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  1. Happy Birthday jhchawk!

  2. Well I want to put the money in for good parts without going overboard. Stag and bushmaster are both very highly spoken of everywhere I've looked. Quick question: can you combine, say, a stag lower and a bushmaster upper? Or vice versa? And what is everyone's favorite online store, impactguns comes recommended.
  3. Good to know. What is the accuracy/range difference between 16", 18" and 20"? I don't really have a set budget, because this purchase isn't going to happen immediately. It's something I'm going to save up for over the next couple months. I'd probably want to keep it around 1k-1.3kish for the gun+case+mags+etc, so 800-1100 for my gun budget. My area is extremely gun unfriendly, and my family isn't really into it. I'll be taking some drives out to some shops though.
  4. Hey guys. This is my first post. I'm looking to build an AR for myself, but there are a ridiculous amount of options, and everyone on this board is really knowledgeable. This ar isn't going to be used on a daily basis. I'm going to take it to the range to practice, and its primary use will be in an emergency or bug-out situation. It's not for home defense, I have my pistols. So I want it to be rugged, lightweight, and dependable, with an emphasis on longer range shooting (so 20" barrel?). Got all that? haha. I appreciate any opinions, thanks guys.
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