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    My wife and kids (and grandchildren too!), the ar 15 and 1911 platforms for target, hunting and self defense;

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  1. ewallover

    I'm speechless!

    We are so screwed......
  2. ewallover

    Can you believe that?!!

    Congratulations and it looked like quite a great day! 44 years and still smiling every day! A great marriage is a wonderful thing!!!
  3. ewallover

    Good Morning!

    Good morning all! Another Monday has arrived; sure beats the alternative!
  4. ewallover

    Good Morning!

    Morning all from toasty south central Pennsylvania!
  5. ewallover

    Good Morning!

    Morning All! Stay cool today...
  6. ewallover

    Good Morning!

    Good morning all, have a great day!
  7. ewallover

    Changing Face of Construction

    I see this every day...
  8. ewallover

    Very disrespectful

    Peer pressure and political correctness run amuck!
  9. Don’t overlook the Primary Arms 6x fixed power scope I reviewed a few months back. It has the .22 specific ranging reticle and the gland is amazingly clear and bright. Even with my old eyes, I seem to hit what I’m shooting at with this compact little scope. I have it on a heavy barrel Remmy 579. A sweet shooter...and very nice glass for a very reasonable price.
  10. ewallover

    Good Morning!

    Good morning all! Feeling great today, finally got a good nights sleep!
  11. ewallover

    Good Morning!

    Morning folks...and another week begins...
  12. ewallover

    Bond to be a female black. LMAO

    Ian Fleming has to be spinning in his grave!
  13. ewallover

    Very disrespectful

    A principled young person, how refreshing!
  14. ewallover

    Good Morning!

    Good morning Armory!
  15. My wife carted me around in the car this afternoon to a really nice farmers market south of York, PA. I zoomed around on my knee scooter and we had a great afternoon. It’s so nice to be somewhat mobile. I am gong to have to do something really spectacular to say thank you! She has been a saint!