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  1. sick-end

    Who we got from GA?

    I'm in Blairsville, and it is getting where I can't even fire off my .22 without someone turning it in.... but we do have some great country.
  2. sick-end

    I need some advice.

    I've lived in GA my entire life, and I love to hunt. In the area I live there is not any game that requires a large caliber. I want to get a rifle that will act as a multi-purpose rifle. I was seriously looking at the AR-15, but I am not sure on the regulations on using an assault type firearm in GA for hunting. I am in love with the 5.56/.223 and have shot on an AR platform many times before, but I never owned one before. Can someone tell me the regulations and what company would serve my purpose. Should I buy a rifle as a whole or should I build my own. Also, I like the 6.5 Grendel and .50 Beowulf, is there any law against them?