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  1. Love my Shield. So did my wife. She wears it now. Now I need another one. Went through the process...Glock 43..Shield...back and forth....getting another Shield.
  2. I really want one. Honestly, I cant decide if I want the Elite or the SF. I already have a glock 19. Maybe the full-size. Then, to add more FRUSTRATION, I hold the damn HK VP9 and it feels so good. I need both.
  3. I have been BUSY. Went back to teaching high school, and still training firearms, armoring. Good to see you are still around newbe!
  4. I know next to nothing behind the lower magnification optics, below 4x. I am seeing lots of new magnified optics, Primary Arms, etc that are coming out with a 2.5x when they already have a 3x and 4x. Also, Trijicon has the 1.5 AND 2.0x. When would a person use 1.5 over 2x, or even 2.5? For the first time, with my old eyes, I am considering the magnified optics because of the red dot bloom. (more dumb questions)Why does Trij have 1.5 and 2x? Is the 1.5 MUCH more capable for CQB/HD than the 2x? Is it personal pref. mainly? Wondering if the PA 2.5x would still be fast and effective for HD, or should I stick with the red dot with flare/bloom? I know it's been a while since I posted here, just busy with life. Good to see some old familiar faces.
  5. Newbe, hopefully sees this thread. I think he has an opinion. ;)
  6. I am of the mind to survive in place, but.. I have a get home bag with; -small first aid kit -tourniquet -water purification -multitool (leatherman wingman) -knife (gerber fixed blade) -550 cord -extra ammo, mags (gl19) -small tarp -hard IIIa armor insert for backpack. (under a lb.) -light Fenix pd32 -long term energy bar -binoculars my bugout bag is in plastic containers. If I go, we all go in the car. If we have time, we take 3-4 cars and all our food storage and preps.
  7. That SL is really nice. Really liking Magpul's new tan too, wish they would come out with Mlok middy HG.
  8. HOLY CRAP it just got personal! BTW it's a HK USP. You have my vote. That thing is actually pretty cool! Sorta Steampunk!
  9. Changing the rules mid thread is against the rules. That disqualifies YOU! (imagine an unstable shrill voice saying that) Just saying, "the Ultimate weapon" is a game changer. The game changed when i posted it. (come to think of it, right after I fabricated it, I did get fired and had emergency surgery)
  10. I don't know about ugly, but this is awesome!!! (I was giving a friend crap for all the just he was strapping to his firearm, so I did it myself.) I call it "The Ultimate Weapon!" This might be the new Army sidearm. Just saying.
  11. I am concerned my case trimmer is trimming the cases too short. I bought a Dillon head space gauge. The case is a little too short, and doesn't come to the minimum length of the gauge. When I caliper the shortest cases, they are 1.755. Various specs say that is within the acceptable length but the gauge says they are too short. The shoulder is fine, just the neck too short. Am I OK using these or are they too short? Here are some pics.
  12. I agree with everything except this. I don't like the Gov. to have that power. A person of any sect is welcome as my next door neighbor, as long as they respect other's rights. We had a Muslim neighbor for 8 years and he was awesome. One of the few people in my neighborhood I trusted. He was active Muslim but was frustrated with the nutty ones too. He and his friends would smoke a hooka on their back deck and it smelled really good.
  13. A truly free society can only punish the individual for his acts. You cannot punish an individual for the actions of another individual based on a group he supposedly belongs to. Sadly, the Commi-Dems are trying to restrict OUR freedoms for the acts of a few with guns. You cannot have it both ways.
  14. I have both. B5 has larger cheek weld while the Gunfighter is slimmer and has better lock up, less snag points. Even with the QD socket in use, it is neatly tucked away. I am interested to see what other Mods they will release for it.
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