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  1. Had a good year of gardening. Looking to sell or trade some of these that I've dehydrated. They rate ~1,000,000 Scolville units. $2 per pepper shipping included or open to trades. Looking for optic for a 10/22 also open to suggestions. FS
  2. Big where it count! LOL Seriously nobody a Medium in here?
  3. https://www.opticsplanet.com/elbeco-shield-color-block-soft-shell-jacket.html This is a link to the same jacket, but the one I'm selling is Navy on top and Royal Blue on the bottom. PM for pics Tags on never worn, SH3703BN is the tag number Retails for $150, asking $75 shipped to your door. FS
  4. FlyingSquirrel

    WTS: 5.11 Side Kick rescue tool

    That's the one!
  5. Never used, only taken out of box to admire. $30 shipped FS
  6. FlyingSquirrel

    FS: Surefire P3X Fury older model

    Rampy has first dibs, if not there is another buyer waiting. FS
  7. FlyingSquirrel

    FS: Surefire P3X Fury older model

    That's what she said! (couldn't resist). All good Flesh
  8. FlyingSquirrel

    FS: Surefire P3X Fury older model

    Output (high) 1000 lumens (2.25 hours**) Output (low) 15 lumens (60 hours) Length 6.8 inches (173 mm) Weight (w/ Batteries) 7.2 ounces (204 grams) Bezel Diameter 1.37 inches (34.8 mm) From http://flashlightguide.com/2013/11/review-surefire-p3x-fury/ Takes 3 CR123a batteries this one is the dual output version. Link above says 22,000 Candela, throw is ~100 feet Edited to remove the comparison from the Px2 Fury and to add # of batteries
  9. FlyingSquirrel

    FS: Surefire P3X Fury older model

    Price drop $50 bucks to your door. FS
  10. FlyingSquirrel

    FS:Super hot peppers

    It tastes like burning! In a good way
  11. FlyingSquirrel

    FS:Super hot peppers

    Got it today! Should come with a warning label and a set of gloves! LOL
  12. Title says it all! Got it a couple of years ago and never used it. $100 + actual shipping. PM for pics