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  1. USNcpg45

    1911 picture thread

    Okay, okay.. I'll bite..
  2. Fellas, you know what REALLY bugs the crap outta me? The fact that there’s folks around these hallowed grounds that wouldn’t hesitate to pony up a grand or two for the latest Nightforce or Schmitt-Bender scopes. Or drop a thousand dollars on the latest high speed low drag uppers, lowers, or gizmos. Or spend $650 on a plate carrier and armor that WILL NEVER be used for squat. BUT, when it comes to keeping all these toys safe, some of these same rascals would SETTLE for nothing more than a metal mail box with a lock & key. All those metal boxes made by Stack-On and sold at your local big box Laundromat bar & grill, are cheap, THIN sheet metal and are only good for one thing: making it easier to carry all your guns off at once. Instead of building another $1200 rifle, INVEST in a $1200 safe. Not only will it weigh over 600lbs and be made out of a MINIMUM of 1/8th inch STEEL (not Chinese pot-metal), but it will protect your valuable items from a fire. Ponder that for a while before you start talking about a new build. And don’t get me wrong, I’m all for saving some coin. But if you buy those gun lockers, use them for ammo and such, not your firearms. Remember how easy it was to get into your locker in high school when you forgot the combo? Just my 2 cents. Flame suit on. Lol
  3. USNcpg45

    New Para Ordnance Black Ops 14.45. Thoughts?

    Right at about $1000 give or take
  4. Just looked at your tutorials and reviews! Wow! Great job. The one I did on the this scope PALES in comparison.. lol
  5. USNcpg45

    New Para Ordnance Black Ops 14.45. Thoughts?

    Haha, I've actually never had a problem with disengaging the ambi-safety on any of my 1911's. However, both of mine are Series-80 type guns so they have the firing pin block and re-designed half-cock notch.. They may not be true to the original design of the 1911, but the added safety is a definite plus in my opinion.. The biggest thing I wanted in this particular pistol was the hi-cap frame. 14+1 rounds of .45acp is certainly better than seven, eight, or even 10 lol.. But Para built this pistol to be a good competition platform as well as an extreme duty pistol. Its as good as ANY SV or STI 2011 I've **EVER** seen as far as fit & finish go, and at 1/2 the cost. I love it so far.
  6. USNcpg45

    The 1911 in Police Service?

    When I was in San Diego, I stopped a SDPD officer walking downtown when I noticed he was carrying a cocked & locked Springfield 1911. I asked him if it was standard issue? He replied that it was not, but the departments policy was that patrol officers COULD carry a 1911 on the conditions that A) They Supplied the weapon themselves, and B) Were able to qualify with it. I know that there are a lot of agencies where this is the policy.
  7. USNcpg45

    New Para Ordnance Black Ops 14.45. Thoughts?

    +1. Couldn't get it for half.. But I didn't get ripped off, that's for sure.
  8. USNcpg45

    New Para Ordnance Black Ops 14.45. Thoughts?

    I like that one too. I REALLY REALLY wanted the 4 1/4in. barrel Black Ops Recon, but I was unable to find one ANYWHERE. I called Para and they said they were in production and should be arriving at dealers in October. But I'm impatient. Plus I got this pistol below MSRP....well below.
  9. USNcpg45

    New Para Ordnance Black Ops 14.45. Thoughts?

    I've shot several Para's over the years. They've all been great guns. As for the ambi-safeties, I have shot competition for years, so I'm used to them. It gives you a bit more leverage when shooting one handed (strong or weak) because you can drive your thumb into that safety and keep the gun under control much better. Every gun I own now has them, including my M&P-40. Bandaid Barron- This one is stainless steel, so I'm fairly certain it'll last quite some time. Not so sure about the "Ion Bond" coating's durability, but I LOVE the finish and texture. It just screams, "Please abuse me!" . lol And I will.. In due time. ;-)
  10. Welcome the new kid into the fold. New Para Ordnance (or ParaUSA, I guess it is now) Black Ops 14.45. Range report and more pics to follow; but for now, I was hoping to get everyone's take on this pistol. What's your thoughts gents?
  11. USNcpg45

    AR motorcycle backpack

    OD Green with Gadsden Flag patches. They'd be none the wiser.
  12. Hmmm.. I have a MagPul BAD lever on my M&P-15 and I've NEVER had any issues. Even with my 22 conversion kit. It has never failed to send the bolt home or allow it lock to the rear. Hope this is an isolated event, which I tend to think that it is.. Considering that out of the hundreds of thousands of these things MagPul has sold, only three or four shooters on here report having problems. I checked a couple of other forums and its the same there. Only a couple of shooters reported problems.. Hope you get it figured out though.. I'd hate to have a rifle that I couldn't trust my life to..
  13. USNcpg45

    Optic for Addax SPR

    Vortex for sure.. And I agree with RedBarron.. Save the M855 for the OH-$HIT guns, and load some 69 gr Hornady's to get some SERIOUS accuracy.. I've got a load worked out for that round around here somewhere.. =) PM me if you need some data for 5.56 or some ideas about reloading..
  14. Thanks. Its a MUCH nicer optic than I thought it was going to be. At that price point including a halfway decent mount AND a micro RDS, to be honest, I wasn't expecting much from the MTAC. I was very PLEASANTLY surprised when I looked through the glass. At distance and even in low light, its clear and crisp. Just a good scope. AND it has Burris' "Forever Warranty". They'll repair or replace it for LIFE whether you're the original owner or not. If you're looking for a good, FAST optic for your AR, give this one a shot. I'll bet you don't return it.
  15. This is the support topic for the tutorial Review: Burris MTAC 1-4x24mm w/ FastFire III. Please post here if you have any questions or feedback.