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  1. ewallover

    Communist Manifesto

    Well, I sure as hell cannot add to that! My Ukraine friends all just want to grow their businesses and maintain a high standard of living. Frankly I think they know far more about capitalism than your average American and honestly appreciate it!
  2. ewallover

    Communist Manifesto

    You are exactly right about Russians and chess. I know first hand about the “chess” aspect; try negotiating a professional services contract with a Russian... ouch, you have to start at about 200% of where you want to end up. It’s a relentless give and take, like I said, they are patient in everything they do. It’s a Russian thing, but everyone ultimately has to end up in a position to save face because if you give too much, they lose all all respect for you. Which is exactly where they were with Obummer and the three previous administrations before that moron took office. At least Trump continues to hold the line with Putin.
  3. ewallover

    Communist Manifesto

    Long ago, Nikita Khrushchev said to the United States at the United Nations "we will bury you"! That was about 57 years ago, and just a drop in the bucket of time as far as the Russians, Soviets, and or Communists are concerned (they are all one in the same). A very patient people and system regardless of what happened under Ronald Regan's' watch. I can still remember that happening as a kid, and being scared to death by that "shoe banging" tyrant and the news of his rantings. They planted the seeds of derision in our educational systems and in left leaning government officials; and then just sat tight and let the chips fall where they may, and oh, have they fallen... We had all better wake the hell up, or we may all end up in an Alaskan gulag some day. The left is ruthless and have swallowed the Communist Manifesto, hook, line, and sinker. This damned Deep State/leftist-communist leaning elite ruling class pulling Washington's strings needs to be outed and eliminated before they destroy the United States as we know it.
  4. ewallover


    It happened to me in 2008 during a major meeting in my office.. all kinds of folks from Ukraine, NYC, and other agencies present. Exactly the same thing happened tingling on the back of my neck and my left side - like a thousand bees crawling on my skin. I leaned over to my wife, told her I just had a stroke, asked her to please leave the room and call the Doctor's office. I excused myself when she came back, walked out deliberately and we hightailed it to the Hospital. I had had to small mini-strokes; one earlier in the morning around 9:30 am when I spoke gibberish when answering a question from a staff person, then I immediately repeated the same thing correctly when they said HUH??? (I didn't even know that I had spoken gibberish) and later at 11:30 this happened. One heck of a day, hospitalized tested and sent home the next afternoon, and like an idiot I went back to the office to hear the last interviews and then out to dinner with our guests from the Ukraine much to my wife's concern and displeasure. A really stressful time back then, but absolutely no residual issues other than having to to take an 81 mg. baby aspirin daily and a blood thinner. Never happened again and that was 11 years ago. I have listened to the Doctors and I have my cholesterol under control and knock on wood, I'm still fine. You will be too! Listen and do what you're told....
  5. ewallover

    Good Morning!

    Morning G... another day, another dollar.... it is Monday, right?
  6. ewallover

    Good Morning!

    Morning all! Sure hope this is a peaceful day...kinda tired of all of the news these days...
  7. Of course they do. What else would you expect. A vote is a vote. When are the Republicans going to wake the hell up?
  8. ewallover

    American 30 barrel is on order!

    It’s a Wildcat... ya makes your own... I have all the stuff to do it. The 6x6.8 is the same thing. Resizing a base 6.8 SPC down to 6mm (.243) except in this case the 6.8 brass is expanded to .30 caliber. Really it’s just two more steps; resizing and trimming to length.
  9. ewallover

    American 30 barrel is on order!

    I know I can’t shoot like Greg, but his results today with his 16” standard profile TO barrel were stunning. He has a three shot group at 100 yards that was one hole and I had to look twice to realize that it wasn’t just one bullet!
  10. ewallover

    American 30 barrel is on order!

    As far as I know, yes, Ritch has approved the new chambering. Mine was ordered tonight...💥
  11. Just bit the bullet, after seeing Greg’s results today with 110 and 125 grain .30 cal pills, I’m all in. That upper and lower have been sitting unfinished in my basement for far too long. 30-30 performance out of an AR platform is just too hard to pass up! Doing another 18” target crowned rifle, a KISS rifle - nothing “Tacticool” unless OD furnature is deemed to be “tactical” by the left... I just want a hunting and plinking rifle that shoots straight. Whitetail, pigs and paper ought to be perfect for this piece. Now I wait...
  12. Why didn’t they just take him out? Oh, I forgot, digital vest cameras....
  13. ewallover

    Hey ewallover

    Thanks guys, it was a good, very good day! Don’t feel a day over 66!
  14. ewallover

    Crime and punishment

    I freely admit I do not know the specific history as to when the government initially decided to revoke the ability of a convicted felon to be in the possession of a firearm, but it seems to me to be a perfectly logical position. If you cannot be trusted to abide by the law, one can sure as hell make the leap to revoke Firearm ownership. Voting rights most certainly would follow suit; but I don’t think any politician would ever ever think to grant a convicted felon 2A rights, but voting rights, well that’s a horse of a different color...especially if the felon is likely to vote in a decidedly specific way....
  15. You scared me at first with that retort!