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  1. Shortest I've bult is 8 inch longest 16, and a bunch of 10.5's and 11's aswell.
  2. After about 5 years of on and off screwing with it..... ....I am finally satisfied with my 10mm AR. I came up with a completely different way to cut the feed cone on the face of the chamber to eliminate the occasional failure of the bolt to fully lock up causing a misfire. I have run it on a QC10 and Green Swamp lower.....but the preferred platform is the new Angstadt large frame Glock mag lower.....Rich and his crew did an awesome job on their new lower.....it works flawlessly with DI 45 and DI10. Here is a quick video of the DI10....the barrel literally just came off the lathe and got popped in an upper the smoke is coolant burning off..... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3MttYVdNwiw
  3. I built the first one.....and was never able to duplicate till now....backed off of it and came back with the introduction of the new Angstadt large frame lower....Had a breakthrough in the breech design that seems to have completely solved the occasional feed problem that kept me from releasing......In testing now, finished 4 different barrels that will be in separate uppers.....and waiting on 2000 rounds of 10mm ammo to arrive.
  4. Give me a shout if you have feed issues...specifically the round hanging about a third of the way into the chamber..... A significant number of barrels out there need work in the feed cone area.
  5. I can ring a 6 inch gong all day at 50 yards no problem......and I don't want to LUG a 100 round drum around..... They are finalizing production on the Glock lowers at Green Swamp.....
  6. Hold off on the dedicated Glock mag lowers.....I have designed one that is 100% compatible with our DI and Blowback uppers, over 3,000 rounds through both prototypes with no malfunctions.....lowers will be billet...and available as finished lowers or 80% from Green Swamp Tactical in Deland FL.....started by some of the original founders of Tactical Machining.......here is the blowback prototype....this test is with the 8 ounce buffer.....the new 10 ounce carbide filled has smoothed out the recoil impulse.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V0iPyZDg9sQ And this is the 5 inch blowback on a post sample lower.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nD-Otlyq1-o
  7. www.maconarmory.com Blowback and DI conversions for a standard lower with magwell adapter and a new mag designed for a standard lower. 20 round capacity, standard mag catch, and last round hold open. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YlLwlcWZMqY
  8. We also have a new steel 20 round mag coming out that will run with both the DI and blowback uppers.....and are working with New Frontier Armory on a new Glock large frame lower......I am testing the prototype now and will be heading to Vegas for a production meeting in the next few weeks.....
  9. That is not specifically a 9mm hammer....while it will work perfectly with a ramped 9mm bolt......it can cause issues with a non ramped.......currently the only non ramped bolts I know of are Rock River Arms and the new Palmetto State Armory Kits being sold. The owner of the company making them is a friend and I cautioned them about that when I first saw the bolts......all production in 2015 will be be ramped for the PSA bolt.
  10. Yes.....clearance cuts are required in the bolt carrier.....I see you are in Atlanta...I'm in Macon....bring some ammo ride down and give it a test drive.....shop is right off I-475 Get you a large frame QC10 lower ordered and I'll be happy to build you one if you really like it.....
  11. It is a custom barrel, gas block, and gas tube, with a modified barrel extension, bolt, and bolt carrier..........but it is DI and the recoil is very soft.......
  12. I took a 5.56 bolt and opened it up with a carbide boring bar...... Haven't done a lot as far as load development......but I screwed up a few months back and forgot to open the flash suppressor on a 45 I built up and stacked five rounds behind a 308 hole......cut the barrel to 11 inch and I'm still shooting it.....no damage whatsoever to the action. It would be my guess that you can load the 10mm to maximum levels with no worries...as long as you aren't flattening primers or showing signs of excessive pressure go for it...... Had a customer come by the shop today having issues with his Olympic Arms 10mm....let him shoot mine......look for a 10mm on gunbroker soon...LOL....he ordered one of my DI 10's on the spot.
  13. Quarter Circle 10 Large frame Glock mag lower , DI upper built by me..... ...gotta get a few high cap mags.......all I had was the 10 round for testing.
  14. You can have a DI 45 on a standard lower now........Here is my latest personal......HK USC mag and a magwell adaptor I designed...and one of my uppers......
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