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  1. jbrentn

    Hey jbrentn

    Thank you guys! I'm having a good day so far. Lots of lurking and learning. Love this forum. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. jbrentn

    NFA Picture Thread

    Also, beltfed, color me jealous. Very sweet collection.
  3. jbrentn

    NFA Picture Thread

    Finally the tax stamps came.
  4. jbrentn

    Tragic bear story

  5. jbrentn

    Great Article in a Local Campus Paper

    good read. i'm going to repost that one on another gun board that i'm on. thanks.
  6. jbrentn

    Charlie Sheen - Complete Jerk

    except that Kurt Cobain had talent.
  7. jbrentn

    a (bad) joke

    Q: how does herpes leave the hospital? A: on crotches
  8. jbrentn

    Some Pictures of the Alaska Range

    amazing. i can't wait to get back up there.
  9. jbrentn

    His & Her diaries

    funny. i lol'd. :D :Dancing_Grenade:
  10. jbrentn

    Good Morning!

    morning, ladies and germs. hope y'all have a good day.
  11. jbrentn

    Just ordered this

    those are cool. i am contemplating spending some of my tax return on one of those.
  12. jbrentn

    Good Morning!

    good morning, gents. hope ya'll have a great day.
  13. jbrentn

    Pick my poison for tonight

    hard to go wrong with knob creek.
  14. jbrentn

    Power of alcohol

    :D awesome.
  15. jbrentn

    3.2 beer.....seen it lately?

    OK still has it. it's the only thing that you can get at a convenience or grocery store. the liquor stores sell 6pt, but not of the domestic variety, eg coors or bud. if i want 6pt coors light, i have to bootleg it home from kansas or texas. it's a PITA.