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  1. I have a Rock river AR that I had painted poormans real tree, with spraying over real leaves to leave shadows. I then baked it. I want to return it back to black I have tried Acetone, that greena and yellow spray bottle of Mostenbrockens non toxic paint remover, sure klean spray stripper. I will not come off! What else can i try short of sand or bead blastng? If you live here in WA.--And where can i find Alumahide without ordering it online.
  2. My link works fine on my computer hmmmmm?
  3. I have a 11.5 barrel with flat top upper. I purchased it in '01. I thought i got from BM and I sent it to them because I had a problem with my chamber. The tech guy called me and told me this was not one of there uppers or barrels. I have scoured the upper and find no markings whatsoever but only on the front sight base. located on the rightside on the horizontal beam there is a prominently stamped "L" and in a more hard to make out marking of "EO" the e and o are also of a larger font which tells me it was not intended to read LEO for law enforcement officer/only. so if anyone has any idea who makes it so i can send it to the workshop. Thee photo link attached is not my upper but is exactly the same as mine. Mine is like the top one. Same upper as mine
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