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  1. I think im going to buy one remove the knife and put my truck key in its place. Turn my XD into a large key chain!!!
  2. jhart9723

    Defense round for my .40

    Rangers are the same as the outlawed Black Talons but better. A couple of rounds of that and anyone goes down.
  3. jhart9723

    FOP Range

    never did see a place to buy!!
  4. jhart9723

    Homeowner wounds would-be burglar

    Thats why i go to the range alot. There will only be my story being told.
  5. jhart9723

    I'll go first

    In AL pay $7.50 get a permit and a free case of shells! lol gun happy here.
  6. jhart9723

    never again!!

    glad they didnt take it but if i cant carry i at least have it in the truck. Tell your friend to grow a set!
  7. jhart9723

    Dressing for CCW in warm/hot weather

    yup just make sure the shirt doesnt ride up. I was at a fast food place sat down and my outside shirt come up a little and revealed my 45. someone called the cops.Cops stormed in like i was holding it on the clerk and went nuts. showed my CCW and everything calmed down.
  8. jhart9723

    Concealed Carry at work

    Just keep it on the low and no worries. I even carry into the courthouse at night if i have to work there. I asked the sheriff about it because it was a rough place hesaid just keep it quite and covered and he wont check me.
  9. jhart9723

    Places that post "NO GUNS"

    Sad part is some storeswould go out of buis. before they allowed it.