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  1. Hey all, I am looking to buy/build a .300 AAC and I'm just in the beginning stages. The plan is to build on spikes lower wearing a brace with a stamp coming later. I have looked at buying complete uppers, BCM Ghost firearms, Radical Firearms. I have also looked into building an upper around a CMMG 8 inch barrel. The real question is where does the round stand on BBL length? I would like to have an SBR length but don't want to sacrifice velocity, power, accuracy etc. I have read until my mind is numb but have gathered that 8-9 inch bbl is optimum especially if a can is in the future. is there any advantage of having a 16 inch bbl vs shorter? What if any is the accuracy loss? Any recommendations for parts/complete upper? The last question is that if I SBR a lower and want to shoot 5.56 or 22lr on it I can have different uppers as long as the original is able to be intact? This will be a multi-part project that hopefully propels me into stamp collecting and reloading. Thanks for the help
  2. Can anyone provide any information about some free, basic graphic design programs? I have no clue t how to use them so my learning curve will be steep. I am wanting to make a few useable graphics of a patch and badge to be used around work such as in presentations and on letterhead and certificates. How hard will this be? Any companies that would do this?
  3. I have gotten some gift cards for Christmas this year and I need some help with making my purchasing decision. My wife and I are separated for about the last 2 months and are trying to work things out. When she left she took the computer and Ipads with her leaving me with only my phone to conduct all business on. I have been looking to purchase a new device, this just kinda expedites the process. I have looked at the surface pro and surface laptop, as well as another ipad and Samsung tab s3. I would like to have a windows machine to future proof myself. Before she left, I was getting into photography and was planning to buy a nice camera sometime in 2018. I would like to use the windows portion of the device for some very lite photo editing and managing stuff like itunes and photos to eternal hdd. I lean towards the surface pro due to the fact that if im not using the device for anything task related, I would be consuming movies, the armory and just general browsing. I want to be able to use office however, all devices now have some type of office app available. The surface I looked at was the newest pro model with the I5 4gb ram and 128 hdd. This would cost around $800 with no type cover. The surface laptop i looked at had the same specs with for same price but obviously had the keyboard included. I guess my question is what do y'all find yourseled using more these days a laptop, tablet, or something different. For the tech guys of the bunch, would the above specked machines be enough for what i am doing or should I step it up. Everything I find online says step it up but I just don't know If i need that kind of computing power. Some advice would be appreciated.
  4. I actually had a shield in .40 for a short time however, I sold it as I was moving towards 9mm. I think I have decided on a shield 45. A buddy of mine is currently reloading .45 acp for 13 cents a round. I have a feeling that this will start my reloading journey as well. I have been looking for an excuse. Do you all think that a shield .45 would be miserable to put 200+ rounds through on the range. I'm not recoil sensitive by any means I just like to shoot a lot when I go.
  5. G43 is issued as an off duty or secondary to our g17. I just can't bring myself to like the g43 as well as some other options. I was using the shield rebate as an excuse to get another gun on the cheap. I may just go with the 9mm version. Like I said kicking tires....just got the itch to buy something.
  6. So here is my delimma. Like a few post have pointed out the shield 45 can be had right now for around $250 with the rebate. I went into my local gun shop today with the full intentions of buying one. While I was there, I saw an lcr 9mm in the case. Have looked for one locally but have not been able to find one. Can anyone tell me about the lcr? Which ever one I buy will be own carry off duty. I already have a g43 issued and all other guns are 9mm however a friend is loading 45 acp for 13 cents a round currently. I don't mind getting a gun in another caliber. What is the service life of a polymer revolver? One or the other will be purchased. The Lcr is $325 used with a little off that price. Just wanted some people to kick tires with me for a little while.
  7. cactus1

    Dell refurb

    Has anyone ever done a dell refurb from the dell site? I am thinking about this one mostly for pic/music management, very light photo editing and word processing. Computer geeks tell me what I am missing. https://www.dellrefurbished.com/laptops/dell-latitude-3340-32141
  8. I am a firearms and taser instructor for my 23 man department. Recently POST had required that all training whether in-house, or outsourced be given a POST control number for reporting purposes. This requires me to submit lesson plans and such to the POST commission for their review. I have written the objectives and the body of the lesson plans, the only thing I have not written is the source document. I have never written a source document and am a little intimidated by it. Can anyone give me a good online resource to find a guide or give any advise on source documents. All the help is appreciated.
  9. So a small update, I took my wife's Nikon out while I was working over the weekend. I got some pretty cool long exposure of cars and some of the patrol cars. When I can figure out how to get me off the camera and onto the site I will post me. Needless to say I think the bug has bitten👍
  10. So we will start with my wife getting me a phantom drone for Christmas. I have been flying over the last week and have gotten some great pics and videos. Shooting pics with that has piqued my interest in photography. Photography has always been in the back of my mind but I had never bought a camera or studied. My wife has a cheap Nikon dslr I have been messing with over the past week. I tend to go research crazy when looking into a new hobby. The difference in Dslr vs mirrorless camera is pretty confusing right now I have been looking at the Fujifilm X-T10 mirrorless setup. I would love to photograph outdoors, and really like the streaking lights from cars. Can anyone recommend any books, or classes that are good for learning photography. Any advise for a new hobbyist would be appreciated. Any camera advice would also be appreciated.
  11. What do we know about SOTA arms? I'm looking at the billet lower with the flag inscribed on PA for $99 bucks. I am looking to put an complete aero upper on it for a duty rifle. Is SOTA billet lower ok?
  12. Are you there because of the fire back in August? I can see the red and white stack from work 27 miles to the north, I will be sure to wave
  13. You must be near world of fun amusement park. Just off 435 its a good part of town. Just to the north of you in liberty is a brand new academy Sports and a Rogers Sporting Goods of you are looking for aometing to do.
  14. Stay west of Troost and you will be fine. All in all if you don't go looking for trouble in KC its hard to find it. Stay aware and stay safe. Eat at Jack Stack bbq on the plaza. Visit Weston they have a distillery, a microbrewery that gives tours and sample for $5. Its an old underground brewey. Weston is just a neat old river town where they used to grow tobacco. There is still a tobacco auction house where the guy rolls cigars in the basement. Also Visit Excelsior Springs there is an old "Hall of Waters" where 5 natural springs were pumped in back in the 30s people came from all over for the water's healing powers. Cabelas in KCK, Bass Pro in Independence. Feel free to PM me. P.S. Boulevard brewery in KC gives free tours.
  15. On so here it goes guys. I have began contemplating working towards my career goal as becoming a state trooper. I have not really decided where but know don't want to work the local PD forever. In working towards that goal I am going to have to slim down. I am at 249 currently and was 208 when I graduated the police academy 6 years ago. I know I can do it but my biggest problem is diet. All in All I want to lose 60 lbs give or take. My problem with diet is I don't know what to eat and how to make it convenient. I can eat bland food over and over with no problem but I have never really saw results. I tried my fitness pal in January and did that religiously, as well as cutting soda. I did not see but about 1/2 lb weight loss. Right now I am going to focus on diet because it hurts to run. I have a good bike and have been riding it in place of running. Do you guys have any nutrition advised or meal plans that you use? Thanks in advance.
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