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  1. Alienrider

    How do you clean here?

    Dental pick set! They are bent at different angles and can get into areas regular AR cleaning tools can’t. Highly suggest a set.
  2. So I have had this 11" 5.56 barrel 1:12 twist with a standard AR-A1 front sight base since I got it from someone way back in the 80"s with an AR-A1 carry handle upper receiver. I finally pulled it out and was looking to put together an XM177E2 "Pistol" when I noticed the tapered pins that hold the front sight base on were not pins at all but were held on by 4 allen head screws, two on each side. I also noticed the barrel was not notched for the pins. I have never seen anything like this. Has anyone ever seen this. I am assuming way back in the 80"s whoever put it together tapped the front sight base for the screws since the barrel was not notched. What's weird is back then why was the barrel not notched? since gas blocks back then were non existent. Any thoughts. Am I assuming correctly or am I missing something. I have done over 13 AR 5.56 and 9mm pistol builds, and never encountered this. I can try and locktite the screws down, But I am leary of if they will hold since the screws do not hit the barrel flat on, they only hit on the edge of the barrel if you know what I mean. I do have some options now though. Notch the barrel, or even fore go the FSB for a gas block, but it defeats the purpose of making it a XM177E2 looking rifle. Thanks
  3. Alienrider

    9mm AR build

    To answer some questions: CETME .308 HK-91 G3 clone Going with a magwell block. several different types some mag specific Handgun - good for close qtrs. up to 10-15ft if that(remember shooting real life moving target. not aiming at a paper target at a range) If you have to really take time to aim down the sites on a handgun then you need a bigger weapon! AR 15 - High power 5.56 do you want something that can and will go through your wall into your bathroom where your family is hiding or into your kids room? Shot gun - Holes all over the place or a big hole in something/one limited number of rounds. AR 9mm - effective zero to 50 yds. low recoil for quick follow upshots won't penetrate through the walls and imagine a handgun rd in a 1:10 twist 16in barrel. 32rd mags sounds pretty fun plus I have three AR's and have a lower that I need to build. I like to build rifles that I can't find readily. So I build my own AR9mm.com site that has a bunch of the parts. AR 9mm specific parts list: Barrel Upper assy Bolt Mag well block Buffer spacer Buffer HD Muzzle break ??? The Spikes Tactical parts seem the best bet as in quality and fitment Just wanted to know if anyone has done the build. If so which magwell block parts worked the best? Thanks
  4. Alienrider

    9mm AR build

    Have built many AR's in 5.56. Have an AK and HK .308. So l have a AR lower and was thinking of my next build doing a AR 9mm, more of a close quarters rifle with low recoil with laser and red dot. No traditional sights. Have them on the other builds. Anyone have any recommendations? anything to look out for? problems etc. Thanks
  5. Alienrider

    AR Micro gas blocks

    Great. Thanks guys.
  6. Alienrider

    AR Micro gas blocks

    Changing my configuration on one of my AR's and was wondering if anyone had/ has any issues with micro gas blocks with a 16" mid length barrel? My experience is that normal FSB and rail type gas blocks which I have on my other AR's ar 3" in length. I ordered a low profile gas block (to go under a free float HG sys) thinking it was 3" long (more beefy) with no rail. I received a "micro" gas block which are 1" in length. Just wondering if micro gas blocks are sturdy enough? Thanks
  7. Alienrider

    Inexpensive Stripped Lower Brand

    I always try and match my uppers and lowers to same manufactures. Less chance of fitment issues. There are not too many that make "Both". For this I highly recommend Aeroprecision upper and lowers, they don't have some big Co. logo on the lower (not a fan of) and both are in the $69-79 range. I have had beautiful fitment with all there lowers and uppers I have used in several builds.
  8. Alienrider

    Best AR Barrel Wrench?

    So I am working on a new AR build and in changing out the barrel I broke a pin off my old "original" mil spec Multi barrel wrench. Does anyone which barrel wrench will work on a stock barrel nut, a Midwest Industries SS free float nut and the corresponding jam nut? Looking for ONE tool that will work for these three items. Must have capability to use torque wrench. I have read mixed reviews on the multi tools. Thanks
  9. Haven't been able to get around to doing a post of my latest aquisition until now so... I purchased a Chech Army CZ-82 from S.O.G. a couple months ago with a thanks to some info from Gmountain here. Thanks GMountain for the for the very prompt replys to my questions. Anyway I am very pleased with this pistol. I especially got it because I am a lefty. I fired 150rds through it so far flawlessly. I was able to put consistant shot groups the size of my fist center mass at 25yds and shot groups the size of my spread open hand at at 50yds. The gun is very sturdy, easily field strips and is an excellent value for the money. $199 buys you the gun, a holster, cleaning rod, two 12rd mags and mag holster. One hell of a deal if you ask me and set up for lefty's too! My only regret was that I did not order the "hand pick" option. (Who knows if it would have mattered anyway) as on the left side toward the front of the barrel the paint was worn off, probably from being pulled in and out of the holster over the years to shoot at fleeing..uh...well, anyway, I hit it with a touch of spray paint and it looks pretty good. I can't believe that this pistol is not being bought up. I would post some picks but I do not see where I can. Any help? am I missing something?
  10. Alienrider

    Ammo .30cal carbine and M1

    Thanks Mother .......well yes we will probably be selling it. So maybe not a let down. We don't have anything that fires the ammo....yet? Maybe. We are considering all options. I figured the same LC=Lake City FA=Frankfurt Arsenal etc.. I think all of the ammo is Lake City. I would like to know when manufactured though. I already have an idea what the stuff is worth. but would like to know more when we do sell. When we decide to sell I will post pics and exact quantities how packaged etc.....
  11. Alienrider

    Loud pipes

    There is NOT a doubt in my mind that loud pipes notify a non motorcyle driver that I am near. How do I know? My personal experience that's how!! How many times have I heard a bike in my car and then looked and seen a bike. This has never happened to anyone? I have seen drivers in cars look when I approach them. I do not need any "scientifc data" to see with my own eyes and ears what I know is fact!!!. NO DOUBT they work. I agree it depends on the loudness. I have heard some pipes that are deifinately tooooo loud actually hurting your ears. My pipes are not loud enough to have to wear plugs but they are loud enough to notify drivers that I am coming up on them usually they hear me when I am in their blind spot. Also as stated many riders where plugs not because of the noise but because of the wind!!!! I can't believe there is this many misnomers about something like this...
  12. Me and a friend of mine just came into a ton of .30cal carbine ammo, 30cal M1 ammo and .45cal ammo. All Got. Issue in original ammo cans. some cans are sealed in "spam cans" My question: Does anyone have a link to the lot No. codes to find out where and when the ammo was manufactured ie: "Lake City". Thanks
  13. Alienrider

    Norinco MAK 90 sporter

    I got a chance to see a few rifles today and have a chance to purchase before they are sent to a broker. Part of someone's estate. (he is going into a nursing home) I had a very brief time to see them and are unsure of what some are worth. Particuarly does anyone know what a Norinco MAK 90 is worth? Marked Norinco MAK 90 sporter Black furniture w/ black thumb hole stock Sorry if I do not have any more info. Pretty sure it had a bayonet lug Most likely preban Hand guard and upper gas tube cover were real loose, (kinda messed up, don't know why) can probably help in bargain on pricing. Tried internet searches to no avail. Just could find Norinco history which I am pretty familiar with. I know back in the early 90's they went for about $189 and I found two on an auction one for $595 and the other for $795. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  14. Alienrider

    New member

    You got it! and part right to Bob 72. Actually South Korean. They came out new for 06. Yes about $6,200. Confused about the comment though "There are a few of us on this board that ride real SV's. As actually the engineers that developed the Suzuki SV developed this 650 motor. And some of the SV's motors are built at their plant in S. Korea. So....? remember this is a sport cruiser. They also have the same motor in their sport bikes albeit with different gearing. They have been building bikes in different capacities for over 35years. Problem is the same as when all the jap bikes first came out. No respect due to ignorance. Kids today are unaware of how it was when Jap bikes first came out. Same same. 480lbs 11,000 rpm redline 11.1 compression liquid cooled Dual Overhead cam (2) 39mm Mikuni carbs dual disc brakes Inverted adjustable forks adjustable shocks 4gal tank digital cockpit display Owe and most importantly 71hp Faster then most big cc bikes due to (power to weight ratio). Will get up to over 125mph easily. Had mine to 106 How's it treating me. Very well. They had a couple issues with certain things as all new vehicles have that have been fixed. The problem is that they make a great product but their marketing, service etc.. is not very good. But their is a forum specifically for this bike that helps alot. And most, most importantly their is nothing else remotely on the road that looks like this bike. The exposed frame and having a "cockpit display" makes it look like a Harle V-Rod but other than that no other similarities. I like to be different. Why have what everyone else has? Thanks for all the welcomes. look forward to being here.
  15. Alienrider

    So who else hates the Colts...

    I hate the Colts (the way they left B-more) and the way they pretend all the history is Colts and not Baltimore Colts. I have a lot of respect for Peyton Manning though. He was drafted and agreed to go to one of the worse teams in the NFL at the time. I have no respect for his bro or Elway. They both refused to go to the teams that drafted them. No respect for them. If I ever saw them personally I would tell them that and spit in their faces!. As for hating a team that left their city... At least B-more and the Ravens gave Cleveland BACK their history, name etc.... WHAT OTHER TEAM OR CITY DID THAT? and they hate Modell????? He could have raped Cleveland! of all the history and name. Balto just wanted their OWN team and the NFL did not want Balto. to have one. because theyt wanted to expand out to the south and mid west. Now look at attendance in those cities compared to Baltimore. No comparioson. They cannot fill their seats. Now who was right all along! Teams leave because the owners aren't making money!!!!!!! ie. people not going to the games cause their team is losing!!!!?????? If you do that you ARE NOT A FAN!!! So remember that when anyyone bad mouth the Ravens. The Ravens and Balto. didn't screw you. It was YOU! the fan, the city, and the NFL not the ownership. They are in a business and did what anyone else would do to keep their business thriving.... Oh, and go Saints.