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  1. fallcreekhunter

    one big fish

    No Kidding.
  2. fallcreekhunter

    CCW Amusing Anecdotes

    I thought 6 years was a nice term.....
  3. fallcreekhunter

    Snap of twig alerts dog-walker to charging grizzly

    Wow- what else can you say
  4. Wow. We've had our share of bears and cats down here in Idaho this summer as well.
  5. fallcreekhunter

    Cold Camp 8 and 9

    Excellent work....
  6. fallcreekhunter

    CCW Story

    I suppose the reaction by law enforcement might vary greatly depending on whether it took place in Chicago or Billings Montana.....
  7. fallcreekhunter

    "LIGHTS OUT" by Halffast

    Thanks again for the link.
  8. fallcreekhunter

    Good Morning!

    Good morning to all overseas as well-
  9. fallcreekhunter

    New Members Please Read!

    Great stuff on this forum-
  10. fallcreekhunter

    Group buy- Bayonets!

    Nice price on a nice item......