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  1. Hey Gmor, you still around? I never see you post anymore.

  2. Lowes also has the conversion bulbs.
  3. I think in most states it is illegal for a "civilian" to fire at a fleeing felon. And since you bring up the issue of kids, what if there were kids present in the perps car as you shot into it? Things are not as simple as just blasting away and hoping for the best.
  4. You can think what you like, but a police shooting is not an open invitation for the general public to join in.
  5. The AA conversion I bought also had an end cap on/off switch with it.
  6. I agree, and here is a question. At what point after he reached into the car would an officer be permitted to use deadly force? Given the prior struggle I don't think they would need to see a gun but I'm not sure of the exact rules?
  7. I have provided aid to injured people after auto accidents and would have done so here. I'll also say that prior to the shooting the officers certainly were having difficulty in controlling the perp, but I don't think they would have wanted "civilians" to join in the fracas at that point.
  8. No I didn't say that. I clearly stated on rare occasions I would use my CCW in defense of strangers, and that would be one such case. However in reviewing this video it is difficult to see how civilian intervention would be practical as the officers seemed to be returning fire in an effective manner.
  9. A CCW is not a license to play cop. Police do not need your help in making arrests nor is a police shooting an invitation for the general public to join in. I will use my CCW to defend myself, my party and strangers on rare occasions. That's what it's for, and that is how I intend to use it.
  10. Anybody that says a debit card is as safe as a credit card is lying.
  11. You can intervene in police matters to your hearts content. I'll pass.
  12. This was a situation where the police were in a confrontation with a guy along the roadside and it eventually devolved into a gun battle. I really don't see a role for an armed citizen in that gunfight. It is a police matter. I'm not the police.
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