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  1. With the scope higher above the barrel, the line of sight and trajectory of the bullet are more "out of synch" so to speak. Plus it's more difficult to get a good cheek weld.
  2. Blacktree

    PCC Question

    I built a 9mm AR-15 for a few reasons: -- Cheap plinking -- The novelty of a "pistol" AR build -- Many indoor ranges don't like .223/5.56, but all of them accept 9x19 I never planned to use it as a home defense weapon, although I'm sure it would suffice if necessary.
  3. My "go to war" rifle has a red dot sight and co-witnessed BUIS. The rest have only one sighting system. I hold the "go to war" rifle to a different standard, because I may have to trust my life to it someday. The rest are basically just toys.
  4. Blacktree

    Removing a Loctited Barrel

    I agree with the above. People can do silly things, on impulse. Shoot it yourself, and see what's up. Then you can make an informed decision. Edit to add: looks like the barrel extension is loctited into the receiver. In that case, heating the receiver with a heat gun should help loosen it up. A vice block for the receiver would help too. Heat up the receiver, stick it in the vice, and knock the barrel out. Also, when you re-assemble it I'd advise using anti-seize compound rather than loctite.
  5. Blacktree

    BCM question

    Like mentioned above, you shouldn't need to remove the handguard, just to install a rail section. They're actually designed so you DON'T have to do that!
  6. Blacktree

    Help me assess My AR

    I tend to agree with the above. Your upper should work just fine as is. Put a mil-spec lower on it, and an optic of your choosing, and you'll have a nice rifle. JMHO
  7. Blacktree

    Help me assess My AR

  8. Blacktree

    Bolt Carrier

    I could use a spare .223/5.56 bolt. Wanna sell it?
  9. Blacktree

    Help me assess My AR

    Like mentioned above, polymer receivers don't have a very good track record. I wouldn't trust it in a self defense weapon. We're currently in the "golden age" of the AR-15. You can get inexpensive metal receivers from many vendors. I would suggest looking into that. Also, that barrel isn't threaded for a muzzle brake. To fit a brake on it, you'd need to have the barrel threaded. Ironically, that may cost as much as buying another barrel. That said, do you even need a brake? Is the recoil a problem? Regarding the optics: this is just my opinion but I prefer to use a red dot sight OR a scope, but not both on the same weapon. I don't like to clutter up a rifle with a bunch of stuff attached to it. Another alternative would be to get a variable low-power scope (like 1-6x or 1-8x) with an illuminated reticle. At 1x magnification, you can use it like a red dot. And you can crank up the magnification for longer shots.
  10. Blacktree


    This thread now has Monkees. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZcXpKiY2MXE
  11. As mentioned above, the legal requirements are at least 26" overall length, and at least 16" barrel length. Permanently attaching the muzzle device to the barrel makes it legally considered part of the barrel. Also, IIRC the receiver is about 7" long. And I've seen receiver extensions that are only 5" long. So you could potentially get the OAL down to about 28".
  12. Blacktree

    Polishing the barrel extension

    I've used that to polish triggers and hammers on many occasions. It works well for that. But I haven't used it to polish a chamber.
  13. Blacktree

    Bear Creek Arsenal complete AR.

    To be brutally honest, BCA is a low-tier AR-15 manufacturer. Their stuff is hit-or-miss. But if you're just in the market for a plinker, and don't mind dealing with customer service to fix some issues, it should be alright. Side note: I did some research into the company, and found that they changed their name. Under the previous name, they garnered a questionable reputation. Just FYI.
  14. Blacktree

    Too many ARs ???

    The short answer is: I don't. If I need more money, I'll do more work. So my decision to keep or sell gun parts is not affected by my financial situation.
  15. Blacktree

    How many rounds to failure?

    I'm guessing around 10-15k rounds he may need to service the BCG (worn gas rings or extractor, maybe a broken lug on the bolt). That said, Tim's test is more realistic than a melt-down. The melt-down tests aren't applicable to real life usage, because we don't melt down our guns. Although, I was pretty impressed by the one 9mm AR that refused to die.
  16. Blacktree

    Canik tp9

    I've had a TP9SF for a couple years, but only put about 500 rounds through it. It's a decent handgun. The trigger reminds me of a 2-stage rifle trigger (which I like, because I'm a rifle guy). So far, it has handled everything from el cheapo FMJ up to JHP +P+. And it's reasonably accurate.
  17. Blacktree

    The Armory is in mourning.

    I haven't visited this website in awhile. I saw the thread title on the main page, and checked it out. My first reaction was like this ---> Not sure what to say...
  18. Blacktree

    Words of advice from the "seasoned" members.

    When I was young, I thought everyone became wise and knowledgeable as they got older. How mistaken I was! Idiots don't magically transform into smart people with age. They just become older idiots. The moral of the story is to be careful which older person you rely on for wisdom. Because "old idiots" will mislead you.
  19. Yep, he's outta there. But he's gonna fight it, tooth and nail. He actually had the balls to accuse the Governor of playing politics. As Bugs Bunny would say, what a maroon! https://www.sun-sentinel.com/local/broward/fl-ne-ron-desantis-scott-israel-decision-20190110-story.html
  20. He hasn't been suspended yet. And no official statements have been released. But it's a pretty safe bet the new Governor will suspend him. I still think it would have been better for everyone if Israel stepped down. But apparently, he doesn't have the strength of character to do that.
  21. It's an elected position. But the State Governor has the power to suspend him under certain conditions. IIRC, one of those conditions is incompetence. But if the Governor did suspend him, he would have the right to file suit for reinstatement. While I'm sure the suit wouldn't be successful, it would waste time and resources that could be used for something else. Plus it would turn into a media circus. So it would be better for everyone if he just steps down. But he'll probably drag it out, because he's a self-important dirtbag. Side note: I wouldn't put it past that dirtbag to run for political office. If he does, I hope he gets lambasted. He deserves it.
  22. I'm almost embarrassed to admit I helped vote him into office. I say almost, because the other candidate was even worse. It seems the two major political parties have become 'Tyranny A' and 'Tyranny B'. We get to choose who bends us over and rams something up our cornholes. YAY for freedom!