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  1. This BS is simply following Saul Alinsky’s recipe to destroy the Republic. And we are unfortunately letting it happen by not standing up and screaming from every street corner, every city council chamber, and every school board meeting that enough is enough. The government and the thought police have effectively silenced us with the threat of losing our livelihoods, public humiliation, and the title of racist. What a GD mess. I wonder if in my lifetime I’ll witness the collapse of this over two centuries long experiment in freedom. It sure seems like it’s hanging on by a thread! Happy friggin’ Birthday…
  2. Good morning all, from a sunny and mild south-central PA! Finally a nice day, it’s been wet and gray for quite some time…
  3. I just received a life lock notification that my personal information from the AR 15 Armory has been found on the dark web. That’s just great! Has anyone else received any notification or alerts that the Armory was a source of a data breach? Could all of this recent unwanted access to the site be the cause??? Now I have to try to figure out how to fix this….I wonder if Neil has any suggestions or remedies? Be careful out there amongst them English…
  4. What a world we live in when the finest military in the world is under attack by its own leadership. Obama (I hope “W” wasn’t a part of this) must have done one hell of a job cleansing the ranks of true patriots and leaders who understood that the military is, or was supposed to be, a fighting force, not a social experiment. You have got to love the patriots who serve, but not the leadership that has sold its soul to the Woke agenda. A sad state of affairs, indeed.
  5. Good morning all! Enjoy the rest of the weekend!
  6. Good morning all! Enjoy your day of rest!
  7. Morning all! Any signs of the Balloon near you?
  8. Glad to hear this! John, we all miss your reasoned input here on the Armory! Get well, stay well!
  9. Good morning! Have a great day…
  10. Agreed. It certainly is not like him to go dark like this. Vacation on a South Pacific island maybe? Sure hope it’s that simple…
  11. Over my dead body! Take our firearms, eliminate the private ownership of cars, these Davos elites are simply delusional….and this latest admission from the ATF had better spawn a litany of law suits. I’m turning 70 in a little more than a month and I hope not live to see
  12. YOU NEVER POINT A FIREARM AT SOMETHING YOU DO NOT INTEND TO DESTROY-NEVER. What part of firearms safety does that idiot not understand. That was a real gun he was holding and he knew that! What a cluster…..
  13. Happiest of Birthdays
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