcops CZ and its longer barrel length. I'm well aware of all those other things you've mentioned. I'm still having a hard time wrapping my head around the theory you presented. Using a longer barrel to increase drag and slow the bullet down so it goes subsonic is news to me. Do you have a link to any reference material on this?
  9. newbe

    CZ 457 American

    You're not mounting the bipod to the barrel, you're mounting it to the stock. The barrel sticks out way beyond the stock. Not sure how it compares in this scenario? And a shorter barrel is stiffer than a longer one all things equal. There's less "whip" in a shorter barrel. Longer barrels are generally used for gaining velocity. Thats Why I said the theory you presented was new to me. Not necessarily incorrect, just not something that makes sense.
  10. newbe

    CZ 457 American

    Why not just make the barrels shorter? You'll lose velocity that way too, and have a stiffer more accurate barrel.
  11. newbe

    CZ 457 American

    Looks like a nice rifle! You'll have to let us know how it shoots! Longhairs comment is news to me. Never heard this before. I'm always up for some learning though!
  12. newbe

    Tried Some CCI Semi-Auto Quiet

    What rifle did you shoot it out of? A semi auto I assume? If so, there were no problems cycling?
  13. newbe

    So, Who Is At The Bench Today?

    Already done a few nights ago. Iron sights back on it, painted some bright orange/red on the front and outlined the rear with white. I've got 60+ more loaded up and ready to use for sight in and pocssibly get back into silhouette shooting with it. Those last ones were 240gr jacketed and kicked a fair amount. Ive got some Montana 300 tek coated lead pills I'm going to load up and try out eventually too.
  14. newbe

    So, Who Is At The Bench Today?

    The scope is a 4X and eye relief seems about right for a pistol scope. The scope and rings are a piece of crap. I thought maybe they'd hold for 15 rounds. I was wrong. The rings literally loosened up EVERY G'D' SHOT! I had my Leatherman with me and tightened them after every shot, but there was still no consistency. The scope is an NC Star. I'm sure we all know the kind of quality that comes from them. Probably where the corona virus originated. This piece of crap Chinese scope. I'm sure it will work fine on a .22 but the 44 mag abuses things pretty badly. Including my hand.