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  1. Good morning all! Have a wonderful day...
  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GREG!!! Enjoy the day, I’m sure you will find time to “pop a cap” or two!!!
  3. As we all have said, sorry for your loss. Dogs are special, so special... Ted
  4. Good morning all! Make sure you don’t forget all the Mothers supporting our BRD afflictions! They deserve our praise and a day being pampered!
  5. Good morning from South Central Pennsyltuckey...
  6. I stand corrected! So de-priming is a distinct possibility.....I don't reload pistol, at least not yet...
  7. My 10.3”” Daniel Defense is topped with a LaVang (out of business) linear compensator. It appears to be so much quieter (I’m sure down range it isn’t) than my 16” carbine, it’s actually fun to shoot. Best investment short of a can that I could think of for a pistol.
  8. Good morning all!
  9. I do not have the correct shell holder for .40 so I do not think they can be deprimed before they are tumbled. But tumbling is not an issue. How soon would you need them? We are heading out to Wyoming in a week to see my new, well not so new, grandson. Damned Covid.... I’ll check to see if I have a shell holder that will work, and if I do they could be deprimed. But will take some time to get through all of them. Ted
  10. Wow, when you fall into it, you fall into it! Just even finding new star line brass is tough. No .30-06, no 6.8 SPC, no 7mm-08... just a sign of the times.... I guess. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. If only you buy new brass! Recycled or not....
  12. Last night 20 rounds and another 50 tonight, 8 en-block clips filled with 150 gr. FMJ BTs over 50 grains of Win 748. Should be a nice load for the M1. Gives me 14 clips of the 748 charged cartridges. Plenty to sight in and fire for effect! This could be fun now that I can see what I’m doing! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. With a couple 2 gallon bags I’m sitting on bumkis!
  14. Well as I may have indicated I’m right handed, left eye dominant and my vision without glasses has deteriorated to the point where glasses are needed for everything. I’ve been wearing digital progressive lenses for as long as I can remember but for shooting open sights they are not great. You get a good cheek weld and you end up looking at your sights through the farsighted location on the lense; then the head bobbing begins. I just had to upgrade my prescription so I asked my Doctor about this issue and she said oh, I can fix that! A near sighted non-progressive lens for the left eye and a far sighted similar lense for the right eye. She corrected for my astigmatism and set my left eye focus around 24-26 inches and infinity for my non-dominant eye. Well they came yesterday, used an old frame from an earlier pair of glasses and for $117 I’m in business. I got home grabbed my M-1, and lo and behold, the front sight is gin clear nicely defined by the rear ring and when I open my right eye the entire field of view popped into focus. From all indications she was spot on! I cannot wait to get the range. These darn things just might help my shotgunning too. Turns out I’m not the only shooter she has helped, she has done this for a number of “aging” men complaining about this problem. I couldn’t be happier. No coatings, just a clear lense set up correctly for each eye. I’m sure I’m not alone.... ask the next time you need glasses; hell why wait? Look into this and improve what you are seeing when you look down the barrel, a pretty cheap correction. And with a pair of clip on yellow shades, contrast in low light conditions will be improved at a very low additional cost. I think this was a win-win for me. Check it out! Range report to follow...
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