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  1. ewallover

    Good Morning!

    Good morning all! The sun is finally shining here! I think it’s effecting the Lab; he’s been talking to us all morning..whining, barking, grunts, pulling at my PJ pants.... never had a dog that’s so vocal...I think he wants to go out and play, virus or no virus! I think he is getting tired of being cooped up too.
  2. ewallover

    We're all in this together, right?

    That's as bad as Rampy's human pie chart yesterday....
  3. ewallover

    Good Morning!

    Morning all from day whatever, from forced confinement....
  4. ewallover

    Pent-up Anger

    Rampy that’s sick...
  5. ewallover

    Pent-up Anger

    Not necessarily anger between members, but some of the posts identified for folks to watch tend to be a bit over the top in the aggressive tone of the rhetoric IMHO, and that tends to incite less civil discourse here at times... I think we ALL need to take a deep breath and figure out how best to protect our families, our selves, and how quickly we can get to the productivity we enjoyed before all this media driven s#%t hit the fan. Just my opinion....FWIW...
  6. ewallover

    Good Morning!

    Morning all!
  7. ewallover

    The British Stiff Upper Lip...

    As long as the folks think something is in it for them they, will turn a blind eye to this kind of thing. I know John F. Kennedy, Jr. was far from perfect, but what ever happened to “ask not, what your Country can do for you, but, what you can do for your Country?” 1962 was not all that long ago, we now live in an entirely different world; different mind set (the me-first mentality) totally willing to give up one’s freedoms for the false sense of security promised by big government, and several generations who now feel entitled to just about everything society has to offer without working for it. This pandemic just plays into the left’s hands and Nancy and Chuck-U Schumer were overheard saying that this legislation was just the perfect opportunity they needed to transform to the Country to their way of thinking. its just sickening, depressing and unfortunately, Pandora’s Box may have been wittingly or unwittingly unleashed across this once great Nation. What have we left for our children? It’s so damned hard to stay focused on the things in life that matter (faith, family, work) with this constant drone of gloom, doom, death, and despair. Thanks to the main stream media...
  8. ewallover

    The British Stiff Upper Lip...

    Yes they did, it’s in there. Salary and staff increases...
  9. ewallover

    Good Morning!

    Good morning from rainy South-central PA. Heavy rain is one way to keep everyone indoors!
  10. ewallover

    And tyranny has arrived!

    My wife’s ankle replacement surgery scheduled for May 1st is highly questionable. We really don’t think this will happen any time soon, and she is bone-on-bone. Not good. Our Doc wants to help but he will not be provided the OR at the hospital until this is under control.
  11. ewallover

    And tyranny has arrived!

    So have we here in PA as of 8:00 PM tonight, but if I need to go to my office, get food, gas or other necessities...try and stop me. I’ll do my social distancing crap, but after listening to Mark Levin today on Blaze TV, we don’t know squat about what is really going on.....this is just so darn wrong at so many levels. Knowledgeable medical professionals are beginning to question all of the assumptions and predictions that the WHO, the Government, and the MSM have publicized. Many of these identified deaths may actually be attributable to pre-existing conditions that Covid-19 might have only hastened or contributed to an inevitable predetermined outcome. You can make numbers say anything with the right spin...
  12. ewallover

    Good Morning!

    Good morning all! Stay safe, stay healthy!
  13. ewallover

    Good Morning!

    Good morning all from our first day of exile here in PA.
  14. ewallover

    FedEx and Others Issuing Travel Papers

    Smart move...
  15. ewallover

    Glad to see The Armory back.

    See...I told you I had a conspiratorial mind....but I’m not kidding, something here just does not add up. If this virus had the same impact as, well let’s say the bubonic plague, that would be a whole new ball game with MILLIONS of deaths not numbers in the tens of thousands world wide. A total collapse of health systems everywhere would ensue and God only knows what an outcome of this magnitude might be. Every human live has value, I get that, but it appears as if someone or something is trying to play God and toying with lives and civilizations with this nuisance bug just to see how well the world reacts. Looks kinda like a test run... and all of this breathless reporting and constant death toll updating has simply got to stop!!!