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  1. newbe

    10mm AR carbine

    Ret, I don't have a monopoly on the information. Just thought it to be an interesting proposal.
  2. newbe

    10mm AR carbine

    Thanks Greg. Nice little bump going from a 5" to a 16" barrel! Wonder how much faster with a slower burning powder out of that 16" barrel?
  3. newbe

    10mm AR carbine

    I think the problem might be overcoming feeding issues with a .44 The 10mm is a shorter case and might lend itself to easier auto feeding. still coming out of a 16" bbl I think you'd get 41 magnum power, which, could also be used in a hunting aspect.
  4. newbe

    10mm AR carbine

    Interesting. Will give them a look. It was a theoretical question, but if I get serious, I will do just that! I'd think they'd put out a quality product!
  5. newbe

    300 Blackout Ammo Sale (Supersonic)

    Nice. And yes, I was talking about the black casings.
  6. newbe

    So, Who Is At The Bench Today?

    That's not good. I'm using a couple or their uppers for a couple Valkyrie builds I'm doing..... You've got my address..... No, me! Why arent those all one ragged hole??!!!! No kidding right? Amateur dirt shooter if I've ever seen one!
  7. newbe

    10mm AR carbine

    I've got a 9mm pcc right now and I'm sure with a 33 RD mag and federal HST, it would be good for self defense in the home.
  8. newbe

    10mm AR carbine

    I don't need a plinker. I was thinking home defense or hunting with a powerful pistol caliber carbine in a 16" bbl or so.
  9. newbe

    10mm AR carbine

    Does the 300 BLK open up like a pistol hollow point would? I do currently have the makings for a 300 BLK, just not sure how many options there are for Bullets that perform at lower velocities?
  10. newbe

    10mm AR carbine

    Even a 16" barrel. That would give 41 mag velocity or more I would think? Short with plenty of punch! Also thinking it might be a good round for hunting?
  11. newbe

    brass trading

    Well, there you go!
  12. newbe

    10mm AR carbine

    Do they even make one? Would it or could it be the perfect AR pistol caliber carbine? 41 mag potential out of a semi auto carbine rifle? Good home defense or hunting weapon?