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  1. All I got from NYC was a darn bad case of Influenza A. Three days after I returned I had a 104 fever. My thoughts were Covid again…nope Flu A and it was far worse than Covid in my case…. Yuck!
  2. That pistol has been on my radar for the last 4 or 5 months; if only I could find one…
  3. Good morning all from South-central Pennsylvania. It’s a beautiful morning here; almost enough to take your mind off all that is surrounding us….almost…
  4. Good morning, all. Thursday already….where did this week go?
  5. Good morning from a hot and sticky south-central PA. Feels like summer!
  6. Mornin’ all. Can’t really say good after yesterday’s mindless event….
  7. Good morning all! Make Mother’s Day special for that special Mother in your life! A new pistol?
  8. I have to travel to the heart of the problem next Thursday. NYC is the last place I want to travel to. I had though about taking one of my small get home bags with me on the train until I opened it. Over half the stuff would trigger an alarm with Amtrak employees. Oh well, I’ll keep my head down and pray for the best. All I can hope is that that damned mask mandate doesn’t come back to haunt me…lol. Going to be a long day!
  9. Unfortunately true…. This cancer has just about strangled any remaining patriots in government or is doing so as we speak. The communists have been, and remain, patient. They don’t think in the short-term; if it takes decades to accomplish their goals, so what? They put us all in a pot of warm water and have slowly turned up the heat. All the while we conservatives have been enjoying the warm bath, totally unaware of the cauldron that is about to boil us alive…. Sickening. I fear for my kids and grandchildren; what have we done?
  10. Good morning all! Finally a nice morning to enjoy the awakening spring.
  11. Good morning from South central PA! It’s been a while, nice to be back…
  12. Good Morning All! Just got over Covid and now I’ve got an awful sinus infection! What fun on my birthday….
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