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  1. newbe

    Colt Python Lives Again

    Looking forward to your review.
  2. newbe

    So, Who Is At The Bench Today?

    That's quite the platform! The mat is pretty cool too!
  3. newbe

    Cleaning up a 686

    I sure hope you have better luck this time.
  4. newbe

    Cleaning up a 686

    I thought maybe, which is why I asked.
  5. newbe

    Cleaning up a 686

    Be careful. They're known to go KABOOM quite often!
  6. newbe

    Cleaning up a 686

    Not sure if that was tongue in cheek or not? According to Lon, and some research I've done, the new pythons aren't what they used to be. Sounds like maybe Colt needs to do a bit of refinement to them still. I was dead set on going out and getting one until I heard and read this. Now I'm going to sit back and wait.
  7. newbe

    Need to replace 200Amp main house breaker

    What you're smelling and hearing makes me quite nervous to say the least. I'd get that looked at ASAP.
  8. newbe

    1911 picture thread

    Yay! Another lefty!
  9. newbe

    Cleaning up a 686

    Glad to hear it's better than it was, but sad to hear it's not up to your expectations. This and the other revolver issue you had with S&W has kinda caused me to pause in regards to purchasing anything smith related anymore. At least revolver wise. Sounds like their quality has really gone down hill over the last several years.
  10. That's friggin sweet! Nice job!
  11. Wow! Very nice TT! Well done!
  12. newbe

    Varget and the .223/5.56

    Sky high?
  13. newbe

    Varget and the .223/5.56

    As long as you're not compressing it TOO much. If you're really crunching it, you'll have problems with OAL (seating depth) changing and possible bullet deformation or seating die damage. I've compressed many loads, but be aware, there IS a limit.
  14. newbe

    Colt Python Lives Again

    I would think the name "Python" would be trademarked, but I could be incorrect.