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  1. I like it so far. I will not really know for about another month when I get to put some rounds down range. I enjoy it being night vision compatible (just incase I get some more toys).
  2. Yeah I tried it the first time. I will try it again.
  3. I was going to say S&W anyways but the Pmag offer puts it over the top.
  4. Nice job on the Cerakota. How long did it take?
  5. That is NICE! Makes me want to build a retro.
  6. So I finally have the rifle put together. I used Spikes Tactical stripped lower, CMMG lower parts kit, Stag A3 upper, Stag M4 government profile chrome lined barrel assembly with A2 front sights and hand guards, Addax Tactical BCG with microslick, Magpul MOE FDE stock, Magpul MOE FDE grip, Magpul FDE Pmag, and Vortex Strikefire red dot scope with AR 15 mount. Still have some upgrades I want to get but I am happy with KISS for now. The sad part is the range report will have to wait about a month for my arm to heal from the surgery I just had. So here it is. http://i884.photobucket.com/albums/ac50/ts...100306-1451.jpg http://i884.photobucket.com/albums/ac50/ts...100306-1451.jpg http://i884.photobucket.com/albums/ac50/ts...100227-0920.jpg
  7. The rifle is out for assembly. I opted to pay the 50 to have it assembled. Should have it back this week. I did not get a chance to take many pics. I was heading out the door with it when I remembered I should post pics for you. So sorry for the poor quality. parts thrown together. Addax tactical BCG with microslick
  8. I found this chart that shows what features are offered on the M4 by the different makers. It is a well written chart and probably took a LONG time to compile. I asked Rob for permission to use his chart. He also said that he thought one was already on the Armory but I have not seen it. So if there is one sorry for the re-post. I hope this helps everyone. M4 comparison chart
  9. There is a list around here some where, I will try to locate the thread for you. From my experience over the last few months there are a few who machine there own but most get them and apply their own coatings and engravings. For example: CMT sells there products by under the name of Stag. They also produce for RRA and a few others. However, there are a select few that produce there own: like Sun Devil.
  10. I was looking on your site and noticed you had 3 YHM phantom 5c1's in stock. what are the chambering on those? I am looking for 5.56. I am trying to keep my build all 5.56 chambered. Thanks for your help.
  11. I debated on putting mine together myself also. Eventually I decided to pay someone to do it for me. I decided not to risk braking and/or scratching everything. I also came out cheaper spending the $50 to let him put it together for me.
  12. I just bought the strike fire for my build. I like it but have not tested it yet. I like the rears you have now. After seeing it I am thinking of getting one for mine.
  13. HAHA. IF you you are still waiting on every part (except the stripped lower) to arrive and you are already starting to look for parts for your next build.
  14. I should not have a head spacing issue considering I am using brand new everything. I believe that I will go with the Addax Tactical AR-15 semiauto milspec bolt carrier group with microslick coating. I will not get much range time in with this one so that should be good enough. When the LPK arrives in two days I think I will send the trigger out to Mr. Bill Springfield to let him work his magic. I will save the chrome for my next build (the 6.8 spc sniper variant). Assuming my wife doesn't kill me for spending so much money on it.
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