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  1. A wise decision. Congrats on getting the building up!
  2. Is this the new reloading palace?
  3. Your pistol and rifles will obviously not take the same powder (if I’m reading your question correctly). Varget, IMR8208XBR, TAC, H335, AA2230, CFE 223 and a plethora of others will work well with 5.56 IMR4064 works very well with .308, and possibly .223 Bullseye, CFE pistol, unique, power pistol, and a few others would probably bridge the gap with those pistol calibers.
  4. H4350 is a good one for sure for 6.5 creed especially. I think I’m still sitting on about 13lbs of that one. might take another peek though lol
  5. I’m good. Probably till I’m dead at this point.
  6. That seems to be the biggest issue with availability. Unless you jump on gunbroker...
  7. As mentioned, face to face unless it’s primed brass. I'm shocked there haven’t been a ton of arrests for people shipping primers through gunbroker.
  8. For some reason this does not shock me.
  9. I don’t use that particular powder, but it’s good to see supplies coming back!
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