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  1. the reason i like the AR platform is that its so customizable, the fact if i get tired of .223 i can save up for a while and buy a new upper in a different length or caliber, i just like the looks of it also. and also i want an autoloader.
  2. i dont know 900 is just way to much to pay for a gun one thing that is hard to explain is how easy of a life this thing is going to have, its not going to be roughed up and it doesnt need to be a tackdriver either. it will be taken out for probably 2 hours a week or less and take a few years to have over a hundred rounds through it.
  3. ok so i think i am going to go with the lo-pro because i wont be in dust and it might jam but if forward assist is hardly ever needed theres no point in paying more for it. Now for my next questions, is 350 for the complete upper and bolt and all that the best deal im gonna get or is there somewhere that the lo pro is cheaper? and the other question is 190 plus ffl transfer the cheapest for a lower? or would i get it cheaper building it?
  4. thank you for the help someone finally answered the biggest question i had. im leaning more towards building it every time i look at something new, but im still not sure yet
  5. since im using it as a hunting rifle, im only using optics. as far as defense goes we have our trusty 870's and 1911's
  6. thanks for all the help so far guys one of my main questions is what is the pros and cons of a lo-pro upper?
  7. well as easy as it may be i really dont wanna build it
  8. yeah my dad has every tool imaginable almost but i dont need an armorers wrench or anything?
  9. yeah i don't much like the bargain bin one and i meant upper not lower sorry, anyway the guys on another forum said this about the upper and lower: "it wouldnt be my first choice. barrel not threaded, carbine gas and no foreward assist." the links for the two are https://surplusammo.com/index.php?main_page...71998426278a831 - lower http://www.rguns.net/rifles/rifles-semiaut...56-16Inch.shtml - upper its the one for 350
  10. thanks for the help but i dont want to assemble it because there is way to many things to screw up and i dont have all the tools
  11. hey guys,im new here and im looking to get an ar 15 and i want to get it either complete or an upper complete and a complete lower i could have easily found one by now except for one small problem, my budget is no more than 600 is there any suggestions? ive found a complete lower for 190 but i cant find an upper so i have some questions: 1. i found a dpms lo pro 16 inch new for 350, everyone says dont get it what is wrong with it? (i just want a hog hunting gun) 2. where can i find an upper under 400? (links would help greatly) Thank you for any help in advance