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  1. Thanks redbarron06 I will look into the Eotech XPS. I'm going to start saving pennies and make a purchase in the spring time. Thanks for your response and any others will be greatly appreciated.
  2. Wow guys great information the Otis lubricants sound great! I'm going to look into them.
  3. Wow, that was an impressive video! I was amazed by the reliable function of the AR Bolt, vs. the AK. You always hear people talk about how reliable the AK is, but that just proved that the AR is quite reliable. Good video Knownalien!!!
  4. Thanks for the information Terebil. I don't shoot with prescription glasses, but I do have contacts. Is the eotech maginifier compatible with the AimPoint sites? If so is it lighter that the Aimpoint magnifier???
  5. Hey all, I've recently heard guys using grease instead of oil to lube the gun because it does a better job of staying put where you need in on the moving parts, is this becoming common practice? What kind of grease do you use Lithium Grease or I've even hear of Wheel bearing grease being used. What are your thoughts?? Thanks
  6. Hey guys, I'm new to the site and a beginner when it comes to the Ar-15. I have a bushmaster with removable carry handle. I am looking into buying an optic, preferably a red dot site. I have kicked around buying an Acog, but am not sure which would be best? I know they are fiber optic sites which are great, because you don't need batteries, but are on the expensive side. I considered EOTECH, but heard the battery life is not as long as advertised. I was leaning toward the aimpoint maybe the ML3 or ML4. My goal is to have something for close up shots as well as something with a bit of a magnification. Is it worth it to buy the Aimpoint and then spend the money on a Magnifier too? Let me know your thoughts, they are much appreciated.
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