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  1. Awesome pics. Your daughter makes a great picture. So cool she want learning from her family.
  2. ar10 Page four or five shows the number of rounds. I have seen it at some other random site from a person's opinion I'd suppose. I will not be shooting at matches, just a few boxes here or there for practice and the deer season.
  3. Was re-reading a thread about the use of the AR platform for hunting deer in particular. I wanted to investigate the use of a .243 and have found that barrel life is short at ~2000 rds before throat erosion, etc., so I'm moving on. I would like to use the rifle for general shooting at the range, defense for zombies (my 357 wil handle break ins), and hunting deer and smaller animals at distances no longer than 150-200 yards- average of 100 yards. I'd like an "easy" shooting rifle, along the lines of a 243, although I've never fired one. Also, ammo that is offered at wally world types stores or "academic" sports stores- not into relaoding yet for "specialty ammo." Someone mentioned the use of the 7.62x39, which appears to be a common caliber, at least at a certain sporting goods store. My questions are: how is the expected barrel life in approximate rounds? what type of recoil should I expect? my recoil experiences range from a .22lr, 5.56, .30-30, .300wm, 12 and 20 gauge shotgun. obviously we are all different, but I don't want the 300 feel, and would like something less than the 30-30 to get back on target. what type and grain bullets best suits this round? seems like a lead nose like a winchester powerpoint is fine? Who sells these as finished rifles, if at all? If not, is addax the place to go to buy parts for building one? Thanks a bunch. I'm very new to the AR platform and am distanced by the metric vs. caliber choices. Please suggest other calibers, etc that y'all think might suit my needs.
  4. Newbie to the site, and ARs in general. I don't own one, but want to buy one for hunting. Just as the debate about .223 for deer hunting, the debate goes on for using a .243 for deer hunting. I want to smash both together and buy an AR chambered in .243. Thoughts? Is this a mistake? Any suggestions on where to go to buy or build one? The exception is the Remington R-25/R15. I want the look and feel of a "standard" Ar15. I've been told that I'm wasting my time, but the .243 would be dealing with an AR-10. Someone please help. Thanks.
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