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  1. Can't seem to send you a regular message!

  2. Searching people simply to be searching them is a blatant violation of their rights. This couldn't be any clearer or simpler to understand. People that think this is okay are freaking crazy and probably on board with the NSA going through their phone records, taking away their guns without just cause, shutting down you iphone in a crowd and flying drones over your house 24/7. Wake up people.
  3. And that is why you'll never win friends or influence people.
  4. Not that long ago 3 months was considered normal.
  5. Truth has nothing to do with their agenda. And I hope there are a lot of people that have that guy's back.....just sayin'.
  6. He explains in a couple of his videos that the BOB should be customized to your needs. In his case he keeps weapons on his person or locked in his truck with ammo so in his case there is no need clutter up his bag and duplicate his effort. He never claims the contents of his bag is the end all solution and only shares what he has in there to give folks some ideas.
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