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  1. Picked up a new flattop today. Stag 2L http://s275.photobucket.com/albums/jj309/skulkrusher65/M4/
  2. I'm too new to upload pics, here is a link. Thanks for the info and welcome. I look forward to being an active member on this forum. http://s275.photobucket.com/albums/jj309/skulkrusher65/M4/
  3. I am now the proud owner of a Stag 2L. Pics later today. I'm giddy!
  4. Thanks, two posts and I have already learned a ton. First, good for BG's, bad for deer. That's fair. Second, Direct Inpingment - some quick reading and I gather it will get dirty faster and higher heat will damage components over time. So, as a casual plinker a day at the range and say 100 rounds shouldn't be an issue at all. Keep it clean and lubricated and many thousands of rounds should be fine. Fore end grips are an easy swap, free floaters aren't necessary but may be wrorth the investment.
  5. So, I've sold some handguns and I'm ready to join the AR club. I have read a bunch but I'm sure not enough so please bear with me and my questions. I am a southpaw and I am ready to purchase a Stag 2L from my local shop. This will be a hobby, plinking gun, ready for home defense if it ever got real ugly. First question, is a sale price of $829 a good deal? Second question, are mags universal? It shouldn't make a difference with a left handed stage should it? I mean the mag release is oppisite but it doesn't matter. I'm not locked into purchasing Stag replacements am I? Third question, I'm expecting to swap out the fore grip for something with rails, does the piston/free floating make a difference? Fourth question, if I ever hunt again, can I use this rifle for deer? I have a Remington 7400 that I will sell if this gun is practical. Fifth question, outside of the iron sights, what would everyone recommend as an optic to assist targeting? Any other advice you can offer is welcomed.
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