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  1. ok def will get a long action then. if I get a bone stock rifle I will keep it as is, just as a daily shooter (rem 30-06). I checked out the PSS and it looks great. Does it come in 30-06? I have to get started on loading, it is a must! ok sooooo far for my crazy build; JAE700 stock Surgeon action 1086 Long action repeater .535 (.300win) soo question on barrels... the amount of heat produced by the rounds wear out the barrel faster correct? even with a load .300 (but not too crazy of a load)... would the same wear take place? what brand barrels would you recommend with this sort of build?
  2. hey guys quick middle of the night question. What are the advantages/disadvantages of short/long action?
  3. Thanks Greg, Specialist, Ret and Freedom. I will look into those brands you guys mentioned. Freedom Ive heard good things from the 7mm as well, no doubt about its flattness. I do believe you about the stock 700 with loads, I totally understand it is very possible. I need to get started on loading, espically .223 ;). Thats why I want both stock 700 and a fully built one, I believe in having abit of everything haha. That in mind, I wouldnt say no to a .408 Cheytec :D
  4. Hey guys I need some direction and guildence with my rifle build. I started off wanting a rem700 but that took another direction, I want to build a JAE700 but Im not sure what type of hardware to use (barrel, action, etc). I do know I want to use a .300win and i want to send lead 800-1200 yrds out. could you guys give me some companies to look at so I can do some research, THANKS GUYS
  5. yaa thats the one! sucks that i cant have it =/
  6. lookin good so far bud. u should hit up addax for a upper
  7. well thats ghey. i seriously need to move hahahha.
  8. http://www.internationaltactical.com/
  9. well that makes me sad :( well i would still like to have one, imma go to ITTS for some training, i would use it there.
  10. sometime ago (before my build) i ran into a company that makes a piece of plastic with a magnet in it that goes on top of the bullet button.... sooo basically it becomes a normal mag release with a press of a finger BUT still is a bullet button. anyone know what im talkin about?? or am i just dreaming? lol
  11. ohhhyessss i forgot about vortex haha thanks for reminding me whats the magnification of the strikefire?
  12. well better then a $400 eotech lol
  13. well that looks promising. care to share your experience brotha ?
  14. oh wow really? is there another red dot that looks the same but is any better? if not then im prolly jus gonna get a aimpoint and call it a day. i jus really like the styling of that one
  15. http://www.cheaperthandirt.com/SCP270-34.html thinking about picking one of these up. anyone have any experience, thoughts, opinions?
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