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  1. So, i have been researching for months now. I have narrowed down my decisions. It looks like I am either going to go with RRA(catalogue is on its way), Del-Ton(great prices for quality), or American Spirit Arms.(I live in the same city as their machine shop and am going down there this weekend to their showroom.) So... how do i decide? I would buy ASA because their local and it would save me the hassle of online delivery and FFL/ Marked up prices. RRA because of their great quality, or Del-ton because of their great prices. I cant decide. Im getting a 20 inch barrel and want a flat top, what do you guys think? Any experience with these companies? I have also looked into kits but, they seem to be more expensive in the long run. HELP me i want to clear this up so i can get that thing out of my head and into my hands for some shooting in the desert! THANKS I CANT WAIT!
  2. Hey im new here. From Arizona, born and raised as a hunter. Looking to build my First AR here really soon! Needs to be able to take down Whitetail :tinybuck: and some hogs in Mississippi. But ill just get a 6.8SPC upper later or maybe even a .458SOCOM! Doing lots of research i wanna get it right! Im on a budget with the econ. so im thinking of going with a kit from http://www.mapartsinc.com/, any exp with them?
  3. im in phoenix where do u shop at?
  4. Well growing up i have heard this argument countless times. My grandpa is a big fan of the .300 win mag, my grandpa's cousin and hunting buddy is a big 6mm fan. They argue about which is better every time their together. Before going out on a hunt my grandpa wanted to check his sighting on the . win mag one more time. First shot at 100 yards misses. Hes a dead on shot. He takes another barely hits the target. But is way off. He moves the target closer and closer. Finally hes hitting the target but its all over the place. There is no grouping what over. Of course his cousin Howard is making fun of him and says that .300 win mag is shatty. etc. He shoots all of his ammo up trying to sighting it in. Finally he gives up. He looks at the ammo box and he was shooting all of his cousins 6mm through his .300 win mag. The bullets were coming out tumbling, probably screwed up the barrel as well as shooting all of Howards ammo. LOL
  5. ive looked more into http://www.mapartsinc.com/. i think this is the way for me to go, does anyone have any exp with them?
  6. I am a newbie, however if im not mistaken a .308 AR is a totally different situation. You need both a .308 lower and .308 upper. .308 is much to long to fit into the normal magazine well and so on. 7.65X39 will fit, but 7.65X51(.308) is to long. Your building an AR-10, a whole other Stoner design. I wanted a .308 rifle my self, but have decided to stay on the AR-15 Platform. I might be mistaken, like i said im a newbie but maybe someone can verify my thoughts? Anyways... whats the viability of using 6.8SPC as a deer hunting platform? If i can justify this rifle as "for deer hunting" i can get the build done much more rapidly. Also, Del-ton seems to have a good kit however, http://www.ar15-kits.com/ states that they have top quality brands and lists them. Should i be weary of that and stic with Del-ton? Thank you for your help.
  7. i am a new member.... from the GREAT STATE OF ARIZONA! anyone know any local ffl/gunsmiths with ar-15 exp?
  8. it looks like i am going to stay with a .223 build. If i want to go to 6.8SPC ill get an upper later. HAev any of you built a gun using a kit? Im guessing their very low quality but it looks like the only route i can afford.
  9. I just researched the 6.8SPC i want to look into it farther but if i build a standard AR-15 in .223 what would i need to also have it fire 6.8SPC for hunting and such? The ballistics seem far more superior than .223 but i could be mistaken. I would need a new barrel, magazine, BCA? Thank you for the feedback!
  10. to be honest the upper is in no firing condition. Its an A1 probably a clone i think it is chinese ill take a look when i get home. im going to start over.this upper was just inspiration i have no intention of completing it. sorry about no caps, im in history class typing on a tavblet on screen keyboard. thanks for your time. ill get pics of this ancient upper today. my dads friend who is an ex member of SEAL team one took one look at it and said get a new one, unless i want it to blow up in my face on the first shot. i am leaning towards the 20 inch, he has a colt m4 with all of the bells and whistles and frequently drops it off for me to shoot! its amazing. if i want to shoot a carbine i can shoot his, keeping this in mind i think i will go with the 20 inch.
  11. Hello, Ive had my grandpas m16 upper for as long as i can remember. Unfortunately, The lower receiver and bolt carrier assembly are at the bottom of a lake somewhere. This upper has inspired me to build myself an AR. I am on a budget however and can only spend about 700$. This seems to leave me with only a few options. I was looking at purchasing a stripped lower as well as a kit. I'm looking at about 20 inch barrel assembly because i intend to use this for varmint hunting and such. I really would like a rifle chambered in 7.62x51 the ballistics seem superior as well as i like the possibility of hunting for larger game with my rifle. I cannot afford to buy a complete rifle chambered in this caliber and cannot seem to find a kit/lower that is chambered in this caliber. I have seen numerous 7.62x39 kits and lowers, however i am not to fond of the ballistics of this caliber. Here are some of the sites i have looked at kits on, http://www.m-aparts.com, They have alot of 7.62x39, http://www.del-ton.com/AR_15_Rifle_Kits_20_s/58.htm, seems like a solid .223 kit, as well as http://www.ar15-kits.com/, has alot of kits in both chambering as well as striped lowers for around 120$. Does anyone have any suggestions? This is my first build i will take any input. I also like the idea of familiarizing myself with the A2 carrying handle iron sites, i am looking to join the military in the future and want to get used to the plat form. I also like the idea of being able to use many sights on a flat top. what are removable carrying handles like? What about gas blocks? etc. Thank you so much for helping me! Any feedback would be much appreciated.
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