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  1. Thank you all for the fast replays, just some more questions. Does the upper receiver need to have M4 feed ramps? also what is the difference between carbine, spectre, and mid length wehn speaking of the hand guards? Thanks.
  2. Sorry for not giving more info. I want to use a 14.5" barrel, add the flash suppressor to make it 16", and want a flat top upper. And some questions: Do I need the barrel to be chrome lined? What are free float hand guards? What are the average prices I should be paying for these parts? Thanks.
  3. ok, so thank you all for your help in piecing my lower/putting it together, definately needed punches. Anyways it's time to move onto the upper. Can anyone give me a complete list of parts needed to put the upper together? After that i will start to piece them together and ask you all for some input/knowledge as whether or not they will be compatible or a good deal. Thanks. Will post pictures when it's done/get my camera working.
  4. So I went around and picked/priced out the lower, here is a list of what I came up with, if anyone has any suggestions or sees anything I am missing please let me know, thanks. dpms lpk - $59 - http://www.bravocompanyusa.com/AR-15-Lower...%20-%20semi.htm ergo sure grip pistol grip - $20 - http://www.bravocompanyusa.com/Ergo-SureGr...0sg%20black.htm spikes stripped lower - $85 - http://www.spikestactical.com/z/index.php?...products_id=309 Magpul MOE Trigger Guard - $9 - http://www.bravocompanyusa.com/Magpul-MOE-...417%20black.htm command arms stock kit- $101 - http://www.ar15pro.com/item/59734_Command_...ollapsible.aspx The total comes to $264 before shipping, transfer fee, and a custom logo on the lower. Is that good? Also does bravo company ever restock stuff, seems like they are always oos
  5. collapsible stock, m4 style, but I'd like to look at some options
  6. So all I will need is the spikes lower, the DPMS LPK-1, and a stock kit? Can any of you recommend me a good stock kit? what are the average prices on the stock kits? Thanks.
  7. Hello all, first time poster here. I recently returned from Iraq and want to build my own ar-15. I have been doing research, but have been getting very confused after looking through multiple/different websites. I want to build it myself because I want the choice of what to put on/in it. Firstly if I buy a spikes stripped lower, what all else will I need to complete the lower? a list of items required would be perfect, then I can do the research on the individual pieces myself. After I get the lower put together I'll work on the upper, thanks. PS. Is a spikes stripped lower a quality lower?
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