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  1. I would go with the SCAR, although hopefully I will be picking up the FS2000 later this month.
  2. That would be the best choice if someone did not want to keep the pistol original. It's a Beretta 96 and I'm not going to modify the slide or let Beretta do it. Actually I don't really need nightsights just a good streamlight.
  3. It mainly stays in a pocket holster but to wear everyday with one in the pipe without a frame safety just seems like to much liability. I still wear it concealed just without one in the pipe, but can draw and load one in the chamber at the same time. Not bad for a backup pistol I suppose. Actually makes me want to load one in the chamber and throw it 20 yards at the range to see what happens.
  4. Would you carry a compact concealed in small of back without a holster or back pocket with one in the pipe? That's what I use my M&P9c for.
  5. Ditto! Will buy 20 for 200.00 shipped but I can pick them up at our gun show for 12.00
  6. Absolutely love it! I see we have the same taste.
  7. Thanks! I did get the brightsights pro kit and they really work. They don't glow in the dark but I highly recommend them.
  8. Ok, repeat, give more info LMAO refrain (from Vulgar Latin refringere, "to repeat", and later from Old French refraindre) is the line or lines that are repeated in music or in verse; the "chorus" of a song. Poetic fixed forms that feature refrains include the villanelle, the virelay, and the sestina.
  9. OK, lemme refrain here. I carry a Beretta 96 or Revolver in a holster and the compact for concealed/backup in pocket, small of back, etc. In a holster I would feel fine. Put one in the pipe and then place pistol in small of back or pocket with no external safety is what freaks me out!
  10. WOW! Nice firearms but even nicer pics. Not in a photographer mood but here is a little tease of part of my collection that's due for lubing tonight! Webley Mark VI Break Action .455 made 1915 Fabrique Nationale Baby Browning .25 ACP Beretta 96 - Loaded with Hornady TAP FPD, currently used for home defense Smith & Wesson K38 Masterpiece!
  11. I understand all this completely and have owned a polymer with trigger safety for 3 or 4 years now. But I still never carry it. I can sit here right now and think of all the firearm safety I've learned since the age of 3 from being trained by a US Army Drill Sergeant that spent ten years in NAM mainly in the 101st (my father) and tell myself I can carry a Glock or M&P with one chambered and be safe BUT in a high stress environment like being shot at or robbed I'm not sure if I could draw that weapon safely. Adrenaline is a MF! You think your shaking when you take a shot at a huge 12 point buck try drawing/aiming at an attacker threatening your life. Can't do it I'm selling my M&P9c and upgrading to a M&P9c with thumb safety. Hell, I wonder if they can install one for me. Will call them tomorrow.
  12. I can't get use to the Glock or any other polymer without a thumb safety! How do yall do it? I carry a round in chamber at all times and I just cannot carry a pistol without a thumbsafe. There have been many LEO's shoot themselves while drawing. Is there something I am missing here? Maybe I'm just old school but I can't carry especially conceal carry a pistol without at least 1 external safety. Just freaks my nerves. Really love the 1911 design safety's. Someone fill me in.
  13. Go with Black-T you will not be dissatisfied! Your looking at around $185 for your 870 plus shipping of course! Check out the price list on Black-T's websight for more accurate pricing or give them a call. Black-T and Green-T Coating Pictures
  14. Every Pmag I've put in my RRA and DPMS lower drop freely.
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