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  1. Unfortunatley, as big a help as Mounted Patrol could be in civil disobedience or riot situations, it is more a PR type unit. They were awesome riding through the county parks and going to career days. on the downside, it is incredibly expensive to maintain a mounted unit. Besides the cost of the officer, you have things to consider such as housing, care, vet bills, feeding, meds, etc... In this day and age it has become cost prohibitive. Our department did away with mounted five years ago...way before times were as screwed up as they are today!
  2. No sweat...just make sure you don't get fleeced! Stay safe and fight the good fight!
  3. The ONE thing you can take to the bank is that quality firearms have NOT depreciated! Do your homework on different web sites that sell firearms, call different gun shops across the country and price them out. In this world of free long-distance, that is not a problem. What you shouldn't do is settle just to get rid of it!
  4. If you like that, check out the EAG Tactical Rifle built by BCM for the legendary Pat Rogers. A little more coin but a lot more bang for your buck! Bravo Company ROCKS!!!
  5. I don't think you had a good grasp of what I meant...please, allow me to clarify. The original post was..."Hi i am new to the ar 15's just wondering what all i need to install a free float hand guard on my mp15. thanks". This alone should hint that at this stage of the game, this person is not even familiar with his weapon platform. First, he should become comfortable with basic field stripping, cleaning and disassembly before even considering taking on a project like installing free float rails. Anyone can buy the tools but the one thing you can't buy is hands-on experience. That is only acquired through time. As far as knowing the gun you trust with your life, installing a free float rail, in my very humble opinion, doesn't even make the list of qualifications. If you want a great armorer video on the AR-15 platform, check out the "Make Ready With The Experts" series of training videos, specifically the Dean Caputo video on the AR-15. There is a complete chapter in the video about installing a free float rail. He also has one on the 1911 for those of you who may be interested. I also heard that they just finished production on an AK-47 Armorer's Video taught by Jim Fuller of Rifle Dynamics. Have fun everyone, and be safe.
  6. Do yourself a favor and save yourself A LOT of grief. If you are not experienced, and/or don't have the right tools, take it to an armorer and have it done!
  7. As far as home defense goes, .223 and 5.56 will pretty much yield the same results, even if you're shooting frangible ammo. We've tested a slew of calibers and most have gone through multiple sheets of drywall which is pretty much the standard for new construction. Even OO Buck has had some over penetration although not as severe as single rounds. After all our testing, my AR, while ready to go, is in the bullpen while my 870 is loaded with bird shot. Devastating at close range and little chance of it killing someone a few rooms over or across the street if the shot goes through a window. Of course, the first line of defense which is handier than any of my long arms are my Smith 6906, Glock 26 and a Smith Model 442 revolver, all strategically situated in different parts of the house!
  8. Absolutely stunning pictures of one of (actually various) my favorite places on Earth. The Florida Keys, where I spend every spare moment I can especially since my In-Laws have a house on Big Pine Key! Checked out your site as well. Outstanding! You should definitely consider doing it professionally! Judging from the look, I'm assuming HDR?
  9. Travis Haley: Adaptive Handgun Video Panteao Productions Looks really cool!
  10. Company to Load Loved One's Ashes into Ammunition Pretty cool idea!
  11. Hands down, the best thread I've ever seen on this site. Thanks for posting these remarkable pictures and GOD BLESS THE USA!
  12. If you saw the conditions of some of the houses we HAVE TO enter while serving search warrants you would change the title of this post. Pigs are much cleaner and easily offended!
  13. They may have a good product but this should definitely not be at the top of the web page as an endorsement! "The quality of a product is known by the people who endorse it! Used by Red Jacket Firearms on Discovery TV Show "Sons Of Guns"!"
  14. Check this out...Dean Caputo on Primer Dimpling.
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