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  1. I shot a box HSM Vmax 55 gr and at 100 yards it was clearly more accurate than 40gr Fiocci Vmax and the price was real cheap BUT!!! I am willing to bet that Fiocci 55gr would have been as accurate. Bottom line is that it was some really good clean and accurate ammo for a great price.
  2. And maybe some shooting glasses... Walmart has some cheap ones that are adjustable and work for younger enthusiasts... EDIT.... PLEASE don't just get mad at me for pointing out the need for shooting glasses. I know that is is exciting when kids want to do things with us but we need to teach the boring saftey part too... I would rather have everyone mad at me if my comment does some good for someone. Recent personal experience while at the shooting range with a friend and his son made me want to react as I do. Also where I found that my cheap glasses fit my 43 year old BIG FAT head and when adjusted they fit his 8 year old skinny boy just right. I am glad to see kids being familiarized with guns... It takes away the curiosity that can be dangerous...
  3. Your post is offensive and I now have to go change my email settings so I stop getting emails from this tread.... You don't talk like that around Women and Childeren!
  4. The M is new and has been improved IMO. http://www.xdtalk.com/forums/ar-talk/10459...servations.html
  5. Check out this link... It is not EXACTLY what your asking for but it is a really good collection and the all the info you will need (and More) is right there.
  6. Dude here ya go... http://www.wonderhowto.com/how-to/video/ho...el-267095/view/
  7. Agreed, however these were the new M revision mags. I got 10 and they arrived quickly by USPS priority mail well packed and all brandnew in retail packaging. I got a printed reciept, a sticker and a business card. Good seller!
  8. Dunno. I guess they sold so many so fast they decieded to raise the price. There was 338 when I bought 10 of em. Now it shows they only have 25 left and they are $14.20 now wich is around the normal price. Should I have this thread closed?
  9. Great feedback. Sorry if I sounded like I was being negative about DPMS, I was only trying to say why I thought it was a good deal. BTW... the LPK that I put in my S&W M&P15 lower was purchased at the last Fort Worth gus show for $74 (impluse buy), The vendor said he did not know who made the LPK but he sold it to me with an Egro grip that feels realy nice.
  10. I think it is a good deal on on Rock River Arms LPK. I also think $49.95 is good on a DPMS. Are you syaing you CAN get that deal of not? You said you can't get it for $49.95 but that does not make any sense. Also if you CAN get that deal it is about 50% of what they normaly go for so why not post that link instead of trying to knock my deal. a tad more info on why i like RRA. Rock River Arms equipment is approved for police use in some cities. DPMS is well known and has few issues but they are well know as the value brand also.
  11. Dear Customer, Our current low price for the MAGPUL AR-15 PMAG WITHOUT WINDOW, REV M, 30 ROUND CAPACITY, BLACK is $9.95. To purchase this item at this price, click this link: http://www.operationparts.com/ProductDetai...1%2DBLK&e=Y Thank you for shopping at Operation Parts.
  12. Dear Customer, Our current low price for the RRA-ROCK RIVER ARMS LOWER RECEIVER PARTS KIT, STANDARD TRIGGER, BLACK GRIP is $64.95. To purchase this item at this price, click this link: http://www.operationparts.com/ProductDetai...=AR0120&e=Y Thank you for shopping at Operation Parts.
  13. Check this out.... Can't get a better stock type trigger fro accuracy or reliability from what folks say about him. No personal exp. http://www.triggerwork.net/arparts.html
  14. I looked at one of these at Alpine Range the other day and I might go back and buy it for the lower I just built. I need more money or I would have got it allready is what I guess I should say. It looked good with no burrs or sharp or unfinished edges and the finish was uniform and looked good. It was $475 and soryy,,, i have looked at so many onlone that I don't remember if this one came complete with bolt carrier group and CH. I have heard nothing bad about CMMG, only the same comment as above, Good stuff. No exp. with WASP system.
  15. anyone shoot this yet? http://www.cheaperthandirt.com/AMM232-5.html $4.49
  16. If I find a good place I will post it. There are "full auto weekends" in different states but the saftey issues will exist there for sure... They blow up cars and stuff. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=58...kend&hl=en#
  17. Threads like this are why I stay away MOSTLY from this section and OFF of most forums... I am glad that I found this site. I like the way it is run. I have learned a great deal and I will now go back to the AR-15 beginners Armory where I shall remain hidden away form such mind numbing debates... And please admins.... never under any circumstance grant me access to the political asylum EVEN if I BEG....
  18. You are certainly entitled to your opinion. I just wanted to know why you had a negative one. I have known no other range and I grew up shooting there so I am partial. Your comments are appreaciated and wanted... much more than entitled...
  19. Well I can agree with that saftey issue because the RO NEVER walks down to the pistol end and you see some WRONG stuff going on. Just look straight up and the ceiling above your head when your at a staion and there are bullet holes. Also I hate when something was good and now it sucks like shooting out at the farm for me has changed... The MAIN reason I don't want to go to Elm Fork is that there is no 50 yard rifle range and no FMJ and no rapid fire. I am looking for a place to shoot quickly and safely and wheee I can shoot FMJ too but that is not the biggest issue.
  20. I just left the Elm Fork Website and I would not drive out there for several reasons. http://www.elmfork.com/index.html I am not going to sit here and flame Elm Fork but I think you have it wrong about Alpine. http://www.alpinerange.com/range_information.htm Here is why I do like Alipne. I can; Shoot my shotgun at a 25 yard station they have 6 speacial pistol or shotgun heavy board target backs. Slugs OK. Buckshot OK. Shoot my AR at 50 yards or 100 yards. Shoot my pistol at 50 or 30 yards or 50 feet or less with reservation. Shoot my shotgun out back on free manual traps or beside that tehre are 5 skeet and trap towers and up outside the clubhouse is where they have thier skeet competioins. Shoot my bow as I walk through the woods at 3d targets and stationary targets. They have been here since 1968. They have a great store and decent prices. They can process my deer. They can mount my bass in skin of fiberglass replicas. They can kennel my dog. They can repair my guns. They allways smile and say hello when you walk in. They allways say " I will be right with you" if they are bust helping someone. They will answer your questions and treat you the same if you know it all or know nothing. I am sorry that something happened while you were visiting to make you have the bad opinion. I hope you get a chance to go again and find it better.
  21. I have not been to enough shooting ranges to understand why you say Alpine sucks. In fact is is the ONLY outdoor range I have ever been to as I shot hnd guns mostly so I have been to several indoor ranges. I am asking because I want find another range not to DEFEND alipne.. LOL What do you not like about Alpine and what makes you like Elm Fork. Hell it could be worth the drive... The more I get into shooting the more I find I have a lot to learn!
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