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  1. ewallover

    Hey hzhardy

    Happy Birthday! Have a great day.
  2. ewallover

    Good Morning!

    Morning all!
  3. ewallover

    Good Morning!

    Good morning from sunny south-central PA! Looks like a nice day is in store...
  4. ewallover

    Remington 700 trigger replacement?

    I am and will be glad to have this project completed. The accuracy of both rifles should improve greatly with the new triggers and the more robust aluminum chassis stocks.
  5. ewallover

    Remington 700 trigger replacement?

    Just heard from Stocky Stocks; my HSP varmint stock will be here Friday. This weekend should be fun-install the trigger and stock and maybe, just maybe, get a chance to shoot. My Remington 700s will both be free from those suspect triggers! I’ll post some pictures when finished.
  6. Just sat down and listed out everything I need to do. #1. Get my 6x6.8 functional. Adjustable gas block is set up incorrectly, the rife will not cycle or lock back...Everything else looks ok... #2. Finish assembling my 30 AMERICAN and pray to God I don’t have the same issues with my 6x6.8.... #3. Replace the stock Remington .22 579 extractor with the Volquartsen piece I ordered and received six months ago. #4. Remove and replace the stock suspect trigger and just plane unsatisfactory factory stock on my Remington 700 BDL .223 Rem Varmint rifle with a Timney Elite Hunter (sitting on my mantle) and a new HS Precision Pro 2000 varmint stock that with any luck will be here this week... #5. Clean all my pistols from our last range trip with all of the guys and their wives from our wine club. And no we did not drink until we had long left the range and gathered for dinner. I think I have several converts (a female physician and a female attorney) who might be considering a personal protection pistol. My admonishment was that they all had to seek proper training before purchasing. Sue and I offered to attend training again with them... I think that might be enough.... for a while, at least!
  7. ewallover

    A Wyoming Second!

    No not really, the Mule deer, yes and the elk, a European mount, not sure what his thoughts are with the speed goat, maybe another European, it wasn’t his largest goat.
  8. ewallover

    A Wyoming Second!

  9. ewallover

    A Wyoming Second!

    WOW! He’s beautiful what did he score?
  10. ewallover

    Good Morning!

    Morning all!
  11. ewallover

    A Wyoming Second!

    Yeah, the boys are really having a great hunting season so far. Andy still has a chance for a whitetail back here in PA and Mike still has a cow Elk tag to fill. And yes, we plan on bringing a small cooler home on the airplane with some elk, antelope and venison. Mike and his wife are expecting their first child in a couple of weeks! He had to get that tag filled before the baby! He came across that buck on Thursday, after hunting all week, and harvested him the following morning!
  12. ewallover

    A Wyoming Second!

    Sounds like a new cottage industry for California; “deer catchers” save a grill, bumper or headlights and get deer meat for the table... just strap on the front of your car, pickup or SUV and go get a deer....only in California....
  13. ewallover

    A Wyoming Second!

    Oh never mind, California... that says it all....
  14. ewallover

    A Wyoming Second!

    ???? In what state do you live? A Governor can act independently of the fish and game commissions? Year round hunting? That’s nuts! Or is this a ploy to feed the homeless?
  15. ewallover

    A Wyoming Second!

    Both of my sons took very decent Mulies this season in Wyoming. Andy flew out in early October to hunt with his brother and on the last day of the hunt, success! I sure hope my turn happens next fall. BTW, Mike, my Wyoming residing son, hit the trifecta this fall; a nice bull elk, a fat pronghorn buck and his Mulie yesterday! A well stocked freezer is insured! Andy, our son who lives here in PA and “was” primarily an upland bird hunter, has been bitten by the big game bug! With his father/in-law! It sure is great to be able to live vicariously through our sons, ain’t it???