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  1. ewallover

    Things Are Heating Up In PA

    This may be a bit off topic, but this went out to my local member of the PA House of Representative this morning... "Representative Miller: As a law abiding gun owner, a person who carefully follows the law in every regard to my rights to own and possess firearms, I am incensed by the Governor’s recent pontification that he wants to confiscate all semi-automatic firearms in the Commonwealth. This is a direct violation of the Constitution and every American’s enumerated rights under that Document to protect one’s self and to enjoy the freedoms we currently enjoy. I implore you to resist this unprecedented, illogical, and illegal infringement on my, and countless other Pennsylvanians’, rights. My legal ownership of firearms is not the issue and law abiding citizens are not the source of the problems that law enforcement or society faces on a daily basis. The proper enforcement of currently enacted laws and the a more thorough evaluation, review, and processing of the instant-check system would significantly enhance the ability of law enforcement officials to regulate this process and to assist in keeping firearms out of the hands of individuals who are not legally entitled to own or possess a firearm. Law abiding citizens follow this process routinely and understand the necessity of this procedure. On the other hand, criminals act outside of the law, and as such, represent the real threat in this discussion. Again it is the person, not the gun, that chooses to break the law or abuse the rights given to the citizenry of this Country. The semi-automatic rifle, shotgun and pistol are staples of the sportsman’s or gun enthusiast’s pursuits. Hunting, competition, and target shooting are all pastimes that the semi-automatic firearm is commonly utilized and enjoys a large and enthusiastic following. The modern sporting rifle has come under some of the most misinformed media coverage ever witnessed, and it is again important to restate that any firearm is an inanimate object that only can be operated with the intervention of human contact. The Governor is wrong in his position and I trust you and other members of the Pennsylvania House and Senate will resist and defeat this misguided and unlawful position. Sincerely," Its a start, and I intend to write more of my elected officials. If we don't who will?
  2. ewallover

    Is a .22 cal pistol a reliable training tool?

    Provided there is enough contrast it will write on anything. It is actually a form of oil based paint that is extremely quick drying. They have an opaque white and a metallic gold also if you have Wilson or McCormick SS magazines. I'm kind of impressed with the way it adhered to the polymer surface. The Kimber blued metal mags should be OK too. I saw the matte white Sharpies at a craft store being dragged through there by my wife.
  3. ewallover

    Is a .22 cal pistol a reliable training tool?

    Yeah the silver metallic Sharpie really stands out the polymer and it it permanent! I'm going to put my initials on all of my P mags, and my other AR magazines. That might take a while...but at least I'll not loose them at the range. The Sharpie is really easy and fast.
  4. ewallover

    Gillett razor

    Simple solution; stop purchasing their products😉! I have a long time ago. Over priced, over hyped, and now over this...
  5. ewallover

    Is a .22 cal pistol a reliable training tool?

    I have a RAEIND speedloabing tool for the Kimber polymer .22 LR magazines on order from EBay and it should be here next week. I’ve numbered all of my mags with a silver metallic Sharpie to enable me it track the performance of each magazine regarding FTFs and FTEs. I had a couple hiccups with FTFs when the magazine was nearly empty but I’m not sure if both magazines were involved or if it was just one magazine of the two that I was using Sunday. I’ll be able to keep track now. And the RAEIND speedloader should make it easier to use all of my Kimber mags at the range. More time shooting and less fiddling with loading magazines...
  6. ewallover

    Gillett razor

    What a world we are creating. This has to stop! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. ewallover

    Before and After.... Taurus PT1911

    Thanks! I have a RIA Officers model that I’d like to have Ceracoated. How is it holding up for you? Any significant holster wear and what did finish work cost if I’m not being too nosey?
  8. ewallover

    Before and After.... Taurus PT1911

    Absolutely beautifully done... Beautiful work! What was the final Ceracoat color?
  9. ewallover

    Rimfire picture thread.

    The VZ Carbon slants (installed on all of my .45 caliber 1911s), really have great purchase and a nice subtle color. I tried to talk John at VZ to make a pair for my little RIA .380 1911 Baby Rock but he declined. I think I’ll keep asking from time to time. He makes them for the Browning .380, can’t be that different. I’m amazed at the overall look of the Kimber conversion on the Eclipse frame. Kind of a classy look.
  10. ewallover

    Rimfire picture thread.

    Beautiful pistol!
  11. ewallover

    Is a .22 cal pistol a reliable training tool?

    Never again! The safety check was and always is done before cleaning. I just didn’t hit the mag release. The firearm really is significantly lighter. I guess that is where the old Colt conversion kits are superior. But the pistol is fun and very comfortable to shoot.
  12. ewallover

    Is a .22 cal pistol a reliable training tool?

    When the woman from Kimber asked me that I knew immediately what I had done wrong. How the heck many years have I been doing this to make such a rookie mistake... lol. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. ewallover

    Is a .22 cal pistol a reliable training tool?

    I’m an idiot! With those plastic magazines, I forgot to drop it out of the well. Didn’t even notice it was in the pistol as it is so light. Once removed, the 1911 battery was routine. Pistol was cleaned, lightly oiled and properly stored until next time. The bushing is a tight fit, the barrel is nicely detailed and the fit and finish is exactly what one would expect from Kimber. No plastic parts that I could find except the magazines. Sure wish Wilson offered one for this setup. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk