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  1. Is colt still manufacturing a A2 style rifle that isn't a carbine for civilian purchase? On there LE website they only show carbines that I see. I may be blind though.
  2. I have shot about 500 rounds through my colt and haven't had one problem with it. I give it the thumbs up except for the fact that everyone around me charges 10$ before tax for a box of 20.
  3. I know what you mean. Bought my rifle and told myself I just wanted the rifle and a few mags for it and I ended up with a bunch of window pmags, aimpoint compm4, back up sight, and I am now looking at foregrips. ha ha. And I thought harley riding was a moneypit. BTW, can I get somone's opinion on the two piece handguards? They seem like they would work well but want to get first hand account.
  4. Found the video I was talking about. Mine came in a different box and didn't have the carry handle adapter like this guys did.
  5. Thanks for the quick response and for the welcome. I had pieced together that I would need some type of adapter but wasn't certain. Whenever I break my 10post limit I hope to search a little more around here to do some price checking and general knowledge searching.
  6. I recently purchased a Aimpoint Compm4 and I was just wondering what all came with your scope? I could have sworn I saw a review on youtube where the box had a adapter to mount on a carry handle. I didn't get one. I bought the thing from a reputable seller so that is not the problem. I guess I am just wondering if there are different packaging sets that aimpoint makes? Thanks Herrmen
  7. Ok, I purchased a Colt 6920 fairly recently and have everything I want for it with exception of a vertical grip. My question is do I need to swap out the handguards or are there any for grips that will mount to my original handguards? I have seen the quad rail systems a lot but some pictures I have seen look as if the vertical grip is on the stock fore-grip If I need to swap them out what kind of setup would allow me to use the fore -grip and vertical grip? With that, what brands and price range should I look for? I know there are a couple of loaded questions in there but any help would be great. Thanks! Herrmen
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