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  1. Hey man, im in concord if your up my way.
  2. The good life cannot be better described than this ! My family camps every chance we get money cannot by these great times! Randall
  3. Looking for a 6 position buffer tube , will consider 3 or 4 if the price is right. Mil-spec. Thanks R.K.
  4. Whats some of the best lower prices youve guys found. Thanks R.K.
  5. Looks all Business brother, very nice. R.K.
  6. Heres one I just built, not exactly what your looking for but if it was mine I could design one in this area your looking @ quite easily. Hope this helps. R.K. http://www.ar15armory.com/forums/topic/91887-tired-of-looking-for-a-decent-ar-truck-rack-so-i-made-one/
  7. Guys Im sorry Im just getting back on this its been a crazy few months, to anwser a few questions from psywarrior , it is mounted on a piece of 1/2" russion birch (cabinet grade) but the back is designed in a way that that it contours to every aspect of the back of the cab so there are no gaps. It actualy looks like it was made for the truck. The brackedt are made out of MDF very strong, very tough providing it never gets wet ( which shouldnt be a prob inside the truck ) the mag carrier is also of MDF and all pieces are lined w/ 1/8" thick cork. When all of the brackets were made and each piece fits EXACTLY or it will wind up being a loose sloppy mess , all pieces are designed w/ the 1/8" cork taken into consideration so when applied and the AR is mounted everything fits snug, no rattles, no slop. Thanks . R.K.
  8. I would be happy 2. I wish I would have taken pix of the project all the way through and the individual components but its not that hard to build. It maybe a challenge for some, I own a Cabinet shop so I dont think alot when it comes to tooling and how to go about things but to anyone w/out the proper tools, if you shoot me a pm and tell me what your facing ill be happy to help you w/ another way to cut or shape or mill...... w/ the tools you have. But ill be happy to take some measurments if you guys would like them. Theres almost enough room above the AR to mount a Rem 870 all id have to do is lower the AR a bit and this thing would be a Zombies worst nightmare! R.K.
  9. Once again RB06 you are right, the charging handle isnt the anwser. Maybe I should start thinking along the lines of dust cover or not having a mag in it altogether. Thanks R.K.
  10. RB06 you bring up an excellent point w/ the bolt and firing pin and one I had'nt thought about but on closer examination of this potintial problem I think this solution may work. If you will look where the rear support is , in relation w/ the charging handle, I could add a block w/ a cork face on the right side about 1/4" from the charging handle to keep the enertia from ever allowing it to slide back in case of side impact thus charging a round. If you will look @ the pix you will notice a triangle support between the handle and the magwell keeping the rifle from having any horizontal movement @ all. Let me know what you think. R.K.
  11. When the seats are fold up the rifle has about 1/2" of verticle movement , its in there pretty snug. R.K.
  12. I have a carry permit which does alow me to carry loaded but unchambered so im good on that one, as far as the design goes, the left side of the weapon is the only "flat" side of the rifle. If it was facing the other way several recesses would have had to be milled into the side of the rack to accomodate the forwrd assist and so forth which once the rifle is mounted in the supports it couldnt be drawn straight up it would have to hang in a very loose configuration to work right. Fetch the rifle is an optical allusion as far as the pix go. The back area is so broad when the rifle is grabbed at the forearm in front of the mag-well your lifting muzzle up @ around 1 oclock and as the rear stock is clearing the support the rifle is spun in about 1/2 a second w/ my right hand on the charging handle and where your standing when retrieveing the rifle your never in line w/ the muzzle at all. Once the door is open, if the back seats are down you can grab the rifle and chamber a round in about 3.8 seconds ready for business. R.K.
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