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  1. yknot

    Oil pressure gauge reads 0

    First let me say anyone that opperates any piece of equipment that tells them the Oil Pressure is zero, is just asking for trouble and plain stupid. Once you are sure there are no mechanical malfunctions, and there is in fact oil pressure, which can only really de determoned by a mechanical oil pressure gauge being hooked into the oil pressure system, then you should investagate more over. Generally the oil pressure sensor wouild be the next logicval place to look.
  2. yknot

    Engine performance upgrades.

    The Chevrolet Trucks are great ones, I had a step side with a 5.7L engine and it always ran so good. I would go with a package type deal, one that offered the computer up-grade and throttle body as a package, and a combined, tuned & trusted deal. Chevrolet will void the warranty it they find out about the up-graded computer software, just so you know and can except the future claims as your own. I eventually replaced the front and rear differentials with better equipment and 4.56 gears, something that really woke up the truck, but also cost over $3500.00. There are many products for the truck you have, just do some research and be ready to be your own warranty station. I mod'd my Dodge diesel, within the first 2-3 months, so i do practice what I preach.
  3. I had mine repainted back in 2004, the truck was a 1997 Dodge Ram 3500 with no body damage just some Paint fade on the hood and top. I replaced the hood with a newer model, and removed the moldings for good. The price then was some 5400.00. it was already black and they just repainted it the same color, they had to remove all glass, trim and anything else on the truck in the way. While it was high, it was the best money we spent.
  4. yknot

    Ford Vs Dodge Vs Cheby Vs Toy

    I don't care where it was built.....I really don't matter now days. Toyota's are built here and in Japan, both sold here, same goes for the other major and minor makes. While I do prefer an American make, it does not necessarily mean it was made in the USA. I have owned (not Leased) many different trucks, with my Chevrolet 15004x4 Step side being on the best gas engine trucks I have ever owned. It was easy to operate and ran very well, it had a 5-speed manual transmission and a 350 or 5.7L engine. Both myself and my wife could operate it and we both loved to drive it. It was the only truck I bought and drove for 6 years that I sold, (traded it in on a new truck) and got my money back out of it, I traded it back in for only 500$ less then what I paid for it. Yes, I did fix it up, and kept it in great shape, but it still returned a great investment. Personally, i only tend to think of Ford as work trucks, mainly because they are so dominate in the work force, mainly landscaping, construction and so forth. I even hand several truck, work trucks that I did not own, but drove for the company I worked for. They were OK, but mainly got the job done. I have owned a Toyota, which I would concede as basic transportation type truck, it wa Ok, but rather plain and slow. The best truck I have bought and kept to date is my Dodge 3500 1 ton dually that I ordered in 1996 (May) and took delivery in Oct 14, 1996. It was a 1997 year, extended cab long bed with a Cummins 5.9L Turbo-Diesel. I have had this truck ever since and while I do not drive it a lot, it has always been there. I have approximately some 60K miles, which is nothing for the truck and age, but it is my keeper. The truck is highly modified, both engine and suspension, and to date I have invested some 39K dollars over the 37K dollars it cost. I'm not sure how long I'll continue to keep this truck, but as it is in perfect condition, runs 37" tires (all 6 of them) has air ride, and on board compressor and large storage tank, Backstop bummers front and back, and many engine upgrades, I feel it it will be a while. It tows a 40' Gooseneck Auto hauler every once and a while, and will get more towing duties as I finish a long term project. I don't know if I will ever buy another truck, as I really have no use for one, except for the occasional haul or tow, but it is a nice feeling having one so capable when I have the need.