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  1. Of course they do. Weaponizing the FBI, the IRS, what next? The postal carriers?
  2. Gravesite Details Unknown. There is no record of his burial or extent marker anywhere. Speculation he was buried here is without evidence. There you go! Hell, we might be related!!!! Lol!
  3. We had a relative killed at the 1st Battle of Manassas a Union soldier.
  4. My Grandmother, Mother, and my Aunt were card carrying members of the DAR to the day they died. One of my relatives, Hesychia Wantz, was a source of funding for the Revolutionary Army. Clothing, arms and munitions were provided through his wealth. He was in the Philly area. The Dickeys from Virginia also fought against tyranny. My family has been traced back to Jamestown and before that to Huguenots in France. Came to America for religious freedom. My Grandmother made me a lifetime member of the Huguenot Society, and although I’m not active I read everything I get in the mail. They are still hanging in there; proud of their heritage and unashamed! No “wokeness” there!!!
  5. “Rather, it is simply just a device to bring confusion and chaos to our culture, poison our children's minds, and set up half+ for America as an intolerant violent bunch of un-Christian pigs who will not tolerate any diversity, even though we had the largest most diverse and advanced free Republic on the planet until the Marxists needed the chaos and hate for America to be victorious in the American Marxist Revolution.” THIS IS WHAT WE ARE FACING IN A NUTSHELL! Frightening and so sad, but in the late 50s/ early 60s Nikita Khrushchev proclaimed “we will bury” you at the UN General Assembly. The communists are patient and have infiltrated just about everything and every institution we have held dear. The Marxist’s are relentless, needless to say, we have our hands full…John your warnings are spot on and we, or what’s left of a free people, need to stop pretending this is not happening and stand up for our values and principles.
  6. Morning Armory, enjoy the day!
  7. My biggest problem is that most of the clubs and ranges around here frown on rapid fire, or unholstering and shooting. I have to do some more research on training facilities. All of this advice is sound and appreciated, and as John indicated, if I decide to focus on the High Power for HD (because of the size and weight) and my Micro 9 for carry, I do have options. But I sure do like the feel, capacity, and easy shooting of the High Power.
  8. Nuts, we are away on vacation in SC. Timing is everything…
  9. Oh great…. Mike said she seems strong in the 2nd.., Is she a typical politician, or Patriot?
  10. John: I purchased the EAA Girsan MC P-35. Kind of a fluke, went into the LGS where I was on a waiting list for the SA -35 and this Turkish clone was in the display case on the top row. I asked to see it, was blown away by the fit and finish and with the $499 price tag, I did the background check and was out the door in 20 minutes (all with my wife waiting in the car). I didn’t know then if I screwed the pooch, or hit the lottery. After 200 rounds and a quick trip to the armor at the shop to remove the magazine safety after the first 100 rounds, I can honestly say I hit the lottery. Purchased 4 more magazines 2 -13 round and 2 - 15 round Mec-Gar blued magazines, exactly what came with the pistol (only 1). Off hand at 10 yards my best group to date was just a fraction over 2”. Absolutely a joy to shoot, the trigger smoothed out considerably with that damned magazine safety removed, still a bit heavy, but breaks like glass. My only complaint is with the sights and it’s not really a complaint, I just find the three white squares hard to acquire quickly with my aging eyes (the sloping white stripe on the front sight is just odd). Shooting at the range presents no real problem, but to shoot under stress I sure would like to have sights far more like the ones on my Kimber Eclipse or my STI 1911s or even the Dawson Precisions on my G19. I put Hogue cocobolo checkered wood drips on my the piece and with the uniform deep black finish on the pistol, it just looks right! Wood and steel…beautiful. And if I could figure out how to post images, I’d share them with you. Too long of a story, short; check out the Girsan High Power. Everything I have read or watched makes me feel like I made a good call, Turkish pistol or not. I’ve seen reports that the Springfield SA-35 frame and slide are Turkish too. Oh,to close, I ordered a Wright’s Leather Works (from Ohio) pancake OWB lined holster. I have one of their IWB lined holsters for my Micro 9 and the workmanship and comfort is simply outstanding. Still waiting for that….patience….patience. Now, about that geezer training???
  11. Love it John! Go for it, I’ll be 70 next March, and I really like the “geezer” touch! In my business, I have no walk in trade, but I’m still on the road far too much. More training to my specific situation is something I would be interested in since I have to be around schools regularly and I’m leaving myself exposed far too often. It’s a great idea!!! I’d really like to have a bit more specific training on the new High Power. The pistol has been flawless and I’m thinking about making it my new carry pistol instead of my Micro 9. 16 is far better than 8 in my book… Funny thing is, in many of the schools I am working in, the facilities guys are all gun guys, and while I haven’t asked, I’ll bet there are a number of pistols in their glove boxes in the parking lot! My Vortex pin on my ball cap keeps giving me away… Ted
  12. Shut up, please shut up, and while you are at it, stuff a sock in your daughter’s mouth too! I cannot wait for Wyoming to get rid of that carpet bagger from Virginia. My son tells me her local support in the State is lower than Whale S*#T!
  13. Good morning all! Been having trouble for the past few weeks signing in! Neil you’re the man! Same old, same old, from south central Pennsylvania.
  14. P. S. Oh, thanks Neil, it nice to be back on the Armory….
  15. I’m sorry, but how F’ing dumb do you have to be to have illegal drugs in your possession when traveling to a totalitarian, authoritarian, communist country like Russia??? These elite athletes, who all think they are above the law, get what that deserve. This entitled mentality stops at the US border, other parts of the world are not plagued with a generation who feels entitled to just about everything. I’ll not shed a tear for her or any other NFL, NBA, or WNBA dope who gets caught bending or breaking the law.
  16. It’s out. $50 later, but the mags drop free from the mag well, trigger is smooth and still breaks crisply, and the hammer falls without a mag in the pistol. All done, now more shooting. The trigger assembly needs to be removed in the MK III versions to extract the spring and mag safety. I did not know that, nor did the guys publishing all the U-Tube videos on how to remove the High Power Mag safety. Live and learn.
  17. Off to see the armor who works for the shop where I purchased my High Power tomorrow. The shop indicated he can pop the magazine disconnect safety out for me so I’m not going to risk a ham fisted mistake on a new pistol. This just does not make sense; the roll pin in the trigger is the only thing I can see holding that darn thing in place. It will extend just under 1/8” from the front face of the mag well then stop. Who knows? There must be something simple I’m missing. I’m pretty sure EAA would not talk me through removing a component from their pistol, so I’ll let the gun shop’s armor do the deed…
  18. Good morning. It’s nice to be back on with the group!
  19. Agreed, there is no way I’d spent that kind of coin for a pistol with so many changes from what wasn’t broken in the first place. I’ve always wanted a High Power and now I own a piece of Browning’s historical genius, Turkish or not. I think I made a good decision not waiting for the SA-35. From what I’ve read extractor issues, along with the fact that folks are paying well above MSRP when they can be found, have made this EAA import look pretty darn good!
  20. I recently purchased an EAA Girsan MC P-35 High Power. It’s a replica of the Browning MK III, even down to the magazine safety. I’m blown away by the overall quality of a $500 pistol and had the opportunity to shoot it yesterday; 100 rounds down the tube in 7 magazines. Absolutely flawless performance and the accuracy was decent (well for me) with one group of 13 right at 2” at 5 yards, all other groups were good except for the first mag of 15 that was about 6”-7”, they all got better from there. I wanted to improve the trigger feel, so I watched every video I could find on removing the magazine safety. The trigger pin removed easily, but no matter how I moved the trigger lever, I could not get the magazine safety to move out of the frame. Rather than screw up the flawless interior of the pistol, I just stopped and reassembled the gun. In looking the exploded diagram of the pistol, the roll pin in the trigger would appear to be the only component retaining the magazine safety. Any ideas as to what I’m doing wrong or missing? I was on the waiting list for the Springfield Armory SA-35, and I just happened to stop in to see if any SAs we’re in the pipeline, and I saw the Girsan and was hooked. I put a pair of Hogue coco bola checked grips on the pistol. Looks just great. Wood and steel… Now if I can just get it back together correctly with out that darn magazine safety. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Ted
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