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  1. I’ve still got some like that on a few of my scopes too. The vortex viper 1-4X covers just took a dump recently though. Had to switch over to butler creek.
  2. I use those often for beginning students. Bullet holes show up easily, inexpensive and hold up to a little bit of rain with the coated ones I use.
  3. It never stops. Just enjoy the ride!
  4. Btw I did recognize the target! I said to myself “that looks like a Bush target”!
  5. That’s awesome! So far I have been able to avoid this for shooting, but the front sight is definitely no longer sharp and in focus on my pistols. I use readers for my everyday work and when reading books/computers. Eventually I’m sure I’ll have to address this.
  6. I looked pretty hard at getting one quite awhile back, but as you mentioned, the ammo was more costly than the 17HMR. Iirc I decided against it due to the .223 being a better option IMO.
  7. Wow! I’m now curious too as to the age of the Remington primers.
  8. Mines getting bigger. That’s for sure.
  9. Crazy! Might have to dig out my 8# jug for THAT price!
  10. I don’t have the Lyman, but my gut says Redding.
  11. Haven't had many goat posts for awhile now.
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