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  1. Is there any real world advantage in using throw lever attachments over thumb screw attachments? I am not planning to frequently remove my accessories.
  2. I'm fairly new. I've had a Bushmaster for almost a year...No trouble
  3. Great Question. 1. I will always support legal concealed carry 2. I have seen alot of idiots with legal licenses 3. I have never felt danger for myself but have came really close to killing some home and business owners!
  4. OH YEAH!!! Back when I was an MP I was doing aircraft security on the flight line. I was telling a buddy about getting busy the night before with a sweet little Swedish thing. Anyway, I was being very explicit and it was all going over the air! My CO was about 600 yrds away in the security building. So he comes runnin out yelling but we could not hear what he was saying. SO of course I state LOOK AT THAT F*$#ING Idiot! Well He finally got close enough for us to hear him. I instantly unkey the mike and what do I hear? The base commander asking me to join him for breakfast! I didn't get in any real trouble but the rest of the tour was along one!
  5. Come down and hunt in NC 223/5.56 IS LEGAL! and IMO plenty of round for smaller souther deer
  6. Hello all, I’m a new member and just wanted to start by saying this is a great site with a lot of knowledgeable and helpful people! I am a deputy sheriff and recently purchased my first AR to use on duty. I would really appreciate any advice I could get on a couple of different things I am looking for. My weapon is a Bushmaster Optics Ready Carbine. I have a EoTech 512 already mounted on it. I am pretty happy with the gun and sight but want to make some changes. As I said I am a deputy so cost is an issue but, I don’t want a POS that will fail when I need it either! 1. I am looking for a good picatinny (1913?) style foregrip at a reasonable price. 2. I want a good weapons light with a tape switch. I realize this is gonna cost me! 3. I was looking at a green laser in case my optics fail but after reading other post I am now interested in a set of flip up iron sights that can be mounted on the bushmaster O.R.C. without gunsmithing. Maybe that mounts on the foregrip and flat top receiver? 4. I would also like a good vertical grip compatible with the tape switch. 5. Finally a good one or two point sling and mounts that will not catch up on my duty belt and will not tangle in my over the head cage rack in my patrol car. THANKS IN ADVANCE FOR ANY ASSISTANCE!!!
  7. They are GREAT....Steal em off my neighbor's tree every year!
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