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  1. Blacktree

    Looks like I have some build work to do this week.

    Could be worse; some of your parts could be back-ordered. (been there, done that)
  2. Thanks for the follow-up. Those "toothed" handguards look interesting.
  3. Blacktree

    AR15 Picture Topic Part IV

    Here's a closeup of the scope mount on my Punisher rifle. It's a Weaver SPR. It holds the scope securely, and only costs about $40.
  4. Blacktree

    Here it comes! Republican proposes new gun law

    I also agree that firearms should be stored safely. That's a no-brainer. But we don't need the federal government stepping in and "managing" it. Because once the government gets control of something, it goes to crap. I would rather see an educational campaign than a government mandate. Speaking of RINOs, we had a bunch of anti-gun legislation passed recently in Florida. Bump-fire stocks were banned, all firearm purchases require a 3-day waiting period, and the legal age to own a firearm was raised to 21. Our Republican governor (Rick Scott) signed that stuff into law. Thanks buddy!
  5. Blacktree

    The Ghetto Blaster: 9mm AR-15 Build

    OK, here's another Ghetto Blaster update. I had an early day at work, and decided to hit the firing range. This time around, I brought the following ammo: - American Eagle 147grn FMJ (flat-nosed, subsonic) - PPU 147grn JHP (also subsonic) - Brown Bear 115grn FMJ (steel case) I specifically picked the flat-nose FMJ rounds from American Eagle, because I wanted to see if the Ghetto Blaster would choke on it. I fired 20 rounds, with no issues. I also picked the 147 grain JHP, because someone in another forum mentioned an issue with Faxon barrels and 147 grain JHP. Apparently, my Faxon barrel didn't get the memo. I fired 20 rounds, with no issues. I'd also like to add that although the ammo is subsonic when fired from a typical handgun, a longer barrel can make it go supersonic. I think I heard supersonic cracks. Unfortunately, I don't have a chronograph, so I can't be 100% sure. And last but not least is the Brown Bear ammo. The Ghetto Blaster has a pretty heavy buffer, and a stiff buffer spring. I wanted to see if it could cycle the cheap Russian stuff. And it did! That was a pleasant surprise. However, I don't think I'll be buying any more Brown Bear ammo. It's smokey, and stinks like urea. So to sum it up, so far this gun has fired 115, 124, and 147 grain bullets in both FMJ and JHP, with no major issues. However, there are a couple minor issues I noticed with the EndoMags. First of all, inserting a loaded mag with the bolt closed can be difficult. But loading mags with the bolt open isn't a big deal. Second of all, the magazine springs are so stiff that with a full mag (or close to full), the bolt can't fully chamber a round. I only load the magazines to 20 rounds, to avoid that issue. At this point, I can say with confidence that the Ghetto Blaster is a reliable firearm. Of course, the 9mm conversion has its own little quirks. But there haven't been any major issues.
  6. Blacktree

    On to the Third Day...AR-10 308 Build

    Yeah, some people are nit-picky about receiver rattle. However, that set screw adds extra work to separating the receiver halves. Because you need to relieve the tension to get the takedown pin out. Either that, or pound on it with a mallet.
  7. Blacktree

    Help Identifying Forwarrd Grip

    There's nothing better than visiting a forum to ask a question, being told to use the search function, and finding nothing but threads where people are told to use the search function.
  8. Blacktree

    Help Identifying Forwarrd Grip

    Must be a Chrome thing. Firefox doesn't do that. Although you can get the file name, and manually google it.
  9. That guy is lucky to still have both his eyes, and a complete face.
  10. I can't help but wonder if Black Friday sales will get even better.
  11. Blacktree

    9mm pistol build

    The info regarding the bolt design is interesting. I'm willing to bet some present and future AR-9 owners could benefit from it.
  12. Blacktree

    Color fill opinions please.

    I can tell you that doing a multi-color fill will be a challenge. You'll want to fill it as precisely as possible, to minimize excess paint. Because when you wipe off the excess, it will smear around and possibly go where it doesn't belong. It would also be a good idea to use small foam applicator (think of a Q-tip, but with foam on the end) to wipe off the excess. Don't load up the applicator with solvent, just get it damp. Also, the black background will affect how the colors look. For example, pure white will look super-bright against it. If that's what you want, then you're good. If you want to tone it down a notch, try off-white or eggshell. It'll look like white against the black background. I use "ghost gray" on my lowers, and it comes out looking like subdued white. Also, the colors will need to be opaque. If the color isn't completely opaque, the black will show through and make it look washed-out. If you're in the store looking at paints, you can usually tell by opening the lid and looking inside the cap. If you can't see the cap through the paint, you're good.
  13. Blacktree

    This forum and M4Carbine.net

    I think many of us are "refugees" from other firearms related web forums. That in itself should say something.
  14. Blacktree

    The Ghetto Blaster: 9mm AR-15 Build

    Today I got some more range time with the Ghetto Blaster. Apparently, people are having trouble getting JHP ammo to feed properly in 9mm ARs. I'm not experiencing that... not sure why. But I ran some more Federal 115grn +P+ JHP and some Freedom Munitions 124grn XTP through it, with no problems. I also ran a bunch of FMJ though it. I had one instance of the bolt locking back with 1 round still in the mag. Not sure why it did that. But it didn't happen again. Since I now have a reliably working firearm, I'd like to share the parts list. Maybe this will help someone else navigate the murky waters of 9mm AR ownership. ** PARTS LIST ** Lower Receiver: Anderson (standard AR-15) LPK: DPMS w/ Spike's Tactical trigger (standard AR-15 parts) Upper Receiver: AR-Stoner (standard AR-15, without forward assist or ejection port cover) Barrel: Faxon 9mm, 10.5" long Bolt: United Defense Labs 9mm Buffer: AR-Stoner (extended 9mm, weighs 8oz) Buffer Spring: Wolff Extra Power Buffer Tube: KAK Pistol Tube Pistol Brace: KAK Shockwave Blade And last but not least, the EndoMags installed into PMag shells I think those are all the parts that affect its ability to function properly. I think next I want to try some 147grn ammo in it. If it can reliably run 147grn JHP, it might be good for home defense.
  15. Blacktree

    Quick loader