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  1. That's the combo I use for the 6.5 creed. It's a very accurate, consistent load.
  2. Are these large primer, small primer or a mixture? Are they the same or different headstamp?
  3. Sounds like a fun productive day!
  4. That sucks losing your stuff. At least you didn't wind up injuring yourself!
  5. After reading about moly, I decided against using it. Those pills turned out nice!
  6. Sandbags are probably your best bet for determining accuracy if you don't have a Ransom rest like some do (cough cough Greg ) Cant say I've ever worked up a load for any of my pistols though I'm sure I could benefit from doing so. All of the USPSA/action pistol/IPSC targets are more than generous enough in size and or distance to make it a non issue. Even with silhouette, I can't say I ever "worked up" a load. Generally I just tried to push them as hard and fast as I could get away with. Doesn't mean I wouldn't benefit from it, just not sure how much I'd gain from doing so?
  7. Here you go. Two Savage 3-shot groups shot with the reloads, and two groups shot with the Federal gold match with Berger bullets. Again, the federal gold match in the 6.5 has not been impressive in any of my rifles. I'll also add, the Bergers hit a LOT farther away impact wise than the reloads did. Generally I do not see THAT much movement in shot placement @ 100yds. I shot two groups of the reloads first, adjusting the scope after each group and had them pretty well centered. Switched over to the Bergers and the shift was pretty big IMO. The Larue shot pretty decent. It's sporting a 1-4X scope with a 1 MOA Dot in the center so target selection is important.
  8. I'll try to post some pictures tonight or tomorrow. I was pretty impressed with a couple of them. The Larue has close to 10,000 rounds down the pipe and it still holds its own in the accuracy Dept. The bolt action is a Savage in 6.5 creedmoor and I didn't spend too much time with it. I acquired it slightly used with a bunch of accessories including reloads that had been worked up for accuracy. Normally I won't shoot someone else's reloads but the guy that did the work was pretty meticulous according to the records and drop chart he made. I'd have to measure it but I think it was pretty close to 1/2 MOA with his reloads. The factory federal gold match Bergers were less impressive. Same results as with the RPR and PSA AR10.
  9. I knew Greg would have this subject down pat. I've got a spiral notebook with each rifle written down and the measurements for different bullets to hit the lands as well as fired case shoulder dimensions. I save all my work up targets in stacking baskets with the date, time, temperature, powder charge, jump, brass, primer, bullet, etc etc.. I could be more organized like these other guys but I just haven't gotten to the point of doing that. So far my data is traceable and does what I need it to for the time being. If I ever get more spare time, I might go to the extremes these guys have. MIGHT.
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