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  1. TO : yankee 7596 & GLShooter Do the triggers you mention block the firing pin while on safe? -A
  2. RE: Remington Under Fire, by CNBC I think. After viewing this documentary I've decided to replace my son's trigger but the article below doesn't give such a great review of the Remington X-Mark Pro Trigger . http://www.chuckhawks.com/hunting_rifle_triggers.htm I myself had a problem with a 700, factory new the taps were misaligned. Remington denies everything, just read their response to Remington Under Fire on their website. I say, that many people can't be wrong, granted not all rifles were affected. However when the man who designed it back in 1948 had concerns about it and designed a safer trigger which Remington chose not to adopt due to cost, I'm sorry, I won't risk my son's life. But I digress, I'm not asking you guys advise whether I should switch but what's the best replacement. Does a Jewel block the firing pin on safety? What do you guys think? All opinions welcome. Thanks. -A
  3. Thanks W M, Good info, I like Larue and have looked at their site before. Haven't any familiarity with the others but will read their sites. I'd would've guessed on a bigger weight savings though. Will consider carefully before deciding. Oz's = Lb's, Lb's = pain. Any feedback on sights? -A
  4. Hello all, Looking for opinions for the best Picatinney iron sights & carbon free-float handguards. If you have used above components, I'd greatly appreciate feedback. I've looked at JP Picatinney iron sights & carbon free-float handguards. I want a handguard with rails. http://www.jprifles.com/1.4.4_hg.php http://www.jprifles.com/1.6.4.php Is the carbon fiber going to hold up? I'm looking to save weight but will it hold up under rugged use? As far as sights, never used the detachable ones, my rifle has low profile gas block so as not to interfere with a scope but sometimes I wish I had iron. I'm thinking about flip-ups. Anybody out there bought some they didn't like? I don't mind paying for the best when I get the best but don't mind saving money when a less expensive high quality alternative is available. Just like to hear about your experiences. Thanks -Argonaut
  5. Hello Kenny, Sorry for the long time lag, the reason I posted this was I bought a set of high rings in 30mm from these people. http://www.countersniperoptics.com/cgistor...d=1681518.11876 The page didn't say they were aluminum then but when I got them they looked different in real life being thicker than steel rings. I just didn't like the bulkiness so I returned them. They claimed though that they were strong enough for up to 50 BMG cal. Never heard of lapping rings, what is the benefit? -David
  6. Hello All, I've always assumed, perhaps wrongly, that especially for heavy recoil applications that steel scope rings are better than aluminum. I'd like to hear members opinions and experiences. Even on smaller calibers I like the smaller profile of steel vs. aluminum and would rather use the slightly heavier steel, but what about about the soldier who needs to consider every ounce? Also, I hope I never need to personally deal with it but what about extreme cold? What is more brittle and which grade of steel and aluminum is better? Just curious. Like to hear your comments. Thanks. -Argonaut
  7. Hello all, Does anyone know which companies manufacture electronic triggers like those used in the Olympics? -Argonaut
  8. I do agree it's worth it. This kind of accuracy you can get with AR target rifles. Like this: http://6mmar.com/6mmAR_Turbo_40_Improved.html and other variants: http://6mmar.com Mine has the heavy thick wall billit upper and with the big aluminum free-float hand guard, they're heavy. To have that in a light rifle you can carry all day, I think it priceless. When I heard about them last summer I resolved to get one.
  9. Thanks to all, I spent alot of hours researching this and although I found something close to what I wanted, I never got this wealth of info as I have here. Great leads and advice, thanks Guys. I don't mind springing big bucks for a complete upper if I have to but my rifle now is complete and for 8 years has been set up in cal. 6x45 (which is outdated now). I 'd like to try rebarreling it first but I'm really after sub MOA if I can get it. My varmit gun is 6mmAR Turbo 40° Improved, accuracy is great but it's heavy. http://6mmar.com/6mmAR_Turbo_40_Improved.html If I can approach that accuracy by rebarreling my other gun, my 6x45, I'd like to try that first although I may have to lose my old DPMS upper. I will contact Centurian Arms (Thanks Rampy) and the people at pri-mounts thanks (xTACKLEBERRYx). Again, thanks for all replies, I will follow these links. I didn't really expect so much help so fast. Great Forum!! -Argonaut
  10. Hello all, Having a hard time finding someone who stocks this barrel. Seems all custom makers are backed up for months. Anybody know where to find one. 18" , tapered, 1:7 twist. Barrel: A 18 in (457 mm) threaded-muzzle match-grade free floating stainless steel heavy barrel with a 1:7 in (178 mm) rifle twist ratio. The barrels have a special contour to maximize accuracy and minimize weight; they are manufactured by Douglas Barrels. An OPS Inc. muzzle brake and collar (to align the OPS Inc. 12th Model Suppressor) is installed with the barrel. These barrels were designed to take advantage of the new Mk 262 cartridge, which uses a 77 grain (5 g) bullet, that is now being fielded. Mk 12 info & specs: http://www.bravocompanyusa.com/Articles.asp?ID=145 -Argonaut
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