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  1. My Favorite Quotes Founding Fathers and Presidents http://www.cancertutor.com/Quotes/Quotes_Presidents.html
  2. Thank you. Couldn't have said it better myself.
  3. With millions of acres of oil and gas fields here in the N/E, we really don't need out side help. A lot of our gas gets piped elsewhere. Two refineries within 30 miles takes care of fuel and other needs. Plus there are others farther away. In the tri-state area we have many nuclear power plants. Got that covered also. Not to mention the bulk of the fresh water. There has been talk about piping water from the great lakes to places down south. Hey, if they need it, come and get it. As far as the Keystone pipeline, why haven't we started yet? I didn't say to stop drilling, just do it right. Everyone in North America benefits from it in one form or another. The problem we had is from one well that was not cemented off completely. The driller knew it but took a chance and had it fracked anyway. He told this story, They run the correct amount of concrete and that wasn't enough. So he doubled the amount and said good enough. This came out in one of the hearings with the EPA/DEP. The rest is history. The problem was with the driller and his crew. Not the industry as a whole. I've worked in the oil fields, been on a fracking job, pulled more than my share of wells, stood on the floor of the cable rigs when the shooter dumped in 175-200 quarts of nitroglycerin, ect... Been there, done that. Now I have an easier job.
  4. So the people in Pa. are ignorant to the facts of Hydraulic Fracturing? Are you a paid debunk'er? Or is it, that your head stuffed so far up your arse that you don't know whats going on? You should tell my "ignorant" neighbors, the ones that had to put explosion alarms in their homes because of hydraulic fracturing. Often when they take a shower, do laundry or fill the bath tub, the explosion alarms sound and they have to vacate their homes until it's safe to go back inside. Tell the family that had to stay in a local hotel for months because because of H/F. It had to be his fault that methane gas was pouring out of his water well and flooding into his house. Tell Mr.B" on the other side of the hill, who's house blew up a year and a half ago because of methane gas and fracturing. Yeah, they were both in the house when it blew. Just another ignorant Pennsylvanian who should have smelled the odorless methane gas before he lit the match to light his fireplace. What an idiot he must be. And then, these ignorant neighbors, had the nerve to put pressure on the city to run a water main up this valley, at the city's expense. Then they had the nerve to complain that it cost $2,000.00 to hook on to the main. Because of the elevation, each homeowner had to have a pressure pump installed at the main, so they could have more than 6 or 8 pounds of water pressure. This is only a little of whats happened to these people, and what we have gone through in the past 3 years or so. The lawyer fees are costing us, as a group, $350.00 an hour plus expenses, for the past few years. The roads that were built through the woods are wider than a two lane highway. That alone ruined the property values. Then we get to smell that lovely smell of crude oil and gas. There are a lot of huge rocks in this valley. We get to hear excavators banging on those all day long. Then there was the time that someone forgot to close a valve on a oil tank and the oil ran down the creek for a mile. The township cop's closed the road and no one could leave or get home. Yeah, we even complained about that. It goes on and on and on. We even b**** when we have to pay $250.00 out of our own pockets to have our water tested for the chemicals the use in fracking. Why, you would think we that would be happy, we got a $100.00 discount because 26 families had it done on the same day. $6500.00 instead of $9100.00, what a deal!! Then to have an 8000 gal. propane tank(1940's vintage tag on the tank) 200 feet behind your house that leaks. And a huge, very loud compressor, compressing natural gas to make propane right next to it. It only ran 24 hours a day. Ignorant people complained to no end about that. A fireman told us that if the tank were to burst and the propane would vaporize before it ignited, it would kill everything within a square mile. Again, with our ignorance, we bitched enough to the Township that the leaky system was shut down. So far I've only scratched the surface of the events that have happened here. This is just one valley around the Bradford Pa. area. And there are many other incidents like this around McKean County, and other counties. Just because you don't know about it doesn't mean it's not happening. And it's happening a lot. Another drilling outfit just west of here was shut down until they got their act cleaned up. They had around 350 -400 violations. But they finally did comply. The outfit that ruined the water here is shut down and tied up in court. Hopefully for good. These incidents seem to stay in the local news papers and are not published widespread for other to see. Why is that? Maybe it's to keep other ignorant people, ignorant to the truth. I do know that all of us need natural gas, gasoline, diesel fuel, coal, electricity ect, but we don't need complete idiots ruining our lives and properties trying to obtain it. There are many good companies out there, bending over backwards to do things right. Hats off to them. Now for those ignorant people in N.Y State. After reading the papers and listening to the news, you think that they would welcome this type of activity to their own neighbor hoods, or back yards. How ignorant and uneducated they must be. Just over the state line there is a 65,000 acre states park, Allegany State Park. They have people walking through the woods taking water samples from springs and creeks along the Pa. border. At one time they were doing this everyday. And now, the Governor, because of his ignorance to the facts, passed a law that forbids drilling in this park. Why did N.Y.state put a moratorium on drilling for gas in the Marcellus Shale? Ignorance? Must be, because quote "the folks in N.Y. and Pa. are ignorant of the facts of HF. Maybe it's because that once the water is poisoned with oil, methane and chemicals, we and our children will never live long enough to see it pure again. How long will it take? 100 years, 500, a thousand years or more? Will it ever be pure again? How ignorant of me, not to know.
  5. Blaaahhhhahahahahaaaaaaaa. Great response!!! I will be using that phrase shortly. I can see right now that I will be asked to leave, AGAIN. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Thanks for the heads up. I always try to keep my mouth shut when asked questions by someone that I don't know very well. Well hell, I even lie to those I do know. It's really none of their concern. Thanks again.
  7. The Constitution guarantee's a "swift" trial. He should be pushing up Daisies by now.
  8. I haul mail by there on I-79 three times a week. In a SHTF it wouldn't take much to swing by Freedom and haul you up to the Forrest. I live right next to it on the N.Y. border. I for one am going to stay put as long as I can. If I have to move it will be to the next house. We all seem to think alike in this neighbor hood. Maybe one of these days we can get together and B.S. on what to do in the Forrest.
  9. Ha ha ha haaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!Thats a GREAT one. If they are all like the turkey I had to work with, Ah, NO THANKS.
  10. I have kept 19-19-19, 8-24-8, white lime and urea in 5 gal. pals for a few years at a time. Lids had rubber gaskets. Just keep the lids on tight when not using.
  11. cga


    And that was just the beginning of their troubles.
  12. Welcome to America,.........Worlds largest FREAK SHOW.
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