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  1. Greg is correct as usual... those are Frankford Arsenal loading blocks. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Thanks Greg! Here’s some more blue for ya. Unfortunately it’s only a case block... These are some 7mmRM ELDX 162 with H1000, WLRM and 1x fires ADG brass. The first time I shot this combo, 67.5grains showed promise. Now I’m hoping to verify it. I should start a new thread on that workup... it just might be a while before I get to go shoot again! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Finally getting back into shooting and reloading this past year. Loaded up my largest batch of ammo last night. 100 rds of .308 for my Savage FLCP-K. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Sat down and prepped some .30-06 brass for a rifle I haven't even bought yet!
  5. Built my own with the same barrel you're using, 16" BHW 1:8 3 groove poly... Maybe it was just my shooting! I only had a 4-12x scope on the rifle for load development, but it should be plenty for 100yds. By the way those velocities are from last summer in NC so the temp was at least 80 deg. Forgot to mention I was able to get .76" group with Hornady factory 75gr HPBT ammo. Was a little frustrating not being able to consistently beat it. I didn't get to shoot it through the chrony the day I shot the ammo. I'll have to try this whole test again hovering around 24gr Varget when I get a chance. If I can find out the velocity of the factory ammo, I assume I'll be able to get close to the same performance out of my handloads. It'll be a while before I get to the range, but I'll let you know what I find out when I do. -Raygun
  6. Newbe, I had similar results with hornady 75gr and Varget. Most of my groups were just under .9"@100 with 23.9, 24.2, 24.5gr of Varget. My best group was .52" at 23.6gr w/avg 2517ft/s. I haven't had a chance to test these groups a second time since last summer. Been busy in the middle of a move and all my shooting gear is packed up and in storage. I think I may try some CFE223 if I can't get the results I want from Varget. The problem will be getting components to develop good ammo now... -Raygun
  7. Thank you! I like the rifle so far. I was able to take it out to 500yds a little over a week ago and hit a gallon milk jug 1st shot and shot a total of 4 hits/7 shots. It probably would've been better than that if I hadn't OVER estimated the wind on one shot. Still fun watching those jugs explode! The bolt lift is a little heavy if you're used to Remington's, but the Accutrigger is pretty nice. The muzzle brake is probably overkill, but I have the option of removing it. Plus, if I decide to go the suppressor route, the barrel is already threaded. I did get a chance that same weekend to shoot some 175 SMKs over Varget, but I need to take pics of the tgts and upload them for all to see. In the middle of a move for training enroute to my new base right now, so I'll get them posted in the next couple of weeks. Unfortunately, I'll be unlikely to do any more load development for the next 4 months. Oh well... such is life. At least I'll get to fly in the mean time
  8. +1 to what Killer308 said. FWIW, I just bought a Savage FLCP-K and it shoots pretty well right out of the box. With the right ammo and right monkey behind the trigger, I'm sure it will reach out to 1000yds just fine.
  9. The Federal does seem to be pretty nice, but I'll only have 40 of them. Will keep them around and maybe use them for any specialty ammo I dream up later... Good to hear Varget should work well and is fairly close to FL-15. I just don't have any RL-15 and don't want to buy any more powder I'll have to lug to training in my truck. Yeah, 5 months does suck. Although I've gone 8+ months due to a deployment, but with that I actually did get to shoot, only with a 20mm!
  10. Thanks Killer, I don't have any RL-15, but hopefully Varget can produce something worthwhile. I'm still waiting on my PVI order to ship before I can try the 178 Amax. I think the brass portion of the order is holding it up since they went 'out of stock' shortly after I submitted my order. I'm trying to work in a range session before I move at the end of the month. I'll be in training thru the end of Feb, so I may not get a chance to hit the range or do any reloading between 1 Oct and then. Thanks again... Raygun
  11. I took the plunge last month and bought a new Savage FLCP-K .308 to see if I can get in on some long range shooting fun without burning up the barrel in my 7mm RM R700 hunting rifle or beating up my shoulder too much. Please feel free to make suggestions or any info to help me on this project. Rifle Savage FLCP-K .308 24" Barrel Factory Muzzle brake (possible suppressor in the future? I am moving to TX soon!) Accustock (would like to replace, but not much out there to choose from since I'm a lefty) Weaver Tactical 3-15x50 EMDR Mil/Mil Burris Xtreme rings EGW 20 MOA base TacOps cheek pad/ammo carrier The rifle shot sub 1/2 MOA 5 shot groups at 100 and 275yds the first and only time I had her out two weeks ago. Ammo used was 168FGMM ammo. I'm looking to try 175SMKs and just loaded up some and I'm looking to see if I can find the node at 45gr of Varget. 175SMK Varget Winchester Case WLR OAL: 2.815 (.020 jump) Will let you know where the OCW ends up! I will be loading up some 178 Amax bullets sometime later once they show up. And will probably load a similar plan as with the SMKs. I know this post is worthless without pics, but I don't have time to get them downloaded just yet. Please standby for some pics when I get time to edit and add them to the post... I also plan on adding results of any workups I do for this rifle in this post. Please feel free to make suggestions or any info to help me on this project. - Raygun
  12. Resized, camfer/deburred and deburred flash holes, and primed 50 pieces of brand new Winchester .308 brass last night. Now work up some Varget and 175SMK loads for my new Savage FLCP-K. I'm thinking I'll work up to 45.5gr of Varget and see if I can find a good node. The gun shot 168 FGMM under 1/2MOA (5 shots) the first time I had it out last month
  13. You're right Greg. That power drill is the only way I can get by with brass prep. I think I've worn out my Lee .223 trimmer stud. I guess I should start looking for a replacement. I'll probably start a thread for that...
  14. cleaned, resized and swaged over 150+ cases of .223 yesterday. Now to trim, camfer/deburr, sort and deburr the flash holes on the LC brass... I guess that's what I get for loading up all my prepped brass!
  15. Finally posting again. Been reading about eveyone's shooting/reloading activity, but I've been too busy and too lazy to actually write anything in here... Loaded up some 7mm RM a couple weeks ago. Sierra 160 HPBTs over Also recently loaded up some Hornady 60gr Vmax for my AR... shot pretty well. Looks like 24.7gr of TAC should work nicely. So, I loaded up 50 more of those for later. Then today, I loaded up some Hornady 75gr HPBT on top of Varget. Working my way up from 23.0 all the way up to 24.5. Hopefully I'll find an accuracy node in there. Finally, I loaded up 100 Hornady 55gr SP on top of 25gr of H335. Should be a decent plinking round. Now all my processed brass is used up... http://www.ar15armory.com/forums/style_emo...ault/unsure.gif looks like I need to process some brass... http://www.ar15armory.com/forums/style_emo...default/sad.gif
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