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    Good Morning!

    Morning all from the high humidity capital of PA. Ooooof, 82 percent at 7:25 AM
  2. Hello Kitty! Cute, but how does it shoot???
  3. I have a light barrel (youth model) 20” left hand Remmy 700 in 7mm-08. So far this barrel has not liked much that I’ve fed it. Wondering if a replacement barrel might be in order. Replaced the trigger with a Timmeny 2-1/2# trigger, added an HS Precision Sporter stock. The light weight barrel is the only other thing that might need to be considered. Any recommendations on manufacturers and profiles? I want to keep the 20” length. Does the LH action have any impact on barrel selection? Not sure I want to be lugging a heavy bull barrel through the woods at my age... lol!
  4. ewallover

    Good Morning!

    Goog Morning all, what a pleasant bunch of images to start the day with...
  5. ewallover

    Rhode Island Becomes First State to Change Its Name

    Let’s just throw history out the window and just hug everyone... Give me a break. They are changing the name of one of our local elementary schools. Edward Hand Elementary School’s days are numbered. It appears Edward Hand was a slaveholder... that name is toast!
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    Good Morning!

    Good morning all!
  7. ewallover

    Happy Fathers Day

    Happy Father’s Day!
  8. ewallover

    Left Handed AR Shooters

    A few....
  9. ewallover

    Rampy the Racist Pig........Sisters Oregon....

    It’s not at all about race, it’s about a class of people...classless, lazy, uneducated people....who don’t know our country’s history, don’t have the desire to know about it, are unwilling to hear the truth, and are nothing more than a bunch of lemmings marching in lock step with the Soros/Gates/Bloomberg agenda! I'm glad you were not injured or attacked, but the verbal abuse your wife had to endure is totally over the top. This politically shaming crap has to stop. It won’t be long before this goes south if these people don’t stand down. This is frightening, but I’m not more than a few feet from protection anywhere in our home....
  10. ewallover

    Rampy the Racist Pig........Sisters Oregon....

    Un-frigging believable....
  11. ewallover

    Is USPS Staging a Deliberate Slowdown?

    I ordered a new Vaer Field watch last Saturday and I’m getting the same damned messages and no specific information as to where the darn thing is. Over 48 hours in the Pre-shipping stage. Just BS...
  12. ewallover

    Good Morning!

    Good Morning all!
  13. It’s about damned time!
  14. ewallover

    Good Morning!

    Good morning all...
  15. ewallover

    Minneapolis officers resign

    Sorry F’ing state of affairs, that all I have to say on this....
  16. Lol.... must be the case.... I have lost all appreciation for Mattis...
  17. They are a significant part of our Country’s history. What the hell is wrong with the military leadership?
  18. The “shamed” liberal white owners... they should have stood their ground....IMHO. I honestly believe the community would back them as soon as the doors open, I know I will...
  19. Unbelievable ...We just, in the last 24 hours, had two award winning, well established restaurants closed here in our town because two black employees (a local college student and a young woman who wants to attend college) went on a 45 minute social media rant because the Owners did not say enough in a staff meeting to support BLM ( the meeting was called to discuss reopening after the illegal Coviid-19 shutdowns). What utter BS, social shaming to the highest order. These folks just wanted to save their businesses. Not now, they just announced that they were closing indefinitely. All of these jobs lost because of two selfish (black) kids wanted to make an unsubstantiated statement on social media, and the Owners could not defend themselves. This is wrong....so wrong. They have subsequently asked for forgiveness...for what? There is more in this world than BLM issues. Soros and his allies have found our Country's Achilles's heel and they are exploiting it to the hilt!
  20. ewallover

    Sig sauer bankrupt

    Who knows? Has it come to this? Or is all this endless gloom and doom media coverage just a part of the left’s overall Agenda to have us all think the sky is falling. If these riots begin to falter and subside maybe this too shall pass? But the powers behind all of this need to be exposed and suffer the consequences of their seditious acts, IMHO.
  21. ewallover

    Sig sauer bankrupt

    My son informs me that protestors from Denver are being bussed into Casper and Sheridan Wyoming. One of my son’s best friends is a cop in Casper and they found three pallets of bricks randomly placed around the downtown last night - the had them removed. Soros should be arrested for treason for funding all this crap. The fly shop my son some times guides for will be manned and armed tonight just to protect all they have worked for... This is insane!!!!! These anarchists must be controlled or eliminated once and for all. This has nothing to do with race, it is an all out quest for power and an overthrow of the American way of life! I’m done; I’ll not leave the house without a sidearm, no matter where I have to travel.
  22. ewallover

    Minneapolis Votes On Disband Police Dept

    Build a fence around the City and call it a day. How damned stupid can elected officials be? It was once a nice city... great public architecture. How in the hell did this ever happen. The Muslim influence no doubt....You cannot help but feel for the folks who are “trapped” in this community, but they voted in these morons...