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  1. Turn it into a Bantustan, like how South Africa did with Ciskei, Bophupthstswana, etc. They wanna be autonomous, they can be, without any public support or eligibility for it from the US. Then we can see just how long their autonomous zone lasts. If the Bantu peoples could do it, surely these university educated radicals could, right? Put up barricades and fences around this autonomous zone and let CBP patrol it. It can be paid for by exportation taxes on goods shipped into this autonomous zone. If they retaliate with tariffs, that’s fine. They have no cargo airports, no seaports, no rail lines. So, they’ll have to figure out what to do as far as that goes. They want to claim autonomy, then give it to them. The full package - not this crap where they claim to be autonomous but expect everyone to crowdfund them.
  2. So Wolf has been importing these Taiwanese 205th Armory T91 upper receivers, mating an AR-18/180 action to an AR-15 type lower (which Taiwan began doing in 1974, well before Heckler & Koch). I just happen to somehow have another stripped lower in addition to the one I’m doing my 18” DI build with. Funny how that happens, right? So, this was one option I was considering. So my questions are for anyone who has relevant experience with these. Are they small or large pin? Do they have issues with carrier tilt? Is there a particular buffer recommended for them? Overall build quality and reliability? Do they require a trigger group with a notched hammer or a flat hammer? Is the bolt carrier group compatible with other AR-15 and/or M16/M4 BCGs? E.g., if I wanted to swap out for a FailZero BCG, could I? Is the threading at the end of the barrel the same as it typically is for an AR-15? I kinda have a thing for the AAC Blackout flash suppressors.
  3. Update: the order from BCM has shipped; the order from LaRue is on back order. I was looking at one of the BCM free float fore ends, but the one I was interested in uses M-Lock, which I’ve never used… last AR I built used a quad rail. But I like how bare the M-Lock one is, because the quad rail was a bit much. I don’t plan on adding a bunch of shat. I have an AimPoint CompM4 I may or may not mount, I’ll get BUIS for sure, and I want a Magpul AFG for it.
  4. I like it. Just keeping it plain, though.
  5. Fortunately, I never put a ring on it, so I didn’t have to deal with the divorce process. Kinda pissed. I had to order the buffer again. I went on vacation for two weeks back to North Carolina and put in a mail hold request. They never held my mail, and it showed the buffer as being delivered on the 1st. I got back on the 6th and of course it was nowhere to be found. One of my coworkers let me have it shipped to his place this time, which is out in the country.
  6. Cool. I didn’t see that in the page for the complete kit. Kinda pisses me off…I bought it two years ago, but ended up selling it off before I could use it. Made way too many sacrifices for a now ex- who only kept demanding more than what ever should have been given. So now that I’ve taken out the trash, I’m getting back to the things I want.
  7. This one’s mine. Not a huge fan of that style buttstock, but it does well enough
  8. To be honest, I’m surprised the military tolerated the battle flag for as long as they did. In the late 80s/early 00s even, they didn’t even want you hanging American flags in the barracks, as they felt it would send an excluding message to any foreign nationals in the unit (such as myself, as I was a citizen of South Africa at the time, though neither I nor anyone else I can recall in my unit was actually bothered by it).
  9. So it only took about 2-1/2 years for me to get to actually doing this. Though I did buy an AK and a Vz.58 during that time. Can anyone confirm for me whether it’s a commercial or milspec but stock which fits over the BMC buffer tube?
  10. She doesnt look like a ROP-er to me. Maybe one of the Tamil Tigers?
  11. Well, I know what I want, and I know how to get it (and it's actually not to destroy the passerby), it's just a matter of narrowing down specific products at this point. My last build was more or less, "well, I like that, so I think I'll have it". This one, I'm being a little more discretionary with, because I was happy with my last build, but it wasn't exactly what I wanted.
  12. As much as I hate to say it, the English, as well.. not all whites nor all whites in South Africa are Dutch-derived Boers, thanks to Cecil Rhodes and his ambitions of raising the Union Jack from the Cape to Cairo. It's not even just whites... the ethnic Indian population in South Africa will end up eating crow if/when the ANC has their way, as well. The Asians typically don't farm, but they've gotten the shat end of the stick, as well, particularly in Idi Amin's Uganda.
  13. They won't be able to sell the land itself, but they can leave it pretty barren... they can sell the livestock, they can sell the feed mills, silos, machinery, all of that stuff. When the government does seize these farms, there'll be nothing left to farm with. All the cattle will be gone, all the crops will be gone, all the seed to plant new crops will be gone, every usable item will be gone, as will the know-how to farm the land in the first place. You're not going to just give farmland to a bunch of people who've never farmed a day in their life and expect it to work. No cattle means no more meat to go to the market. No more crops means no produce to sell, and also nobody to sell seeds and other materials because they can't sustain themselves on sustinence farmers as their customers. Hell, it failed in Zimbabwe, and they seized the farms with all assets still on-hand.
  14. You should find out how many amps are drawn through that circuit and ensure that your master disconnect will be able to handle it, though it should be. What I would do, if it were me, is I would wire those batteries in parallel if there's no particular benefit to isolating them, then instead of having your accessories wired directly to the battery, wire up a Blue Sea systems fuse panel, and fuse all the accessories into that, and run the lead to that fuse panel off the master disconnect. I have a pretty good visualization of what you're talking about, but photos would help, and it would also help to know what your accessory wires are running to.
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