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  1. Phil1979

    Best model for CC?

    Kel-Tec PF-9 is a good choice for around $300. 7+1 capacity. The newer ones have the kinks worked out and don't have the problems of the earlier production models. They are so small you can carry 2 comfortably.
  2. Hello all, this is my first post as a new member: If I were Alaska's governor, I agree that 10mm would make an excellent side arm. However...the weapon I would choose is the EAA Witness Elite Match (single-action only). Biggest reason is the grip is much more ergo-friendly than the Glock's, and easier on those with smaller hands. Being single-action means the trigger is also easier to reach with smaller hands. Another reason is safer carry. The Glock has no external safety. With the EAA, you can carry cocked-and-locked. If a bad guy got hold of your weapon, you miiight have a second or two of precious time to shoot him with your backup gun while he tries to figure out the safety. Finally, with the EAA you'll have less felt recoil & muzzle jump (heavier gun with longer barrel), and be able to get on target faster for followup shots. Ok, finally (really), the EAA is a much more beautiful pistol. <----- this is merely fact, and not an opinion. ;-) So, when y'all gonna elect me? :-) Phil