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  1. Just caught Sunday's episodes last night. I DVR everything (hate commercials). There were some pretty funny parts to it. Looking forward to Monday's episode tonight. Chuck, sports and news are about all I watch on tv with the exception of a little History channel (Spec Ops Mission is great, but they need some new shows).
  2. I have the glock 30 (purchased in 2000) and a Kimber Ultra CDPII (purchased when the new president took office). Having many years of experience with the 1911 in the military and then switching to Glock I wanted to get back to a 1911. What I discovered was I like the Glock much better. I put some of that up to the number of rounds through each (thousands through the Glock over the years vs only about 500 through the Kimber to date), I am just more comfortable with the Glock. There are fewer steps to get a round on target. Additionally the Glock eats anything fed into it, from high quality defense rounds to the cheap aluminum blazer stuff. My 1911 is pickier. That said, hands down the best thing to do is shoot what your considering first. Most ranges don't have a Wilson Combat (or similarly high priced weapon) to rent, but will have 1911 clones and again may not have every model of 10mm or .45 in Glock's line up but by checking out what they do have you can get an idea of the ergonomics and characteristics of each. If you have a range with a good, friendly staff ask them to go a step further and break down each gun for you. You will find the Glock breaks down a little quicker as well. Hopefully after firing rentals or a friends weapon you will find one that feels lack an extension of your hand and shoots well for you. Then practice constantly.
  3. Checking in from King George. Also have a place out in Athens WV
  4. Thanks for the feedback. I stumbled on a chart from 68 that also gave a high score to Bison for their barrels. Guess that's who I'm going to look to for the barrel. Thanks again.
  5. I'm building a 6.8 and was looking at the various manufacturers of barrels. Is anyone familiar with Bison Armory? Their barrels are slightly different than anyone else in that they are using 4 groove rather than 6. Being new to the forum I can't search yet. Thanks.
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