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  1. i have the multicam since 2009.. multicam is outdated. and it has been used by a few other countries as well.. The army will change it again...
  2. i am Asian.. all i have is bow of rice every damn day and pork, coup, chicken or.. ( no dog or cat ).. I don't really know what to eat anymore.. I wish i had 1,000 boxes of MREs.
  3. 1/ slap our stupid ass people in charge this administration. 2/ Cut loose iraq and we are done. 3/ Kick that idiot obuma out of this office... 2016 is too long..
  4. I drove by S&W facility. it is huge, from the outside it looks like a mental health facility prison with armed guards. lol Also I drove by Colts facility in CT state also. It looks like big car production facilities all combined together..
  5. how can you become a bounty hunter in the first place? 0_o"
  6. It is their culture.. there are different type of muslims . A radical muslim which is the one we need to clean up and a conservative muslim, which they know what is acceptable and what is not acceptable in today society. Don't sum them all up as bad people by the way they dress..
  7. be honest. you don't need eotech with NV compatible mode unless you have your NV device mounted behind your eotech.. Other than that you can have a regular none NV eotech and Dbal or Peq15. i use eotech for daytime, ir laser for darkness with nvg... but if you like to spend extra money on the NV compatible eotech. You can do it as a backup, if your ir laser is down.
  8. how did you break the lock handle? 0_o" you sir need to send this back for a repair and upgrade the entire internal for only $79 included return shipping back to you. Not sure about the broken handle lol call eotech and speak to Daniel ..
  9. i hate liberals. Their mind is twisted with jealousy and misunderstanding..
  10. Does anybody in here collecting silver and gold? I am wondering if it is a good idea or bad? I looked up at a few website selling them. It is pretty cool how they can make silver into little bars with logos. It looks pretty interesting. Wonder if i should go with 1 oz or 10 oz. Is it easy to sell it back in the future?
  11. i have a cheap tulforce free float rail for $30 bucks if you are interested also have TDI arms free float rail for $110 shipped please pm me for pictures. also i noticed that the goggles made by Revision not Rockstar . I see where you came up with the rock star name because of the symbol R and the star belows it. That goggles can stop sharpnels flash from an explosive or 12g buckshot also .22 caliber round as well. A lot of US military united got issued em as well as ESS brand.
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