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  1. 1. Witness P Compact was a handful at first but after about 300 rounds i am pretty proficient with it.
  2. pagoda240

    Crossbreed Super Tuck for Sig P229

    in the same boat, just picked up a 229 yesterday. Let me know what you decide on.
  3. pagoda240

    PA shoot

    Sounds like its going to be a good time, wish i lived a little closer...
  4. pagoda240

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!!!

    Merry XXX-mas to all, i must of been bad i dint get a lot toys this year :
  5. pagoda240

    10mm Picture thread

    My EEA Witness P
  6. pagoda240

    10MM ammo finds

    I wish i was that lucky, I have been to three shops and a guns show and have not found a box of 10mm. Trying to break in my Witness P but don't want to burn up all the ammo i have now.