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  1. I want a lever action rifle. I just don't know which one yet. Maybe a Henry .22. Recommendations are always welcome.
  2. I never claimed to be an expert. I had one, I used it. Mine didn't malfunction. And I've more than likely forgotten everything about it since. You did your job, and I did mine. You don't have to like it, but the reality of it, you need "poges" in order to do your job. Logistics, accounting, medics, aircraft crewmembers, mechanics - all "poges", all ensuring you get your MREs, you get your LOGPACs, you get resupplied, you get your ammo, you get paid, you get to where you need to be, you get medevacs when you need them, your wounded get treated, your vehicles and equipment get maintained, and you get paid. So, likewise, forgive me if I'm sick of grunts and their incessant Bullshat. No, we're not going to house-to-house, kicking in doors and clearing buildings. That's not our job function. Just as you're not going to resupply yourselves with fuel, ammo, manage your unit's finances, fly the helicopters and provide your own dustoff, etc. You may not like it, but you're shat out without support. Plain. and. simple. Feel free to read through my posts and point out where I bragged about anything, by the way.
  3. Words can't even describe how much this pisses me off. I hope they get nailed to the freaking wall for this.
  4. Ugh. I knew this is what Jeff (WitchingHour, who is still alive and well in CO, even if absent from the internet) did when he was in, but it's different to actually see it.
  5. Well, maybe not the astro turf, or whatever it is on the seat.
  6. I'd rather have a setup like this
  7. Ive always called them roach coaches. We have a lot of taco trucks around here, seeing the number of Hispanics working various construction jobs (whether road construction or home construction). I've never gotten anything from these taco trucks, but the aforementioned former roommate has (he drove trucks for the construction industry), and, according to him, you have to be VERY careful about which ones you buy from. Buying from the wrong ones can come with consequences - so, on top of his 'ice cream truck chasing' memoirs, be sure to ask him about his experience with taco trucks. We have one that comes right through our neighborhood, but I'm always working when it shows up. The best I've managed was to pull up to the driveway right as the ice cream truck passed by it. I could've flagged it down, but it's not the same if I don't come running out the door to get my ice cream.
  8. To each their own. If someone gets them, and is happy with what they have, more power to them. Personally, if a guy tried chatting me up a face full of tattoos, I'd find it to be a major turn off. Seriously. It would make me rather take a chance with that 'Pinhead' guy from the Hellraiser movies. But if facial tattoos are what someone really wants, and they've weighed the pros and cons and came to that decision, who am I to tell them otherwise?
  9. The one we have has two buttons... one which flushes with less water, and one for when you've made a sacrifice to the porcelain idol, and want to ensure it makes it down to the abyss. I'm just glad we don't use toilets here like they use in Germany, with the shelf and all. Never understood the purpose of it, except perhaps so that Germans can take a moment to admire their work?
  10. You're welcome, and also for the ammo, fuel, and all the other basic necessities you require to do the job you do. And this isn't to try downgrading or demeaning the grunts. I've never gone house to house clearing out insurgents, and I can certainly respect that those who have.. have done this. But far too many seem to hold onto this belief that they're somehow self-contained, when they are anything but. Even when it comes to being Airborne - I wish Rampy were here to remind you whose aircraft you were jumping out of, because he'd do a much better job of it than I would. You can play it down all you'd like, but your support is your lifeline, whether you like it or not.
  11. I've always wanted one with the heated seats. There aren't any heat ducts in the bathroom, so it's colder than the rest of the house... well, I'm not going into any more detail, but you can figure it out.
  12. Can she shoot? I don't have anyone to go to the range with me since Dopey moved away
  13. So... I pay you to be your babysitter? Got any oceanfront property in Arizona to sell me, while you're at it?
  14. I really don't have any intention of having kids. So I suppose that rules out that option. Guess it means all I can is simply not care if it looks strange to others
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