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  1. Thank you very much guys! now if only i wasn't in the office. Funny, this weekend was going through a bunch of stuff at my parents and found my old BB gun and my very first gun a pump action 22 lr. pretty cool seeing stuff you grew up with. so i think i'm going to clean these up and save them for my son in a couple years.
  2. Hey Pepper thanks, it's fast and man i can't say enough of the ride smooth and a pleasure to drive around. Also that's why i got it since i have my 2 year old son now i needed something to cart him around in style...and his car seat didn't fit in the 911 lol. GT the cartel is called the "I have no live because I'm always working" cartel lol. but at least i get to get cool toys i never play with lol. Wish the only problem with the neighborhood is it's in Cali and man they are really going off the deep end now here.
  3. Hey Don just cause you like my toys so much i figured I'd show you my new ones. Brought home the Turbos big brother the Panamera. And my 2 new builds that unfortunately were in a boating accident (special thanks to GLShooter and his BCGs). How you all doing by the way? been in and out of here unfortunately work and responsabilities haven't allowed me a lot of down time. Hope to catch up with you all soon.
  4. 3 emails sent because it seems I can't follow directions
  5. Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone had any leads on where I could get my hands on a BCG (or 3 at the bare minimum). I've been trying to pick one up but have come up dry in my search. Well let me correct this in saying I've come up dry in trying to find one at a reasonable price. Thanks for any help, A
  6. Palmetto has some without the fire control group, and Stag Arms has some LPK at their site.
  7. All great and valid reasons. I didn't get extras now I'm looking for 3 and can't find 1 to save my life (unless i want to spend 3X as much). buy the peace of mind if you can.
  8. Hey guys, just letting you know that Stag Arms has some stuff in stock at their site. Some barrel assemblies, bolt parts, etc. Hope it helps someone out Take care
  9. Hi guys, well this might seem like a dumb question but I've never built an AR before when you order a BCG does it come with the firing pin? Thanks
  10. Well here is a good story from Texas Burglar calls 911
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