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  1. ewallover

    Good Morning!

    Good morning from Wild Wyoming! Drive was uneventful and the dog was a champ! Now he’s tearing around with my Son’s two Labs! After pheasants this afternoon! What could be better???
  2. I’ll keep trying... I like the looks of the new upgrades but it still seems like a few bugs might still exist...
  3. There does not seem to be a location to insert the password in the Armory 2 format. What gives???
  4. ewallover

    Another big fire

    It seems to me that the push for “natural environments” and low maintenance plantings are only adding fuel to the fire. Environmentalists bristle at the thought of controlled burns or clearing and grubbing understory to remove dry “kindling” from the landscape. All of this BS about Climate change being the only possible answer is just rubbish... can a changing climate exacerbate what we are seeing? Sure it can... but no one can’t prove that man made actions are the root cause of these fires, unless they are purposely set. I’m not saying there isn’t a climatological impact here, but this insane push to take the landscape back to nature then pack house upon house into the smallest of spaces is a recipe for disaster and we are witnessing this today! I have taken drives though the hills north of Hollywood and there is nothing but wood frame house after house with dry tinder surrounding these dwellings. And the roads are narrow and curving, certainly nothing that would be suitable for fire fighting equipment. All of these leftists trying to pin this back on the President are simply delusional. The land management practices and zoning officials who allow continued growth and encroachment into dry terrain are simply asking for this type of tragic episode to happen... Trump is right, the state officials who have allowed over building to occur and then will not properly maintain all of that fuel source are largely to blame. The left and the environmentalist wackos will never in a million years admit to any of this... it goes directly against their religion of global warming... What a frightening mess... and as I have said before in other threads, Isis made threats to burn our west to ashes. Have we forgotten so quickly of what acts these fanatics are capable? Oh, I forgot, this type of speech is full of hate and should not be tolerated. Just think, evaluate and make your own conclusions; I’m not saying this is a terrorist act, but I find it unusual that the media reported on this months ago, it has been long forgotten and now Southern California is an inferno where untold lives and property are being emulated by these devistating fires. Coincidence? I just don’t know.
  5. ewallover

    Good Morning!

    Morning all! Only 4 more days till we leave for Wyoming!
  6. ewallover

    Hey gshayd

    Happy Birthday! Enjoy the day... Go buy yourself a new toy!!!
  7. ewallover

    Ginsburg falls and breaks 3 ribs

    Here comes Trump’s next SC nomination!
  8. ewallover

    My Daughter's latest drawing.

    Totally awesome, I initially thought it was a photograph... beautiful work, you have to be proud!
  9. ewallover

    Armory Challenge coins, get one while you can

    OK, i'm just asleep a the switch today.... they are great looking coins...
  10. ewallover

    Armory Challenge coins, get one while you can

    I missed it, what is the cost and how do you order, thought they would be a great gift for my sons...
  11. ewallover

    Thought I'd share this movie clip.......

  12. ewallover

    Hey youngod

    Happy Birthday Doc!
  13. ewallover

    Good Morning!

    Morning all, it’s finally sunny in Central Pennsylvania...
  14. ewallover

    Hey Gmountain

    Happy Birthday G! Hope it was a good one...
  15. ewallover

    Red dot sights

    I run the older version of the Vortex Spitfire 1x on my HD 5.56 AR pistol. There is nothing on the piece except the 1x prisim optic and a DD offset flashlight holder and a 250 lumen Fenix TK 12 flashlight. Initially was running the Vortex Sparc II, but the astigmatisms I’m dealing with rendered the 2 MOA dot useless... just a big splotch. if you can still find the older version of the Spitfire, you get knobs with very positive clicks instead of soft rubber push buttons to operate the lighted reticle. Both red and green lighted options are onboard. I normally run the red lighted reticle, but both are highly visible. And it is just a bit smaller than the Spitfire II version. I run it on a lower mounting height and if ever needed if things go bump in the night, I get a great cheek weld on my Sig brace. Primary Arms also makes a 1x prisim optic that features the ASCC reticle, that really has my attention as I have the .22LR version of that reticle and it is GREAT! Fast and accurate target acquisition! I feel like a traitor to Vortex saying this, but the ranging reticle is a very good option to consider. Comparable price point and if available when I purchased my Spitfire, it would have been a serious contender for my dollars... ...and the reticle is always present if the electronics were to fail. The dot and ring are etched into the glass and will never fail. I feel fine without BUIS on this piece with the Spitfire sitting atop the gun.