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  1. Can I just say, KISS. The looks are great, but I really don’t need any additional surface area to have to care for on a regular basis. They do look cool, but at what cost? Fluting is not cheep and nore is custom finishing. I guess I’m just getting old and crotchety! Spend your dollars if you must, but it’s more bullets for me...lol!
  2. ewallover

    We lost another one. R.I.P. Tim Conway.

    That was real comedy. RIP TIM.
  3. ewallover

    We lost another one. R.I.P. Tim Conway.

    Wow, this hit me right between the eyes!
  4. ewallover

    Bionic Ankle; here we come....

    Yep, my Lab will be ready for his second bird hunting season and I fully intend on being there with him! Can’t wait to see what kind of new high tech hunting boot I’m going to need...
  5. ewallover

    Bionic Ankle; here we come....

    No apologies needed, I fully understood there was a bit of ribbing in there. Glad you were able to get back on your feet too. From all that I’ve read and Joel’s added research I am confident of a good outcome. No pain, no gain, and right now it’s all pain, so what do I have to loose?
  6. ewallover

    Bionic Ankle; here we come....

    Oh....thanks! Just the encouragement I was looking for... LOL! I know I’m in for a rocky road, but my quality of life has degraded to the point where the simple act of walking is a daily challenge. Hunting on uneven ground - not happening, golf - not on your life, and fly fishing- the last time out I fell wrenched my lower back and missed a week in the office. I have to do something... this is no way to live and I have too damned many things I want to, and need to do before I hang up my spurs!
  7. ewallover

    Good Morning!

    Good morning from rainy south central Pennsylvania.... I’m going to have to grow gills!
  8. ewallover

    Bionic Ankle; here we come....

    Well after 50 years an old sports injury has got the best of me. On the 14th of June I’m getting a 3rd generation ankle replacement. The Dr. (my second opinion) couldn’t understand how I was still walking on it! I’ve passed the point of no return as far non-surgical treatments are concerned...so the replacement is my only viable option. He replaced a big game hunter’s ankle 10 years ago, and he has not missed a season in Montana since! So there is hope! I had a surgery performed 4-1/2 years ago on it and my new Doc said what the previous surgeon did for me was like putting a new tire on a bent axle. To say the least I am not pleased with that news... So....2 weeks off my feet with no cast and bandages, 6 weeks in a cast, then a boot for God knows how long...and therapy. But, from what I understand I will be without pain and will be able to hunt and hopefully play a bit of golf! The silver lining is that I can sit at the reloading vice and make a bunch of AMERICAN 30s and 6x6.8s!!!! Amazing how the BRD can make us see the best in challenging times! Lol, that’s all I can do at this point!
  9. ewallover

    Hey GLShooter

    Happy Birthday Greg! Enjoy the day and go shoot something! Oh, wait a minute, you do that every day!!!! Regardless, have a great day...
  10. ewallover

    My son graduates college today.

    Congratulations! A day you all will remember!
  11. ewallover

    Good Morning!

    Good Mornin’ All!
  12. ewallover

    Good Morning!

  13. ewallover

    Good Morning!

    Morning all! Glad to see this tradition has legs and the ability to keep G’s influence on the Armory alive and well. Bravo for the efforts!
  14. ewallover

    Good Morning!

    Good morning all from South Central PA
  15. ewallover

    Good Morning!

    Good morning all!