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  1. i cant argue that springfields are great neither was a bad gun and both shoot great its more of a personal preference. i prefer checkered fron straps and softer edges
  2. sorry i ended up taking it to a gun show and trading it a while back i just havent been online to post it
  3. its really just one of those things that is a fix for a problem that doesn't exist. but its nice when they don't woble. i am done but i still need to sift through the pics and write up the process.
  4. if you end up stuck with the ar and don't want to keep it, you might throw it up here
  5. i am planning on getting a new 22-250 one of these days, either a savage or maybe a sako just for kicks. i really love that cartridge a browning m1000 might be kinda fun too
  6. i inherited an old remington 788 in 22-250 and the only issue i have with it is that i can't shoot anything heavier than a 55gr because my twist rate is too low and heavier bullets keyhole. mine has had several thousand rounds through it over the years and the last thousand or so have been stuff like the winchester varmint rounds at about 4000fps. my groups have opened up with it but the action is almost wore out and the barrel is still decent. it will pull about a 1-inch group at 100yds which is not as tight as i would like for long range varmint hunting but i use it for teaching people how to shoot a bolt rifle due to its extremly low recoil. i wouldn't worry about barrel erosion especially on a savage, shoot what you want and if you wear out the barrel it can be replaced. depending on your twist rate (i think mine is 1 in 14) you might be able to load some heavy stuff like the 75gr hornady bullets.
  7. lasers are just one of the things that are an entertaining toy to the masses, people who aren't any good at actually using sights can put a dot on what they want to hit, pull the trigger and hit it. imo a good light is massivly more useful than a laser, unless your having to shoot around a riot shield of course
  8. i completly understand where your coming from as far as your funding for gun being limited and when i was new to the ar15 world the composite lowers seemed to be a great alternative to me to. well they still seem to be an excellent alternative as long as you do a few mods to make sure the plastic lasts for ya. like the kns trigger pins or maybe getting a set of the tacticalinc.com stainless trigger pin bushings. i ended up making a front takedown pin that had a screw on the end to keep my friends together as it had a crummy setup and it has worked great ever since. i hope you don't let all the plastic haters discourage you from posting legitimate questions and experience on here and just remember to take all internet advice with a grain of salt as all it takes to be an "expert" on a subject is a keyboard.
  9. i know this isn't the update everyone is waiting for, but my truck decided its intake manifold gasket needed to be replaced so i am stuck replacing that this weekend, gotta love chevy... hopefully i can get the screw put in monday but its probly gonna be tuesday or wednesday before its done.
  10. i think a true designator has a wavelength in the IR range this is in the visible light spectrum.
  11. well i finally decided to add an upper reciever tension screw to my lower reciever after checking one out at the fun shop. but unfortunatly noone in town carries nylon tipped set screws. so i ordered some from mcmaster.com and now i'm stuck waiting but i plan on doing a full write up once they come in. the screws i am going to be using are 10-32 thread 3/4" length stainless steel with a 3/32" diameter nylon tip that protrudes 3/64" if anyone has any experience with this please send it my way otherwise i'll keep you posted as the screws should be here monday or tuesday.
  12. i have a 6.8 and will be getting a 5.56 because its a dollar a round to shoot the 6.8 and about .30 per round for the 5.56. the 6.8 is not overkill for plinking if you can afford it, mined actually shoots extremely soft but it is a long range rig so its a bit long and i have optics that arent to good at short ranges as far as groups go i can say that the gun will make a bigger difference than the caliber in this case at 100 yards. mine can place a 5 round group with every round touching but i have a 20" barrel with 3-groove match grade polygonal rifling from bhw so i contribute the barrel and handloads to those results. with a 5.56 barrel of equal quality and the same consistency of handloads i would expect the same from a 5.56 but only if it was the same quality of barrel. when you say target shooting do you mean plinking or paper punching, because for plinking you might want to stick with a 20 inch barrel but for paper the 24 would give you a little better results. my ar with a fixed a2 length stock, 20" barrel and pws prc comp sits about an inch shorter than my rem 700 bolt rifle and about 4 lbs heavier.
  13. it basicly looks like a large beam laser pointer, which would be a lot of fun. it would be a nice way to have a day or night optics setup.
  14. but doesn't everyone drive through the middle of nowhere in oklahoma on a regular basis lol
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