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  1. Morning all! Getting somewhat back to normal, let the dog out, got the paper with the help of my grabber, made coffee (still brewing) and just iced up; no pain meds as of yet today. Light at the end of the tunnel. This bionic stuff ain’t all that bad!
  2. There is absolutely no assurance of safety with any of theses vaccines; improper and inadequate testing, I don’t want any of it in my or my wife’s body....
  3. If we can’t get to Wyoming to see our son and his family...that is the only way we will submit. Waiting to see the status of the J&J vaccine. Seems to be a better option and only one shot. I wonder if Gates has any involvement with J&J? I want to be as far away from that self absorbed oligarch as humanly possible. We just found out we have another reason to get there....another pending grandchild! No. 9....
  4. My wife ad I are still debating if we get the damned thing or wait for J&J ‘s product....
  5. Good morning all. Have a great weekend...
  6. I’m looking forward to sitting down at the bench and getting going on this. The brass might end up being the really tough stuff to find. If I can’t find M-210 match primers - no big deal. I’m not going to be competing at that level of competition, my Remington or Winchester LRPs will be just fine. I have some IMR 4895, but the larger capacity cartridge will chew through that quickly.... and since I cannot drive yet, I’ll probably not get to a LGS for a few weeks. I think I have about 30-40 pieces of fired brass to prep and load up. I have some of my son’s .30-06 brass but I’ll make sure he gets his brass back!
  7. Oh please, it happened in LA.... some of this pontificating just needs to stop....pundits will use any event to spin a point of view!
  8. How the hell did they get it on the plane???? TSA asleep at the switch?
  9. Wow, this is nuts! I just was able to secure 500 - 150 Gr. .30 cal. FMJ with a cannilure from Everglades Ammo in FLA. I’ve used their pills before to good result. A bunch of the reviews were from M1 shooters and they all raved about this bullet in their rifles... we shall see. Now brass and primers....well it’s a start!
  10. Well, a pretty thorough search on the internet for .30-06 brass netted me a big ZERO! Every site has the same tag line, “sold out”, no backorders. I find it hard to believe that the government has not placed it’s unwelcome thumb on the scales somewhere along the distribution chain. How could every manufacturer be out of everything unless the panic buying has reached biblical proportions. Same thing for Federal 210 Match primers; I just gave up when it came to FMJ pills.....sort of frustrating, I was looking to buy myself a nice birthday present....oh well...
  11. Well, I just joined the M1 club...so it looks like reloading .30-06 is going to be in my future. New brass, primers, and powder are in my future!
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