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  1. xfyrfiter

    so whats in your range bag?

    Gun parts ,cleaning kit, tools, extras. separate ammo box w/ extra mags ammo etc. First aid kit small household size. Trauma kit for gsw just in case. takes a truck to carry it all but I like the Boy Scout motto "be prepared".
  2. xfyrfiter

    AR-15 receiver with a sense of humor

    Machine gun lower
  3. xfyrfiter

    The Crisis

    We could use more patriots such as T. Payne today.
  4. Switzerland has really changed in the last few years google swiss gun law
  5. xfyrfiter

    The algore decade of FAIL!!!

    Algore needs to have to shovel all this global warming shat.
  6. xfyrfiter

    HEY ! ! ! superstratjunky

    Congrats .I wish I would have known about this site a year ago.
  7. xfyrfiter

    Just got off the phone with Army ROTC

    It seems to me that volunteers, being much more affordable moneywise, than contractors, the mil would be glad to get a well trained vol. than some Joe off the street. The vol. is there because he or she wanted the job, and is probably going to do better than the high paid contractor which have always seemed like mercs to me. Just my opinion FWIW.<$.02
  8. xfyrfiter

    The Brady bunch is pi$$ed

    Way to go Starbucks and I sent Starbucks that same message.
  9. xfyrfiter

    Tactical gun armory

    Prices look to be a tad on the high side for complete rifles. I can go to my local stealer and buy for the same price or less and not have to go to the hassle of getting an FFL dealer to do transfer.
  10. xfyrfiter

    Gun Free zone

    Gun free zone = free fire zone
  11. xfyrfiter

    lookie what i got !!!!

    Navigable waterway in US, if motorized must be registered .Fed law not state ,however most registration is done at state level.
  12. In NM, illegal to enter premises if posted. So I don't patronize that business, period. Company parking lot and company locations also. Ie. Conoco Phillips no guns period even on their remotest well site. Bears, Mountain Lions, Rattlesnakes, Coyotes, And two legged varmints all frequent these locations and the company has the right to search your vehicle if it is on their property.Don't know if this has been contested in court yet, but I don't want to be the test case.
  13. xfyrfiter

    Some new pics! on page 3!

    Stick is hanging out at M4 carbine .net and still taking the best rifle porn in the biz.
  14. xfyrfiter

    Noise cancelling headphones

    The in ear style are the cats meow for riding a motorcycle also, They keep out a lot of the road and wind noise that is unavoidable even with the best helmet. I do use mine with MP3 player even though it is blocking outside noise. You can't hear sirens with windows up on almost all newer cars, and with a MC there is already so much noise it drowns out almost all external sound anyway, so using while driving is a moot point IMO.
  15. xfyrfiter

    Medical marijuana in basement lands man in jail

    It will be illegal to grow MJ in the US until it is licensed and taxable. The fed is not going to allow until it is profitable for them.