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  1. I got for xmas a solar powered LED flashlight & leave in a window seal. It holds it charge for a long time & I would simply hang in on the outside of my pack to charge during the day. I also have several other lights, but it has already proven itself by not relying on batteries.
  2. Dorrick, Another CA gunner here! I would highly suggest actively reading the flow-chart provided. However it was not created by the CADOJ, it was made by Calguns.net - which I also suggest you frequent. Unfortunately a lot of your brother LEO's do not know the laws regarding OLL's, hence the flow-chart's creation. If you have nay questions, seek advice from Calguns.net - you'll find that they'll be able to help you determine whether or not your build is legal. I'd also suggest printing a copy of the flow chart - a .PDF is available @ calguns to carry w/ the rifle.
  3. Actually the limits aren't as bad as most assume & I'd would make sure that it is an OLL (Off List Lower = CA legal) before purchasing. True I have to install a Bullet Button if I plan on having "evil features" & am limited to 10 round magazines. The issue w/ sticking w/ La Rue is that they will not send their lowers to CA directly, but I can have them sent to an out-of-state FFL & then have it transferred to CA. However at this point, I'm merely deciding on what to get. I'll looking for a quality rifle that's accurate & well made. I came here looking for suggestions regarding manufacturers. La Rue seems to be highly regarded, but there must be other manufacturers w/ similar quality... that's the info I'm seeking. Thanks for replying
  4. So it looks like I may have been correct in assuming that La Rue was worth the money. Being really new to the whole AR15 build thing, it hard to tell which really are the better quality products or products made to last. P.S. Great looking gun, thanks for the input
  5. Hello all, Another noob looking to start another gun based addiction. I am currently looking to begin my 1st build & would like some advice on choosing what to buy. I would like to buy a quality AR build, was looking at a 18" La Rue. I really like the one that they have on their home page - the scary black, mixed w/ gray It would mainly be used for target practice, some distance (200 to 400 yards eventually when/if I develop the skills), but its primary function would be for defensive purposes. I would mainly be firing whatever ammo I can purchase locally - Wally World most likely - but would like to be able to fire most ammo found. I want something I can use & that can handle being used. I want something I can trust my life too. I'd prefer to spend money up front & have something quality. La Rue has come up in discussions before & I'd be willing to spend around $2,000 for something that will last & be a platform that I can build upon. Basically put, I want a rifle that can handle being fired a lot, cared for appropriately & be around for a good long time. Suggestions on brand, configuration, etc.
  6. Agreed w/ JK-Jim above, answered a lot of questions, simplified a lot for me & got me going on a whole new line of questions. Wish I found this site earlier & made the last couple of weeks less stressful. Thank you again!
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