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  1. Mattis ought to be an “old soldier” and just fade away....
  2. “Screw” him and the horse he rode in on....I’m so tired of his ranting. STFU!!!!!
  3. And we have 4 congress women who have claimed it never happened... right... They have forgotten along with most of the left. Re-education camps ...eerily familiar don’t you think.. remember the Marxist tactic, accuse your opponents of the very thing you are attempting to do....the time is approaching when an end to all of this has to happen or America will be lost forever and our history erased by these leftist thugs...
  4. Absolutely! That museum was one of the most moving experiences in my life. And to attempt to equate Floyd’s murder (if that’s what it was) to the atrocities of NAZI Germany is simply grotesque and totally inappropriate. Shame on the curator for making that misguided step.
  5. Good morning all! Go take in the day!
  6. I’m not quite sure I’d go that far... lol!
  7. Lol, the results of a 67 year old “adult” trying to keep up with two “thirty-something” sons hunting in the Big Horns in Wyoming. What the heck was I thinking? My wife is having a field day with this!!!!
  8. Good morning from overcast south-central Pennsylvania. Have a fire going and the coffee is hot and ice on my hip! Well 2 outta’ 3 ain’t bad!
  9. I pray our proud vets are not turned into lab rats to get this vaccine to market. I’ll take my chances with Covid -19 Thank you very much... you can stick your damned needles elsewhere!
  10. My son and his wife, and their son all are now Covid patients, home quarantined in Buffalo. They are fine, mild symptoms and the little one never stopped tearing around like a banshee! they have about a week to g in their self exile.
  11. Lies, cheating, and a complicit media allowed the sheep to be swayed sufficiently to allow for the systematic vote fraud that stoled the election. The media is already allowing more information to surface about Hunter Biden. The dots will be connected and President Harris will be dancing around the White House doing the Globalist /Deep State’s bidding....
  12. The problem with Washington is to damned many “advisors” - all of these bureaucrats and elected officials can’t wipe their own asses without some one first telling them what direction the wind is blowing and the benefits of three plies over two...get rid if all of the dead wood in DC and government everywhere.... Oh, the informed public just voted out the guy who was doing just that....morons...
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