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  1. 360 = Adams Weenus still hasnt been deemed inappropriate! :D MW2 and occasionally BFBC2
  2. I bought a MOE kit from them. at the time they had the best price i could find +free shipping. I would buy again from them
  3. that rifle looks dangerous!
  4. i work at a county jail, and from what all the deputies say, who make the arrests... the x26 is the real deal. One state trooper said that he once tased a guy, the guy fell back on a leather couch, and slid onto the floor like a board... wish i could have seen it! As far as OC goes... the 'fogger' brand of pepper shot was what busted my cherry... i can tell you that for me, it was worse than fox. Fox affected my eyes more than anything, but the fogger (from about 6 ft away) covered my entire face, painted it brown, and burned like a hot frying pan for 30 minutes before it started to ease off... it was bad. on a side note about the fogger, dont ever think you have to hit someone in a closed in space to take them down... just a little spray in the air and back away. They will be on the ground gagging in no time. I've used it on 'roudy' inmates, and once on an entire cell block... its magic! :oh yea:
  5. I currently have a DS, and I am approaching 1,000 rounds now without a problem. They are made in Winchester, Kentucky BTW.
  6. very very nice! my favorite camo :D
  7. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harlan,_Kentucky <<<--- thats the city of harlan the population of the county is around 30,000 i have heard. unlike the show, we have ALOT of mountains and 'big hills' roun' these parts....
  8. I live in Harlan, Ky. and am pleased that they have a show that was atleast partly filmed here. It's the most attention we have had since the OXY Contin overdoses broke out and we made national news... lol isnt that sad.... anyway, the show did start off a little slow, but i think it has alot of potential to be more and more exciting as it goes on.
  9. I'm thinking about getting a Beretta 8357 D NIB only factory fired. What are your opinions on these pistols? I have heard that the rotating bolt makes them very accurate, and not too bad on the recoil, but for the money (around $500) is there something better out there?
  10. Every time I read a story like this i cringe at the thought of government trying to take OUR -the good people's- guns away from us. As the saying goes, you'll have to pry it from my cold dead hand...
  11. tell your wife you wear the pants around the house, and you'll get what you want! i always wanted to see what would happen when someone told their wife that... im afraid to tell mine :take_that:
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