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  1. SDRattler

    GMG Alum Quad Rail?

    Hope this works : GMG is distrubated through Mako http://www.makosecurity.com/Merchant2/merc...aponAccessories
  2. SDRattler

    GMG Alum Quad Rail?

    Not a complete newbie to the AR platform, but tons of accessories wondering about. Anyone have any experience with the GMG carbine Quad rail. Looking to rplace handguard on new RRA CAR elite, ran across these and price is right but are they junk? I have KAC and Daniel Defense on other weapons, just trying to go cheaper this time around. Thanks
  3. SDRattler

    Welcome To AR15Armory.com

    SDRattler here. Great site can't believe didn't know about it before. Lot's to red and catch up on.