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  1. glockafeller

    Finally made the decision...

    When you are in training, they will teach you to use a gas mask. Before you go in they will tell you that you will have to take off your mask and that the group cannot leave until everyone takes off their mask. You can leave your eyes and mouth closed. Keep them closed! After the instruction to remove your mask you will hear the instructors yelling at someone to take off their mask. They will keep yelling at that person telling him that no one leaves until they take their mask off. You'll get pissed and open your eyes to see who it is. Boom! The instructors just got you. There was no one with their mask off but they just tricked you into opening your eyes. Don't fall for it. Keep your eyes closed until you are outside.
  2. glockafeller

    Rant about my wifes Constitutional right violated

    I guess you'll never see this, but if the theater now puts up signs because of it then the original posters wife's actions then she just cost everyone the opportunity for legal carry at that location. Who's stupid there?
  3. glockafeller

    Rant about my wifes Constitutional right violated

    You just don't get it. Let me be blunt. Your biggest problem is the complete lack of sensitivity to the situation that you and your wife displayed. You have made yourself the equivalent of the Westboro Baptist Church. Both you and Westboro have gone to a sensitive area to display your "rights". Oh sure you both have the right to do it, but it sure as hell doesn't make it the correct thing to do. In fact it makes people want to restrict those rights because folks do not display common sense in using them. The employee handled it very well. Using language like "prefer" is not confrontational and gave your wife a chance to do the right thing to not make a scene. You chose to go the difficult route. The employee was polite and handled the situation properly. Good Job by the employee. So you have a problem that after you refused to play nice that nothing else was said to an armed individual until the police were there? You already displayed you were not going to play nice. The best course was to wait for law enforcement to respond. The idea that you think someone else should have said something to you is just stupid. Based on what you described, you and your wife do not strike me as the kind of people good at diffusing situations. That's a really big deal when you decide to carry.
  4. glockafeller

    Rant about my wifes Constitutional right violated

    Her issue is not comfort. Did she wear slippers to the movie or a less comfortable shoe? Did she wear pajamas or less comfortable clothes? Did she prop her feet up on the back of the chair in front of her or sit in a less comfortable position? See in each case she made a choice to go with what was socially acceptable for the situation even though it was less comfortable. She did that for everything except the most socially unacceptable thing of showing up with a gun at a movie theater right after a mass shooting. I think she needs to be realistic about why she is carrying and why she is trying so hard to get the attention of carrying. It doesn't sound very rational to me.
  5. glockafeller

    Rant about my wifes Constitutional right violated

    I've yet to meet a person that open carries that is either not walking around looking for someone to say something or just likes making people thinking they are a cop. It's all about the attention it generates for them. Tactically, If a guy shows up to shoot a theater who is the first person to shoot? The one with an open carry. Also can your wife draw faster seated from a purse on her lap on a holster on her hip? Women have the advantage of carrying a purse discretely so concealed carry makes even more sense. Sorry your wife got exactly what she was looking for. A confrontation over the open carry. Guess what she'll keep getting them. She should be happy.
  6. glockafeller

    Michigan - Alabama

    That's SEC football.
  7. glockafeller

    G17 mod to G19 mags

    WHY?????? Just carry the 19 with some 17 mags as the spares and leave the 17 at home. If you really want the longer slide then just put the 17 slide on the 19. I just don't get why this would ever make sense practically or economically. I mean the mags are only like $20. If you can't afford some more mags you can't afford to go the range and shoot.
  8. glockafeller

    Glock 26

    I too shoot the 26 better. The 26 is in my opinion the best ccw weapon ever. I know it's a strong statement, but it's full featured with great concealment.
  9. glockafeller

    All around 9mm and 45 target ammo

    Remington UMC is my least favorite because it is so low power. If I take the Glock 17L with me to the range I have to take an ammo other than UMC to shoot in it since it will not reliably cycle. I've had good luck with the federal 9mm from Wal-Mart, so I usually just carry that and that way I only have to take one ammo. I can also interchange mags on my Glock 9mms that way. I often will just pick a caliber to shoot that day and just take weapons in that caliber. Obviously the .40 days are more expensive than the 9mm or .22 days!
  10. glockafeller

    steel case ammo in my Glock??

    I too am a Glock armorer and I agree with everything that BC said. With that said, let's entertain the possibility, that TJ's theory is correct and the gun wears prematurely. I personally don't know how many rounds it takes to wear out a glock, but let's pick some numbers for demonstration purposes. Let's say the normal life is 70,000 rounds and if you shoot steel cases you only get 60,000 rounds. Over those 60,000 rounds, using TJs figures, you saved $600, which happens to be enough to go buy another glock. Of course by TJ's theory you would only need to replace a barrel which is much cheaper than the whole gun. So the cost benefit case seems to be weak at best. Let's consider the practial world. The only people I know that can shoot that number of rounds are sponsored shooters that get free ammo and free guns from sponsors. Even if you pay for all those rounds yourself, is prematurely wearing out a $600 gun compared to the tens of thousand of dollars you spent on ammo really significant? I think not. Although I've tried wolf I don't shoot it any more because in seems I spent more time cleaning after shooting.
  11. glockafeller

    Ruger MKIII field strip question

    Be sure to post here and let us know what YOU think after putting it back together.
  12. glockafeller

    Saw a lucky gunshot victim today.

    psywarrior shot himself? I missed the news.
  13. glockafeller

    Glock slimline 9mm compact!

    Glock just needs to make guns here. That would open up the possibility of a .22 glock. Gaston changed the world but I think he is now holding back the progress.
  14. glockafeller

    Glock 3.5 Connector and NY1 Spring??

    I disagree. First, Glock does not sell the 2 kg connector as a standard part available in the US unless it is in a "target" pistol such as the 34,35, or 17L. Armorers cannot just order up a bunch of these to drop in guns that did not originally have them. The reason is Glock knows it is not needed for a defensive gun and it is a liability in the US court system. You can get the 2 kg connector from the grey market or a third party manufacturer but understand clearly that you will be defending a gun you modified outside of factory specs using parts the factory did not sell you. As for your comment about "It's what the police do" perhaps you are unaware that if a police department wants to buy the 2kg connector they must be one that issues glocks and it must supply the request on department letterhead. Very, very few departments use a 2kg connector because of the liability reasons. The standard glock trigger is fine for a defensive gun.
  15. glockafeller

    Glock 3.5 Connector and NY1 Spring??

    Glock never made a 3.5# connector and they still don't. The connector was speced in kg and some dumbass in America that was bad at math called it 3.5 lbs. It's closer to 4.5 pounds than 3.5. So in the words of G.I. Joe, Now you know and knowing is half the battle.